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My Family Heritage

No description

ayan sharma

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of My Family Heritage

The task that lay before me
Pictures of me and my family
There is a 19th century keyring in my family that has been kept in India in my grandfathers house. It was given to my great grandfather by my great- great grandfather in the early 1900s.If tradition is that when the oldest brother of the oldest generation dies, the Keyring is passed onto his son. The keyring has a golden ring and chain. At the bottom, there's a silver star and in its middle, is a golden cross. Unfortunately, since the keyring is old, it has lost some of its grace and beauty. Some of the parts have rusted and the bottom right corner of the star has chipped off.
My Family Tree
My Family Timeline
The task for me in this history assignment was to research about my family's heritage and culture. When I got the stimulus and started working on the assignment, i didn't know where to start. This was because i had moved to Australia when i was 6 and I have no clear memories of my home country. So when I started researching deeper into my family heritage and started asking my parents, i was quite astonished in what i found...
My Family Heritage
By Ayan Sharma

My family originally belongs to North India in Punjab. I belong to a big family in the north of Punjab in a place called Patiala. We usually speak Punjabi at home in India but here, we speak Hindi or English. We celebrate the regular festivals in the Hindu Calendar like Holi and Deepavali. Being typical Hindus, we believe in the Hindu gods and goddesses and pray to them everyday.
Where does my family come from?
Religion and Culture
The sense of religion in northern India is very strong. Punjab is widely considered to be mainly consisted of Sikhs, but that is not the case. There are plenty of Hindus in Punjab. In fact I come from a family of Hindus themselves.
Yes that's right.Food. Food is basically considered a culture in Northern India because the people care so much about what they eat. The food of Punjab is simple, substantial and robust.Dhabhas are roadside eateries, commonly found on the highways in North India, particularly in Punjab. even though they aren't the fancy five star hotel kind, they are surprising popular for their 'authentic taste'.

Hinduism in Punjab
2014- present
I was finally born!
I was born on the 1st of June, 2001.
We moved to Australia/ I started school
We actually moved to Sydney in late 2006 but stayed at a friend's place until we bought our own house in early 2007. I actually went to school in India as they start school at an early age. I started school here at Rosehill Public but then changed later.
Moved Houses to Girraween
In march of 2011 we moved houses from Rosehill to Girraween. With the new house, came a new school for me as well. I then stared going to Girraween Public.
Starting High School
After studying like mad for a whole year, I finally made it into Girraween High school and started my high school journey. In late January, i had my first day of High school.
My mum and dad were born
My mum was born on the 1st of November, 1975 and my dad was born on the 28th of July, 1974.
My parents were married
They were married
The family Keyring
I have put my father's side on the top and my mother's side at the bottom
The reason this timeline is not very detailed is because i dont know a lot about my family's history in India
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