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A Horse and Two Goats

No description

Paffrath Peter

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of A Horse and Two Goats

A Horse and Two Goats written by R.K. Narayan -two men meeting one another in India
-they can hardly communicate
--> lack of knowledge in the other culture
-"conversation" between Muni (Indian) and an American
-Muni takes the goats out to graze and rests at a horse statue
-American drives past and stops to ask Muni about the statue
-The American wants to buy it
- the lack of knowledge of the other language prevents them from understanding each other
- the American offers Muni 100 rupees while petting the goats
--> Muni thinks the man wants to buy the goats and leaves with the money Plot -very poor
-unknown background
-no formal education
-knows a few English phrases
-no contact with other nationalities
-strong sense of tradition
-typical Indian
-opposite of the American
-doesn't even think about the
American wanting to buy
the statue Characters -small village called Kirtam in India

-not even mentioned on the atlas

-wild animals running around

-overgrown and forgotten horse statue Setting
represents the tininess and unimportance of the village
represents newer generations that are becoming less religious and more liberal
younger generations don't care about the spiritual significance of the religious statue Symbolism -wealthy
-from New York
-probably well educated
-doesn't speak Tamil
-should know more about
Indian culture
-lack of respect
-western ignorance
he assumes the statue is
in Munis possession Cultural Differences Both knowing little of each others culture --> cross - cultural knowledge is important today
Basically one is poor the other rich
For the American the statue is nothing but pretty decoration, and 100 rupees are little value for him
Muni can't afford his dreams to come true
can probably live a whole year from these 200 rupees
For Muni the statue is of spiritual importance
Shows that wealthy people are quite materialistic, while poor value the small things Overgrown Horse Statue: American: Muni: Nameless American: name doesn't matter, because this could be any traveler
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