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Python Magic and Remote APIs

LFNW 2013

Jesse Keating

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of Python Magic and Remote APIs

Unlock the power of applications and your data. What is an API? PYTHON! Access remote APIs of your applications How do we use APIs? Access URLs via
DELETE Using python allows you to make magic with remote RESTful API providing Applications Application Programming Interface Set of programming instructions and standards for accessing a software application or tool. Python Magic and Remote APIs LFNW 2013 -- Jesse Keating Web uses RESTful APIs REpresentational State Transfer Principals:
Identification of resources
Manipulation of resources via representations
self-descriptive messages
Hypermedia as the engine of application state Constraints
client-server separation
layered system
uniform interface GET for accessing data POST for sending data PUT & DELETE less used $ curl http://www.strava.com/api/v1/rides?athleteId=279921 $ curl http://www.strava.com/api/v1/rides/48072778 {"rides":[{"id":48072778,"name":"Coffee shop"},{"id":47939239,"name":"Post-cross fit token spin"},{"id":47696191,"name":"Rollers Interval"},{"id":47506091,"name":"Roller Interval Training"}...} {"ride":{"id":48072778,"startDate":"2013-04-09T16:13:36Z","startDateLocal":"2013-04-09T09:13:36Z","timeZoneOffset":-28800,"elapsedTime":6611,"movingTime":508,"distance":2091.84,"averageSpeed":4.117795275590551,...} What has... Easy tools to work with URLs Easy tools to process json Easy framework to create objects around resources Magical methods Work with URLs using requests Create objects around requests Sprinkle some magic in!
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