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Project Management - Nestle GLOBE

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Jo Maran

on 18 July 2014

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Transcript of Project Management - Nestle GLOBE

GLOBE Programme
Nestlé's GLOBE Programme
Cristina Popa
Alessandra Fischer
Jo Maran
Fiona Wong
Nestlé's GLOBE Programme
Project Objectives
Work Breakdown Structure
GLOBE Programme Gantt Chart
Building Trust in Upward Relations
GLOBE - Global Business Excellence
- Most ambitious business process reengineering
- Designed to improve performance and operational efficiency
- Based on six principles: pragmatism, business driven, speed, involvement of operations, communication and best people.

Risk Analysis Matrix
PMI PMBoK Risk Management Process
1. Identify risks;
2. Analyse or assess risks;
3. Plan risk responses;
4. Control risks

Identified Risks
Keep top management informed
Demonstrate competency and character
One way to do business across the organisation
Realistic scope statement
Robust plan and WBS
Risks are inevitable! Risk management plan essential
Managing upward relations and exceptional leadership skills are paramount to the success of the project
Recommendations for effective leadership of GLOBE
Persuade rather than impose participation
Better knowledge of the benefits expected to be achieved with GLOBE implementation
Harmonised 'best practice' business processes
Data standardisation
Standardised information system and technology
- 1.9% of F&B sales to cover all programme costs

System configuration - February 2001
180 data standards - April 2002
Implementation in the Pilot Markets - October 2002
16 Markets completed - June 2005
Technical Requirements
IT skills
Customer Review
Peter Brabeck-Letmathe and
Nestlé Executive Board
Risk Response Plan
Avoid, transfer, mitigate or accept?
Risk Control
Reassess new and existing risks
Variance and trend analysis
Risk Management Process
Resistance to change
Data issues and custom development
Management conflict
- Accept profound difference in perspective and have skill to persuade superior
- Demonstrate as a reliable deliverer with positive attitudes
- Keep top management well informed

Manage Upward Relations
Build Trust
- Demonstrate Competency and Character
- Always have a Win/Win mind set
Show the confidence and ability of people management by accepting the challenge assigned by top management
WIN/WIN mind set
Team Name:
Walaa's Angels

(inspired by Charlie's Angels)
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