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The Neuron

No description

Edith Lucia Lopez

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of The Neuron

The Neuron
How do neurons communicate?
Neuron Communication
Types of neurons
There are 3 types of neurons
How does the action potential work?
When the cell has charged enough, it is said to have reached threshold(minimum needed) thus starts an action potential
The three kinds of neurons
1. Sensory neurons

2. Interneuron

3. Motor neurons
Through nerve impulses (AKA Action Potentials)
Neuronal plasma membrane

Both ligand gated and voltage gated
An Action Potential
Electrical charge traveling through the length of the axon.
establish the difference in concentrations
allow passive transport of ions
A chemical that diffuses across the synapse and binds to receptors in the
dendrite of the neighboring neuron.
On the Neuron´s membrane
How ligand-gated channels work
A neurotransmitter opens up ligand gated channels that allow the passage of Na+ into the axon of the neuron.
The sudden increase of sodium allows the charge in the inside of the axon to change to a positive charge.
Change from negative to positive allows for the opening of Voltage-gated channels, that lets in a lot more Na+
Enough accumulation of Na+ allows for the current to spark. (Thus starting the action potential)
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