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An Udder Disaster

No description

stephanie walbornn

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of An Udder Disaster

Kaitlynn Earnshaw
Kayla Kurtz
Shaughnessy Shannon
Stephanie Walbornn An Udder Dilemma DunMilkin Dairy Udder Recommendations Goal: sell high quality milk to niche market
<150,00 SCC
BTBC <2,000 bacteria/ml
No supplemental rBST
Pass Animal Welfare Audit
Met latter two requirements
Purpose: sell milk at $10-12 per cwt premium
Vets needed to assess current milk quality and prevalence of mastitis Current SCC of 313,442 as of Feb. 2013
BTBC of 5,200 bacteria/ml
High numbers of environmental and contagious bacteria
Multiple cows with positive milk cultures
Many cows had positive cultures serially
Persistently infected cows
Many 1st/2nd lactation cows have high SCC
Overall high level of mastitis in herd The Udderlying Problem Bulk tank analysis
Increase in bacteria over two bulk tank analysis
S. coag negative, S. agalactiae decreased
SCC noticably high in 1st and 2nd lactation cows
Probable with environmental contamination
High percentage of chronic infections (34%)
Only culturing clinical mastitis cases So Udderly Observant Milking Procedure
Predip (bleach), strip, wipe, hang unit, post dip (chlorohexidine gluconate)
Springers: Housed in new free stall barn with composted bedded pack
Maternity: varies between wood shavings or straw
Treat all quarters at dry off (Quartermaster)
Inconsistent employees
Lost 2 good milkers in the summer and unable to replace
New milker started in January The Udder Management The Udder Budget Decreased milk yield: $102 cow/year
Discarded milk $24 cow/year
Culling/death: $22 cow/year
Plus loss of milk quality premiums
Total cost of mastitis in the average herd ~$171/cow
DunMilkin Dairy has 45 cases of clinical mastitis a month
Equates to ~$92,400 per year for mastitis
With premiums, additional profit $3,000/day Milking Procedure
Use chlorohexidine as pre-dip
Improve employee training and monitoring
Aggressive subclinical mastitis control
Decreased milk production
Increased SCC
Isolate chronic mastitis cows
Cull highest percent contributors to bulk tank
Ensure bedded pack is changed regularly in springers
Use properly composted material or sand for bedding in all barns Monitoring Progress Check bulk tank analysis every 2 weeks
Perform California Mastitis test to determine sub-clinical mastitis
Vet can assist in employee training & monitoring
Reassess in 4 weeks Any questions?
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