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A sience project

Holly sherritt

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Matter

solid A solid has a definate shape, mass, and volume.
to change a solid to a gas is called sublimation.
to change a solid to a liquid is called melting. a solid has molocules and atoms that are the closest together and they move super slow. a lot of people know solids as ice. liquid a liquid has no definite shape it takes the shape of the container. however a liquid does have a definite volume and mass. to change a liquid to a solid is called freezing. to change a liquid to a gas is called evaporation. liquids molocules and atoms are not as close as solids are but they are close together. the atoms and molocules don't move as fast as gases but they do move fast.like milk or water. gas gas has no definite shape, volume, or mass. to change a gas to a liquid is called condensation. to change a gas to a solid is called desublimation. a gas has molocules and atoms that are far apart and move fast.like vatervapor or steam. by: holly sherritt the three states of matter pyhsical chemical changes A physical change is a type of change in which the form of matter is changed without changing the substance. An example of a physical change is crumpling a sheet or paper or breaking a pane of glass or freezing water into ice. A chemical change is a process where one or more substances are changed into one or more new and different substances. vocabulary
solid- a solid is something that can hold its shape
gas- a gas is something that will not hold its shape
liquid- a liquid is something that will hold the shape of its container
physical change- a change that does not change the substance
chemical change- changing the substance to another substance matter
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