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Simple Waterfall Demo

How to paint a waterfall in watercolor without using a brush

joe cibere

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of Simple Waterfall Demo

Waterfall Magic
How to Make a Waterfall...
Paint Itself
Start by simplifying your reference down to a black & white study... This will give you the basic shapes of the rocks.
Next, use your spray bottle to sprinkle water on the top rock shapes to make rough texture
Then paint all of
the rock shapes using fairly thick paint.
As you continue down the waterfall start spraying, not sprinkling to give the illusion of falling, misting water
Add some darks then spatter some white paint while the paper is still damp to add depth and dimension...
This may be the first time you have experienced a Prezi presentation and it is more enjoyable when viewed in full screen mode. The icon is in the bottom right corner.

Move through the Prezi by clicking on the right arrow.

If you missed something or want to go back use the left arrow.

Also, the black boxes are the videos. Roll over them with your mouse and click on the green arrow.
Rollover the screen and click on the arrow
After the waterfall is done
start framing it with something colorful...and let it dry
Then paint some dark over
the color and scrape back to the color underneath...
Maybe you'll end up with
something like this.
You can then start painting the top using a variety of techniques such as spattering, wet-in-wet and blowing
Add some trees, foliage, and final adjustments and your done!
I hope you've enjoyed this demo and it's inspired you to loosen up and paint some waterfalls...
Lesson 1:
Lesson 3:
Lesson 4:
Lesson 2:
Determining light source
& location

Here are some examples that might inspire you...
Be creative!

Anywhere, anytime,
anything goes...
Sometimes it helps to break it down into black & white, "Notan".
Rollover the screen and click on the arrow
Rollover the screen and click on the arrow
Rollover the screen and click on the arrow
Rollover the screen and click on the arrow
Rollover the screen and click on the arrow
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