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lis lab3

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Tucker

Vacuum Cleaner
By Tucker
The vacuum cleaner, originally called the carpet sweeper, was invented in 1860 by Daniel Hess. However, the British inventor, Hubert Cecil Booth invented the modern day vacuum in 1901.
In 1938 27% of homes with electricity owned a vacuum cleaner. Then, years later in 1948, 40% of homes owned one. Today 98% own one.
Vacuum cleaners are the most sold major electric appliance in the country.
Most of the cleaning accomplished by the vacuum cleaner is done by the brush system; the suction just transports the dirt and cools the engine.
A vacuum can also be called a hoover, vacuum and a sweeper.
A modern vacuum cleaner
Daniel Hess
An early vacuum
A diagram of a vacuum cleaner
A vacuum cleaner is also commonly called a hoover, vacuum and sweeper.
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