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LGBT* Stereotypes

Stereotypical Representations of LGBT* Persons in Society/ Culture

Marley Crossland

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of LGBT* Stereotypes

Marley Crossland LGBT* Stereotypes Stereotype: A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing

An inaccurate or demeaning generalization about a group of people Masculine
Short hair
Butch/Femme dichotomy
Dykes on Bikes
Androphobic/ Hate Men
Athletic (Softball, Field Hockey, Golf)
No Makeup
Don't wear dresses
Don't shave
Cosby Sweaters Lesbian Stereotypes The L Word
Vegetarian/ Vegan
Earth friendly/ eco-conscious
Womens/ Gender/ LGBT Studies
Tegan and Sara
Sports Bras
No fashion sense
Facial Piercings
Baggy or men's clothes
Everyone has dated everyone w/in friend circles Effeminate
Hand gestures
High-pitched voice
Interested in music, theater, art, or dance
Not athletic
Like to shop
Lots of female friends/can't have male friends
Mama's Boy
Shaves legs
Interior Design
Partying/ Clubbing Stereotypes of Gay Men Lispy voice/ "feminine" way of speaking
Well groomed
Good sense of style/ fashion
Cross-dressing/ like to do drag
Obsessed with musicals/ Broadway
Skinny Jeans
Can't have long-lasting relationships
Drugs Promiscuous
"Can't choose"
Just to increase chances of relationships
Just a phase
Can never be monogamous
Afraid to "really" come out
Will sleep with anything that moves
No self-control
Drug and alcohol abuse
Need for attention Bisexual Stereotypes Easy to Identify
Will conform to binary ideas of gender
Everyone chooses to transition through surgery
Extremely feminine/masculine
Transition to be heterosexual
All Trans* people take hormones/ go through process of transition Trans* Stereotypes Out to convert
Can't be good parents
Everything is always about sex
Don't believe in God
Everyone knows each other
Only ones who can spread/ have HIV/ AIDS
More likely to use drugs
Have been abused
Glitter and Rainbows
Love Lady Gaga
It's a choice
Very poor or very rich, never middle-class
Estranged from families
Societal deviants
Selfish General LGBT* Stereotypes Visibly gender variant
Sex workers
Homogenous group (like minded, with same goals)
Can't ever pass
Goal is to pass
Trans men are women haters
Decievers/ liars
Mentally ill
Sexual deviants
Pressure to conform, difficulty if one doesn't
Identity erasure
Diminishing experiences as an LGBT* person
Not fitting into boxes or categories as stressful
Division within LGBT* community
What Do Stereotypes Do? Any experiences with LGBT* stereotypes to share?
How can stereotypes divide "the community"?
What are some challenges that stereotypes bring to LGBT* people? Note: LGBT* is obviously not all-inclusive, and GSM (Gender and Sexuality Minority) is more appropriate, but I used LGBT* for recognition purposes. Not intended to exclude any identities or orientations.
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