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No description

Grace Massey

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Empire

Front cover-
Empire magazines front cover follows the conventions of magazines. The masthead is in the top third and the key image is made to stand out so you know what the magazines focus is for that issue.
The name-
The name 'Empire' connotes power which is shown through the tag line. Also the name is appropriate as 'Empire' is one of the biggest film magazines. The font also connotes dominance as it's bold sans serif so it stands out and looks powerful
Tag line-
The tag line suggests that Empire is the best film magazine and that people should buy it as it's the 'worlds best movie magazine'
Target Audience-
Empire is aimed at a mass market audience who have an interest in popular, recent films. It's not gender specific as it appeals to the male and female audience. It's aimed at young adults aged 15-50.
Bauer who are a big company which suggests that they know the magazine industry well.
Price- £3.99 and it's sold monthly
Empire Magazine
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