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Urologic Social Media

No description

Alexander Kutikov

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Urologic Social Media

"Augmented" & "Remote" Experience of Meetings
Vibrant Exchange of Ideas and Networking
Stockholm, Sweden
Sunday, April 13, 2014
Alexander Kutikov, MD, FACS
"Låt inte gräset gro under fötterna!"
Social Media & the Busy Clinician
Urologic Social Media
Professional Life is Busy Enough!
Busy Clinics
Complex Patients
Demanding Surgical Procedures
Keeping Up with the Literature
Attending Meetings
Don't Need Unnecessary Distractions
Why so many physicians use SoMe outside of personal life?
Targeted Filtering of Urologic Literature & News
Swedish Proverb
"Don't let grass grow under your feet!"
(i.e. Try new things )
Associate Professor Of Urologic Oncology
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Philadelphia, USA
Digital Media Editor
European Urology "Platinum" Journal

Source: http://www.medscape.com/features/slideshow/lifestyle/2012/urology
~30% Use Social Media Outside of Personal Lives
Source: Loeb et al "Use of Social Media in Urology: Data from the AUA." BJUI 2013, epub
Survey of AUA Members
2006 n=26
2008 n=5,000
2009 n=27,000
2012 n>75,000
Volume of peer reviewed Academic Work has grown exponentially over last 2 decades.

1999: 6,800 PubMed-indexed oncology manuscripts

2012: 24,000 PubMed-indexed oncology manuscripts

Literature / news appropriately contextualized
SoMe allows "filtering of noise."
SoMe allows physician to receive up-to-date news feeds
Source: MDigitalLife. The Social Oncology Project 2013 [Internet]: W2O Group; 2013 May [cited 2014 Jan 11]. Available from: http://www.wcgworld.com/mdigitallife/.
Image Source: http://beta.images.theglobeandmail.com/b4d/incoming/article12068813.ece/ALTERNATES/w220/web-montreal-water22nw1.jpg
Professional Social Media is as Smarter Way to Drink from the Information Fire Hydrant
Urologic Twitter Accounts with >1000 Followers
as of January 2014
Healthcare Hashtag Project
Scroll Down
Filter Your
Content Streams
with Lists
Twitter on Steroids
Social media comes abuzz at professional meetings

Professional Societies Offer Rich Content Stream via Various SoMe Platforms
Twitter arguably lends itself best to productive and professional exchange at meetings

Turns meeting attendees into microbloggers

"Remote" and "Augmented" Experience of Meetings
Search Terms
BJUI, 2014, in press
USPSTF Draft on Prostate Cancer Screening Released


AUA Social Media Work Group


J Urology 2014, in press
Tweet from San Fransisco by British bloke who lives and practices in Australia
Retweeted to >1,200 followers from Toronto by a Canadian who is not at the meeting
Augmented Experience for those Present:
First International Journal Club Using Twitter

Hashtag #urojc

Moderated by @iurojc Twitter account with >1,600 Followers

Asynchronous format

Professional Guidelines
Harnessed Professional SoMe
Social Media
Harness Urologic Social Media to Stay Current on Literature / News
Be a Contender...
@uroweb Best Urology Conference for Social Media – EAU Annual Congress, Milan 2013
World Peace Through
Urologic Social Media?
Professional Social Media Harnessed Appropriately Can be a "Dynamite" Ride!
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