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Amani: School Snapshot October 2012

School Snapshot

Debra Stern

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Amani: School Snapshot October 2012

www.kickboardforteachers.com Mission and Vision

The mission of the Amani Public Charter School is to provide 100% of Mount Vernon students who attend the school from the 5th through 8th grade with the academic and critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in competitive high school programs, college and the career of their choice. Amani graduates are academically accomplished, intellectually curious, and civically engaged young people who tackle challenges diligently and creatively. OPERATIONS UPDATE
The school is currently awaiting its second intercept in the amount of $484,896. There has been a processing delay due to interpretation at the state around the definition of “30 days in arrears.”

The next invoice to MVCSD will be submitted on November 1, 2012.

The school’s financial audit from inception to June 30, 2012 has been completed. We are organizing a call with the Finance Task Force to discuss the preliminary findings. The school recently passed its annual
Fire Inspection with no violations!

The school is continuing its technology upgrade/rollout – the computer carts have begun to be used in other academic classes.

5th grade math teacher utilizing technology
AIS: Helps students who are struggling to achieve the learning standards in English Language arts and math. Services include extra instructional time to help students achieve the learning standards in the subject . How do we achieve this at Amani?

ELA: Overview of benchmarking and writers workshop model and other innovations established to address ELA achievement. The Budget vs. Actuals statement shows that in most areas, the school has been conservative in its spending while it also has not received all revenue anticipated by this point in the year.

The Cash Flow Projection shows a positive cash balance at the end of each month during the year; this is contingent upon the timely receipt of intercept funds. The school must continue to actively monitor spending. FINANCE UPDATE accompaniment to Financial Report

The financial report shows a cash balance of $219,732 as of September 30, 2012.

The current financials are based upon an actual enrollment of 167 over a budgeted enrollment of 160, causing a positive variance of $251,910.

However, current enrollment has not reached 167.
SSF Grant Submitted
Meeting with Nelson Rodriguez representative for The Edison Building on Wednesday, October 17, 3pm to begin to build out MOU.
Tentative discussion with FWC regarding space for 2013 Facilitities Upcoming Events PTA Meeting -Tuesday, October 16 @ 6pm

Parent Coffee - Thursday, October 18 @6:30pm
Improving Child's Reading

Halloween Family Dinner - Tuesday, October 30 @6pm RTI: Process to shift resources toward the delivery and evaluation of instruction that works best for students. How are we implementing this at Amani?

Assessments: Data driven instruction informing all decisions and processes being developed to drive student achievement. Updates as to what we are doing at Amani... Curriculum and Instruction Support PTA Fundraiser:
Shop Smart.. Do Good
Lord & Taylor Fundraiser Grade 5 - 76
Grade 6 - 82
Total - 158
Goal - 167

Free and reduced Price Lunch 105


Boys 72

Girls 86

IEP - 17
(12 6th Grade and 5th Grade) Break Down for October
ISBR: 5 = 0
6 = 3

OSSS: 5= 0
6= 5

Expulsions: 5 = 0
6= 0 Disciplinary Issues September: 1 PTA Meeting
Attendance = 50

Parent Coffee
Attendance = 30
Family Engagement PTA Board PTA President - Amy Kirklin

1st Vice President - Lissette Reyes (travelinliz1@yahoo.com
2nd Vice president - Caiifa A. Clark (coolcai74@yahoo.com
Recording Secretaries - Marjorie Campbell (mcamp76073@aol.com
Tyisha Connor (tyconn142@gmail.com
Corresponding Secretary - Claudette Sabdull (myzticgodiva@yahoo.com
Membership Chair - Verene Joseph (josephmmm3@gmail.com
Treasurer - Anthony Crossman (anthonycrossman@aol.com
Fundraising - Sheriece M. Scorlett (sheriecespice@aol.com)
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