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Jonas Brothers

No description

Alina Patel

on 8 June 2010

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Transcript of Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothers! Nick Jonas Joe Jonas Kevin Jonas Now I'm speechless, over the edge & just breathless. I never thought that I'd get hit by this lovebug again. Just might be paranoid.
i'm avoiding the lines
because they just might split. born: september 16, 1992 born: august 15, 1989 born: november 5, 1987 A Little Bit Longer Burnin' Up Fly With Me Hold On When You Look Me in the Eyes The brothers give 10% of their income to churches and Nick's charity, Change for the Children Foundation, which is a charity for kids with diabetes. The last name
"a Dove" in Hebrew. In the band, Nick plays
the guitar, drums, piano
and sings. In the band, Kevin plays
guitar and sings in the
background. In the band, Joe
is the lead singer. They have their
own fan club called
"Team Jonas." Their first song
came from Nick's
journal. Nick has Type 1
Diabeties Kevin describes
the band's sound as
"Music on Red Bull." jonas jonas jonas jonas jonas jonas jonas
jonas jonas jonas jonas jonas jonas say goodbye to all my fears.
what good song, they disappear.
and nothing in the world can bring me down. The brothers have nick names for each other: Kevin's is "K2," Joe's is "DJ Danger" and Nick's is "Mr. President."
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