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Jalen Holmes

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of SSWH15

young Turk
Mehmed II took over Constantinople. So he could control waterways between ottoman territories in Asia and the Balanks
He proved to people he was a great warrior and was able to make things happen!!!
His Grandson (Selim the Grim) came to power in 1512 he was also a great leader. I guess you could say it runs in the family. His grandson was responsible for Mecca and medina
Slim also took over egypt.
Imperialism In Japan
Japan Gained military,economic, and political power.
Pride was big in Japans Imperial plans
korea, Japan, and China had the same plans but china broke agreement.
Japan changed the balance of power
Japan shut down Korean school and newspapers
Also forbade Korean businesses and set up their own businesses
Japan was trying to take over as many countries as possible.
Imperialism in France
Emperor Napoleon II ordered the French army to invade southern Vietnam
Later France added Laos,Cambodia, and Northern Vietnam to the territory.
The combine states was known as French Indochina
They didnt promote local industry,most land devoted to rice
Much of the rice was exported, so the peasants consumption of rice decreased
Anger over the reduction set the stage for vietnamese against the French
Chinese lost lots of power. so they
Guangxu tried to modernize china with educational system
It strengthen the economy by reorganizing the educational systems
They also modernized the military.
The Boxer was a secret organization. They revolted against dowager empress and foreigner privileges.
Later got defeated multinational troops.
C, D
The Russo- Japanese War
Lasted from 1904 to 1905
Began with the Russian empire and the empire of Japan
Both Empires wanted control over the same place. It was Manchuria and Korea
Japanese defeated the Russians
This gave equal balance of power in East Asia
resulting in reassessment in japans entry onto the world stage.
The Boxer Rebellion
"first Great war of the 2oth Century"
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