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Industrial Revolution Day 4

No description

Matt Baker

on 24 September 2018

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution Day 4

Industrial Revolution Day 4
- Notebook
- Pen/Pencil
- Investment Sheet

- I can present my project
- I can take a stance on UBI

Take 3 minutes and discuss Chapter 1 of Great Gatsby.
Presentation Expectations
- Bring rubric back to me when it's your turn to present
- Undivided attention
- Be respectful
- Ask Qs at the end to see if you want to invest
- Be the expert
- Don't waste our time
- Be professional
Investment Time
- Take 5 minutes, decide how to invest your $100,000
- You cannot invest in your own company
- On the back of your sheet, write:
Best Invention
Best Presentation
Automation and UBI
Discussion: How would UBI be a potential solution to automation?
UBI Positives
UBI Negatives
Writing Prompt
Create a new Google Doc in your American History folder.

Answer the following prompt:

Is UBI a reasonable solution for the automation of jobs? Why?
UBI Article
Go to the Google Classroom

Read the article about automation and UBI and answer the discussion question
Take 10 minutes to
- Refine your presentation
- Grade yourself on your rubric
- Share your presentation with me
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