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My Hero: Demi Lovato

No description

Kelsey Myers

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of My Hero: Demi Lovato

My Hero: Demi Lovato by: Kelsey Myers August 20, 1992 in Albuquerque, New Mexico Date and Place of Birth: Mom: Dianna Lee Smith
Dad: Patrick Martin Lovato
Sisters: Dallas Lovato, Madison de la Garza Family 1. Born August 20, 1992
2. 2002- Began playing piano at age 7, also
began acting career
3. 2008- Starred in Disney Channel movie
Camp Rock
4. 2008 June 24- Camp Rock soundtrack
released (Platinum Album)
5. 2008 September 23- "Don't Forget" album
released (placed number 2 on Bilboard 200 Chronilogical Account: 6. 2009 -Joined Disney's Friends for
Change, an "environmentally-friendly
behavior" organization/charity
7. 2009 Summer- New Album: "Here We
Go Again"
8. 2010 September 3- Camp Rock 2: The
Final Jam premieres
9. 2011 September 20- New Album:
10. 2012- New star judge on "The X- Factor
USA Chronilogical Account (cont.) - starting with seventh grade she was continuously bullied.
- she had an eating disorder and physically harmed yourself.
- self-medicated, (taking drugs and drinking alcohol to deal with stress and depression)
- went to rehab for bulimia and self-injury Hardships or Struggles She Overcame: - Had multiple high- charting hit songs like "Give Your Heart a Break," and "This is Me."
- Became a star judge on the X Factor: USA
- Starred in multiple movies and T.V. shows Major Accomplishments: She became the spokesperson for anti-bullying organization PACER, because she was bullied herself.
Involved in the "Friends for Change" charity and was featured in many charity singles like "Send it On," and "Make a Wave."
Many charities like "St. Judes," "A Day Made Better," "DonateMyDress.org," and many more.
Apologized for all the things she did wrong on live T.V. Demi Demonstrated Heroism: Courage- She apologized many times for her wrongdoings.
Compassion- She donated countless amounts of money to different charities
Honesty- Whenever she was asked questions of her rough times, she never lied or covered anything up.
Empathy- She is involved in a large campaign called "Love is Stronger than the Pressure to be Perfect," which is directed towards teenage girls to help them feel better about themselves and their appearance. Demi's Characteristics as a Hero Demi was recently added onto the X Factor as a new star judge. She is also working on her fourth studio album. Up- to -Date Information
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