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The Talent Search is On!!!

Gifted Referral Process

Kati Kent

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of The Talent Search is On!!!

The Talent Search is On!!! Gifted Referral Process TALENT SEARCH
(ongoing) Automatic Referrals: Scores at or above 90th%ile in reading or math on AIMSweb or
other nationally normed achievement test
Structured Observations: See instructions for TABs
Referrals by Individuals: Anyone with knowledge of students’ abilities
RTI: Tier 1 and Tier 2 - No Additional Services Needed: Testing Recommended:
(at least one week prior to testing) Based on data collected, testing is not recommended at this time. Student remains in Tier 1 or 2. Send to parents: cover sheet, notification of consideration, and information sheet. Email log and eligibility reports to evaluator. COMPLETE PORTFOLIOS (one month prior to testing) Teacher will compile a portfolio for each referral made to the eligibility team: including

Copy of TABs form
Work or anecdotal samples including cover sheet
Referral forms (2 pages) ELIGIBILITY TEAM SCREENING OF REFERRALS (two weeks prior to testing) In-School Eligibility Team meets to consider available data (TABs, AIMSweb scores, work samples, other standardized test data and success of differentiation strategies used) on all names generated from the Talent Search to determine those students in need of further instructional modifications, possible Program Challenge evaluation, and/or additional services. Complete testing log for all referrals. Tier 3:
Gifted Evaluation and
Eligibility Determination Not Eligible:
Student returns to Tier 1
Parents notified, test results do not indicate need for continued modifications. Not Eligible:
Student returns to Tier 2
Parents notified, unusually high or low scores in one or more areas; additional differentiation needed. Eligible: Tier 4
Parents notified, continuation/ consent to place signed, and program description completed. Do I need to refer this particular student for the gifted program or are they just a creative thinker or a high achiever?
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