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Hook Up Culture

No description

Michelle Lucato

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Hook Up Culture

Thank you

Hook Up Culture
Hook Up Details
- Leading up to the 'Hook Up'
- Three roads from the 'Hook Up'
- Sexual Freedom: What is it exactly
- Relationships: Overrated?
- The Sacredness of Sex
- Rating-Dating-Mating

Are there feelings involved?
- Strings Attached
- Women are always the ones that get hurt
- Gender Relations
- Hook Ups Left Mysterious
- Hooking Up is like having a snack
- Walk of Shame
- No Muss, No Fuss
- Serial Hookups
- Sex Comes First

Feminist Power
Mistresses of Our Domain: Behind the Myth of Hookup Culture
By: Erica Grossman
What is 'Hooking Up"
1. Lets Do a Hook Up Quiz from J-14

2. Think, Pair, Share

3. Class Question: What is 'Hooking Up"? What does it include?

Definition: Hooking Up
Lets Talk about Stats Baby
Heldman and Wade define Hook Up Culture as a "casual sexual contract between two non-dating partners without an (expressed or acknowledged) expression of forming a committed relationship"
Activity Time
Rating Card: What you like and dislike in a hook up partner
2 points for each
Clip: House Bunny
Image Booster
Poll Time
Is "Hooking Up" more for the IMAGE or for the PLEASURE?
Relationship Pathway
Time for Another Poll
Is Hooking Up the new pathway to relationships?
A Classic Love Story
Final Poll
Were you shocked when you saw the breasts on the screen?
Text: 37607
No, it did not phase me- 752461
Yes, I was shocked- 752462
What's The Number?
" I am saying that girls and women should be encouraged to feel completely comfortable going after what they want... equality is all about making our own decisions."
"The overriding sense is that the Hook Up Culture does not liberate women-- it destroys them."
"...Many women, just like men, enjoy having sex. Period."
1) Porn and Mass Media
2) Access to and consumption of Porn
3/4) Risk and Narcissism
5) College and University Policies
6) Gender Distribution
7) Self-Objectification
8) Alcohol Use
9) Marriage Norms
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