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Wassabi - Off the Hook

No description

ngan nguyen

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Wassabi - Off the Hook

Wassabi - Off The Hook Japanese Restaurant in Fig Garden Target Market SWOT Analysis Strengths: Location. Spacious, great for big parties. Back dining room can be used for private events. Huge food and bar menu. Great happy hour specials. Recommendations Opening up a fourth restaurant in town will help Wassabi command a majority of the market share About Wassabi Loud, trendy and fun atmosphere, great for large parties One of the largest Japanese restaurants in town "Wassssaaaap!!!" Weaknesses: Some people prefer traditional sushi. Music too loud for some people. Opportunities: Expand the first location. Open up a fourth Wassabi in Clovis. Threats: New restaurant with similar theme, cheaper food. New asian restaurant opening across the lot Young adults and adults with disposable incomes People who frequent other restaurants and bars in the area Wealthy image seekers and compulsive spenders Prices on certain items could be lowered. More items should be added to the happy hour menu to attract price-sensitive customers Get their new website up and running ASAP so their info can be available to customers. More interaction with customers on social media, Facebook. Front dining room, patio, bar patio, back dining room Feels like one huge party Business people who work nearby and want a place to hang out after a long day at work. They spend the most on drinks, food, and tips. People who aren't uptight. Some rolls have off-putting names...
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