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Ecosystem Presentations

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syed altaf

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Ecosystem Presentations

Interactions in the Environment !
by: Altaf, Damen, Russell

biotic elements interacting with Abiotic elements

Snails eating
spiders eating
spider addapting to environment

Our model of the terrarium was successful because it had all the necessary needs of a ecosystem
Abiotic & Biotic

Abiotic: Biotic:
air bugs
soil plants
rock arachnides
dead plants

Spider making webs

Snails interacting with each other

snails interacting with the area

the process of photosynthesis
If the light source is removed for a long period of time,
the plants and animals might start dying.

Same with the water too...

It depends on the value of the abiotic or biotic element removed.
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