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XLR8: Why Choose Us?

XLR8 are an F1 team that are looking for the support of the King John School to take them to the F1 in schools challenge..

Connor O'Halloran

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of XLR8: Why Choose Us?

Why should you
choose us? We are a team that are always moving faster. Our presentation itself is evidence of the way we move forward. This software is iPad compatible, and we are looking to have our portfolio on iPads to impress the judges and show the forward thinking that occurs every day here at XLR8. Our mission is to win the F1 in Schools competition and it is only possible to do this by having something that other teams do not have. Car Design Our car design has a main purpose to XLR8 away from opposition cars and win races. Although our car is designed to do this, we have also ensured that our car does not breach any of the rules and regulations that are required. CAD CAD stands for COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN. The software used to do this is PTC Pro Desktop. This is also what we used. CAD is used all over the world in many different ways to accuratley design objects. It is so widely used because measurements can be totally exact. CAD is proffesional and easy to use, showing that we only use the best equipment that is available to us. More about CAD will be included in our Portfolio. About Us There are five members in XLR8. These members are: Jack Connor Felix Our Website Connor has been continually working on the website so that sponsors, the school or anyone, can find out about us. We decided that sponsors should be able to see regular updates on what we have achieved and a good way to do this is through the XLR8 website. Our website is currently under construction but a sub website has been set up so that you can see our idea and what we are trying to achieve. WWW.XLR8.XTREME.COM Sponsorship Sponsorship is a key part of our team as it is our funding but also the way in which we interact with the local area. By having sponsors,we also recieve funding for vital points. As you saw in the video, we work well as a team and enjoy F1 in Schools. Although we strive to be victorious, we also understand that it is a school club and enjoyment is the main priority. As a Team We would like to take this opputunity to ask if you have any questions. Our Name CAM CAM stands for COMPUTER AIDED Manufacture. It is used in the second phase of making our car. As you already know, the first phase is CAD. CAM uses CAD to cut out the object that has been designed. We used this becuase it is a highly efficient piece of equipment and it is the best available to us. Like CAD, more information on CAM can be seen in our portfolio. Our sponsors are:

Xtreme Web Design
Black Rock James XLR8 is our name because we feel that it represents everything that a good F1 team strives to improve. The name signifies accelerating and reaching top speed. Jack is the Project Manager for XLR8 and is ensuring that the team reaches its full potential. He is the spearhead of the team is currently trying to engage sponsorship deals and links so that the team has the money it needs to fulfill its ideas. The team is constantly coming up with new solutions to any problems and it is Jack's job to make sure that our team is organised and still on track. Connor is Head of Public Relations and must engage with sponsors so that the team can retain its reputation and improve its image. XLR8 believe that a team's image can be vital to success and is devising a monthly newsletter to send to sponsors so that they remain updated with the team's actions and can feel as if they are part of the team. Sean Sean is a very active member of the team as he is the team engineer and has worked with Pro Desktop (CAD) to design our car and aid the team's effort to reach the best possible speed it can. He has also tested the car in a virtual wind tunnel and has concluded that our car is up to the standard that the competition has come to expect from its contestents. Felix is Head of Media and has the driving force behind the team's video. He has used Final Cut Pro to produce a video. The team believe that the video will help sponsors get a better idea of the team and give the F1 in Schools judges a more visual view. Always Moving Faster... James is a helpful member of the team by filling in any gaps that have gone unseen or even just creating new ideas for the team to explore such as a team Facebook page which James himself setup and has since been controlling. James has an all-round abillity. His main asset lies in his acting and speaking in front of audiences.
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