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China's Court Systems

No description

Alan Salazar

on 27 September 2016

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Transcript of China's Court Systems

China's Court Systems
Location of Country
Homosexuality has been in china ever since in china's ancient times
It was always seen as normal way of living ,however in the 20th century it was banned in china.
Then in 1997 it was legalized , which they then which they did remove homosexuality as a mental illness.
Blasphemy in china will get you imprisonment or even a death sentence if you offend a person with great power or honor.
It is considered an act of genocide or can be resulted to crime against humanity.
Murder (O-o)/
For murdering people you will get aplicable for a death penalty or life on prison.
If someone kills a person who is harmful to humans you will get a minor jail time or sometimes no prison .
Two simple words to conclude the punishment for treason the death penalty.
If the person who commited treason acts better and regrets his punishment could be decreased with simple life in prison.

By: Alan Torres
The age where kids are not minors is 16 .
If you steal an item of great value in china you will get a death sentence.
Punishment for slander is jail time or public surveillance , and even deprivation of political rights.

Drinking Alcohol
The legal drinking age in China is 18 which also lets the person smoke at that age.
Adultry if married and if not married.
If driving while intoxecated
the person will pay a 1000-2000
dollar fee and 3 year impisoment and lisence suspension.
If a man does adultry with the wife of a military officer he or she can get a 3 year sentence.
Theft in china will most likely give the person a death sentence if the item was valuable or was property of a important person.
If the theft was minor the punishment will be small jail time.
Marraige Law & Age
Before if a person wanted to be with the one he or she liked it would most likely never happen because the parents would make arrnaged marriges.
A female can marry a male if the father gives concent, however 16 for women and 18 for a male to be able to get married independently.
Freedom of speech
People have freedom of speech however it can be limited in a way.
In 2003 two men got 7-9 years of prison time bacause they did not ask for permision to write a love poem.
Freedom of Religion
There is freedom of riligion however one is not allowed to tell or sugest if a person should believe or not
Some religion ceremonnies may be ban if they cause any disturbance to people.
Womens Rights
Women in china do have some of the basic rights , however there are some things that might seem wrong to a person in the U.S. but is normal in china.
Like arranged marriage
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