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Taiwan 2009

ICDF Workshop Report

Mariana Massigoge

on 24 September 2010

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Transcript of Taiwan 2009

Workshop on CUltural creative Industry and community development
balance between tradition
and innovation
bronze vs. white
Skin treatments
once apon
a time...
but that was in the past...
tallest building
The widests avenue
Community development
first step select an icon to identify the community and
their products.
bases: tradition + new ideas
they can apply for financial assistance
from the government
beautiful good luck traditions

Muhamad Moenawar, Indonesia
Syed Mohammad Ovais, India
María Custodia Tiny, S.Tome & Principe
Anne Billeam, Nauru
Mariana Massigoge, Argentina

Tradition innovation
Volunteers teams
Honest store
English grocery
Traditional skills promotion
Community organization
One town one product
(refence One village One Product, OVOP, Japan)
Arts and craft stores
Taiwan´s Brand - Yii
Craft and Design from Taiwan
CUltural and trade fairs
What was really interesting was that we received money tickets so we could spend in the fair. Its a way of giving money to the community through their work
every community has their own strategic plan and are
well prepare to recive visits and tourist. Every group has a video projector, wallscreen and graphic supports.
By the people
for the people
The government proposes a system that provides cognitive, technical and organisational instruments so as to enable individuals and/or communities
to achieve a result, using their skills and abilities to the best advantage and, at the same time, to regenerate the quality of living contexts, in which they happen to live.
Ezio Manzini, DIS.Indaco, Politecnico di Milano, 6.1.06
Ezio Manzini wrote a paper called "Creative communities, collaborative networks and distributed economies" that in many ways represents what is propose and being done in Taiwan when it comes to community development.
Distributed economies;

-Strengthen the referents
-Focus to distribute
-Training transmitters
-peer to peer
-empower local identity
-Enhace creativity
prototype images:
project images:
Actions inspired in Taiwan
Driven and empowered by the goverment
between Taiwan and Argentina
1. organizational opportunity (to support the activity organization);
2. network building (to support the connection between different actors);
3. community building (to support the building of new forms of communities);
4. critical mass generation (to involve the necessary number of participants)
link to facebook albums
1. cultural capabilities (skills and knowledge);
2. physical capabilities (material prostheses);
3. psychological drivers (cultural or ethical interests);
4. economical drivers (saving money or
being paid).
Enable solutions
communities empowerment:
and everybody else behind the scene
I will remember you always!
1. accessibility (reducing physical or psychological barriers);
2. time to do it (making more efficient the proposed activity, or liberating time in other activities);
3. space where to do it (reducing the needed space, or liberating other spaces, or creating new spaces)
Context conditions
Systemic issues development;
Bamboo workshop
Conclussions report
Still a lot of notes to analize
:: Turning creative culture into a profitable and sustainable venture.
:: Providing linkages and facilitating environment for integration of communities.
:: Bridging the digital divide of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.
but still is not their only income...
What would be the second step?
How can this be a profitable business?
:: Integrating creative culture industry with other sectors of the economy.
:: Help creating competitive edge through diversification.
:: Check migrating youths and attracting them by creating conducive environment.
Way ahead
and many more under construction...
(Manzini, 2006)
(Manzini, 2006)
(Manzini, 2006)
(Manzini, 2006)
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