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Mao vs. Jieshi

No description

David Fox

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Mao vs. Jieshi

Do Now Jiang Jieshi Mao Zedong Use your Homework notes to place each of 6 statements under either Jiang Jieshi or Mao Zedong. On the back of each picture, write the 4 MOST important pieces of information about each of these Chinese leaders. You may whisper with a partner. Create Flash Cards for Jiang Jieshi + Mao Zedong Jiang Jieshi Mao Zedong led bankers and business people leader of the nationalist "Kuomintang" party, scared of socialism promised democracy, but didn't follow through gained much support from peasant farmers leader of Lenin style communism with focus on peasants divided land between the farmers Our Objective is to compare and contrast the leadership of Mao Zedong to Jiang Jieshi Silently, read p. 450 and 452. Add 3 actions of Mao and Jiang to your chart. Compare More! Yay! Whose reforms had a greater appeal to the peasants, Jiang or Mao? Provide at least 2 reasons to explain why. Look at the pictures and captions on p. 451. Using this information to create your own narrative about the Long March. Imagine you were there. Before you Write, answer a few questions with a partner. 1) When did this happen?
2) How did you sleep at night?
3) What direction did you walk?
4) What challenges did you face?
5) How did Mao's leadership inspire you?
6) What types of terrain did you cross? Now Write Whisper with a partner Silent Response
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