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Prezi's Business Model Case Study

No description

소연 김

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Prezi's Business Model Case Study

Revenue Streams Costs Structure Key Partners Financial Partner - Accel
- Sunstone User - freemium user Human resource - deginer for infrastructure

- programer making Prezi Self-service Communities - using service - share output Segmented / differenciated - dividing the customers into segments Freemium Public(Free)
Pro(13.25$/month) - more dynamic visualization Intellectual resource Prezi Prezi Marketing Mix Available on
- online
- computer desktops
- iPhones and iPads
through downloading the program Holding campus campaign promoting students to use Prezi Innovative, non-linear and interactive cloud-based presentation software with zoomable user interface technology Different pricing mechanisms are applied to different customersegments Customer segment dependent 1. Businessmen
2. Students
3. Educational institution
4. Non-profit invididuals Value-driven Cost-driven Why?
- Different pricing mechanisms for customer segments (basically, freemium model)
- Provides lessons to help people use Prezi more wisely and easily Blue Ocean Strategy Key Partners Eliminate Raise Reduce Create Eliminate Raise Reduce Create - 3D Presentation making technology
- Zoomable User Interface (=fade-in Animation)
- Online forum (sharing ideas) Eliminated online and offline boundary line about making prezi using SaaS (Software as a Service) Eliminate Raise Reduce Create Raised user communication on the site to share with others Eliminate Raise Reduce Create Created new information visualization technology Eliminate Raise Reduce Create Eliminate Raise Reduce Create Eliminate Raise Reduce Create Eliminate Raise Reduce Create - Briefing session to be hold at universities to make more people be aware of Prezi.
- Free online classes for those who are the first users of Prezi. Reduced the need to purchase or download software of which its authenticity has been checked such as Powerpoint from Microsoft. (Instead, we can use in online) Raised convenience in using it
- can view and edit on iPhone or Ipad. Created segments targeting different people with different needs Eliminated installation tool like CD Reduced the need for physical capital such as building factories Created segmentalized sales unit (Public /Enjoy /Pro /Student&Teacher /Multiple) Reduced the price except for 'pro license' Comparison between Customer Segments Channels Provide service Key Activities - presentation software development
- platform: sharing on the site Key Resources Customer Relationships Value Proposition Newness
- fade-in animation
- easier to produce and edit
Convenience & usability
- cloud system Business Model Canvas <Contents>
Marketing mix analysis

Business model analysis
i. Business model canvas
ii. Blue ocean strategy

Comparison between Prezi and its competitor

Conclusion Created platform for the users to share their finished Prezi product, group-work, remote-appreciation. Web sales 이야기를
꾸며보세요 Conclusion Thank You Q & A Awareness Evaluation Purchase Delivery After service Communities Briefing sessions Prezi tutorial List of values Freemium model Free for basic features Pay for upgrade Online Desktop iPad iPhone Key Activities Key Resources Value Proposition Customer Relationship Channels Customer Segments Cost Structure Revenue Streams Eliminate Raise Reduce Create Created an inspirational challenge for prezi users -> 'prezify' (more than just getting funds) It eliminated complicated cursors. Complicated learning process how to create presentations / Complicated presentation making process Disruptive
Business M del 이재빈
선야루 Case study: Prezident Prezi [N] 프레지
- U.S presentation software company which was developed in 2009 by its CEO, Peter Arvai with other cofounders. Prezident
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