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School & Classroom Rules

NDMS school and classroom rules

Dawn Singleton

on 25 August 2011

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Transcript of School & Classroom Rules

School handbook Stages Stage IV This is where YOU want to be
All Students begin the year on Stage IV
Students have no referrals accumulated
PRIVILEGES: Attendance at all school functions Referrals Your 1st Referral will drop you to Stage III
Coaches and Club Supervisors will be notified
You may be able to participate in activities
Some teachers issue one day of Silent Lunch Stage III: Stage II: Coaches and club sponsors will be notified
Silent Lunch
Can only Practice - cannot play in athletic game
Assigned to AID and have no school priveleges for 5 days
5 days of Silent Lunch
DON'T GET ON STAGE ONE Team Referrals Teacher judges
3 Strikes you're out
Parent will be contacted Office Referrals Major Infraction
Straight to Stage I
-inappropriate language
-vandalism/damage to school property Dress Code Shorts, Skirts, Dresses appropriate length
stand with arms down at sides
must be lower than fingertip NO SAGGIN'
UNDERBRITCHES SHOWING Neckline & Sleeves Can't fall below 4 closed
fingers, horizontal from
base of neck
No Sleeveless shirts NO hats, bandanas, sunglasses,
or other headwear NO Way Jose Electronic Devices Cell Phones - Must be turned off in locker
No Ipods NO GUM PDA - Public Display of Affection smooches
hand holding
hugs NO holes above the knees A few things: -TVs
-Seating Chart
-Tennis Balls
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