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E-learning System

No description

kaitlyn malubay

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of E-learning System

E-learning System
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
The study was focused on E-Learning System Development. The researcher formulated the scope and limitation of this project to identify the boundaries of this study.
Scope and Limitation
“Chalk and talk” or “lecture and textbook”, Because of this method the teacher tend to focus in their teaching. Because they think it is the best way to share their knowledge to their student. But in using this method there are some student who cannot follow or understand their own lesson because the teacher can’t explain it further because of the limited time. Lack of time per subject because of that the teacher don’t have a chance to give any extra time for those student who have any concern
Statement of the problem
This study will help the users to have an advance learning about their lessons
Significance of the study
for Grade 9 students
Malubay, Kaitlyn S.
Arevalo, Gladys B.
Estrada, John Gabriel D.
Busalla, Arnold Rey C.
People are not satisfied with our current method in teaching. The digital age has outpaced the traditional lecture and textbooks paradigm and people expect much more than book learning, especially with the amount of information readily available on the internet and through mobile devices.
Background of the Study
The term 'e-learning' has only been in existence since 1999. When the word was first utilized, other terms - such as 'online learning' and 'virtual learning' also began to spring up in search of an accurate description of exactly was e-learning was. However, the principles behind e-learning have been well documented throughout history, and there is even evidence that suggests that early forms of e-learning existed as far back as the 19th century.
In the 2000’s, businesses began using e-learning to train their employees. New and experienced workers alike now had the opportunity to improve upon their industry knowledge base and expand their skill sets. At home individuals were granted access to programs that offered them the ability to earn online degrees and enrich their lives through expanded knowledge. Today, e-learning is more popular than ever, with countless individuals realizing the benefits that online learning can offer.
General Objectives
To make an algebra e learning system for grade 9 students.
Specific objectives
Objectives of the Study
• - To be able to create a lesson module.
• - To be able to create a quiz module.
• - To be able to create a progress module.

This study will help the teachers in teaching about the lessons, it will be also easy for the teachers to teach their lessons because students can do advance learning
Other researcher
This study will help students and researchers because they can use it as reference if they also want to develop another E-learning management system. If they will make a new E-learning management system they can use our work for them to compare their new system
The system will have a log in module where the student and teacher can gain access to the system
The system will have profile module to display their personal data.
The system will have a lesson module where the student can view their lesson that is divided and entitled in their respective topic.
The system will have a quiz module where the student can test their self to see if they learn something.
The system will have a progress module to see if there’s any improvement at all
This study will help our group to do E-learning management System. There are so many existing E-learning management systems today, but our group wants to try to do another E-learning management system that will help schools that doesn’t have ELMS up to until now
The system does not allow the teacher to give quiz, they can only see the score of the student who took a quiz.

The system does not allow student to make their own account.
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