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No description

Neha Farooqui

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Jaguars

JAGUARS common name: Jaguar
scientific name: Panthera Onca Jaguars are found mostly
in South America. They are
also found in Texas,
Southern of California,
and New Mexico. South America New Mexico California Texas There are about 8000-16000 Jaguars
left in the world. Population Jaguars are carnivores. They eat other animals. Habitat Why Jaguars are being endangered. Jaguars are being endangered because
many farmers and people are hunting
and killing them for their fur.
About 18000 Jaguars are killed EVERY YEAR
and They are dying really fast!!!
They are also being endangered caused
to loss of habitat. Jaguars are endangered because
farmers and people are hunting them for
their fur and about 18000 Jaguars
are KILLED EVERY YEAR! And they are dying very fast
They are also endangered caused from loss of habitat. The government has tried to help
jaguars by making a law that we
can not kill or hunt for Jaguars,
but they are still dying very fast! Interesting facts ~Jaguars can live up to 12-15 years
~They always hunt alone
~ They only hunt in the night.(nocturnal)
~ Did you know Jaguars can jump up to 20 feet!!!
~Jaguars are one of the largest cats in South America.
~People believed Jaguars were help[ful against evil.
~Unlike most cats, Jaguars like water and swimming. The name Jaguar comes from a "native american word
which means he who kills with one leap" Thank you for watching and
listening to my presentation!!!! You can now see a video of a Jaguar trying to eat a crocodile. Jaguars eat... Food Here is a video of a Jaguar killing its prey here are some pictures of some jaguars Swamps Amazon Rainforest Crocodile Deers Tapir JAGUARS LEOPARDS FUR FACE Size Jaguars can weigh from 85-230 poundsand
they can grow up to 8 feet long. Some people can mistake a jaguar for a leopard.
But there is a difference between their fur.
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