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Ebola Virus Presentation

Biology 11 2013.11.12

Luna Wang

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Ebola Virus Presentation

By: Lisa & Luna
The Ebola Virus
What is the Ebola Virus?
Causes Ebola hemorrhagic fever
Types: Ebola Zaire, Sudan, and Ivory Coast
Targets both human and human primates. (e.g. Monkeys, Gorillas etc.)
No cure, yet.
Symptoms & Signs
Early Stage:
Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever
Severe Headache
Joint & Muscle Aches
Body Weaknesses
Late Symptoms:
Constant Vomiting
Red Eyes (Hyperemia in the eye area)
Severe Bleeding from inner organs and outer skin
Interesting Information
Related to Rabies
Most recent case: 2012 in Uganda
23 confirmed outbreaks recorded
3 laboratory accidents, 2 in Russia, both researchers passed away within a short time.
The Host

Host Carriers:
Fruit Bats
Human Primates
Host Cells:
Liver Cells
Cells of the reticuloendothelial system
Geography & History
Incubation Time
2 to 21 days
Onset of illness, rash, red eyes, hiccups and internal and external bleeding may be seen in some patients.
Once in body, starts looking for host cell right away.
Period of Latency

Avoid traveling to areas of known outbreaks.
Avoid bush meat.
Avoid contact with infected people.
Follow infection-control procedures.
Do not handle remains of victims.
Treatment & Cure
Sodium, potassium, and chloride.
Oxygen and devices for breathing.

Medications for fever, to help blood clot, and to maintain blood pressure.
Antibodies to prevent secondary infections from bacteria.
Mortality Rate
Transmission & Pathway of Infection
Direct contact with virus-infected victims/animals
Through body fluids
Contaminated blood & needle
Children waiting for vaccine
Pregnant women looking for vitamin injections
Thank you for watching
Life Cycle
No known cure, yet.
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