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Bribery and Corruption

No description

charissa ballesteros

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Bribery and Corruption

When a person commits an
offense in which he/she privately
introduces an argument
or even just communication with
an official who can influence the
outcome of a decision.

Class A Misdemeanor H: Offenses Against Public Administration Bribery and
Corrupt Influence Bribery Corrupt Influence Changes? Who Commits the Crime? High Profile Case Punishments
Texas The laws for bribery and
corruption have not
significantly changed in
Texas within the last
100 years. In 1971, Speaker of the House
Gus Mutscher, and other Texas
officials were charged in a
bribery-conspiracy investigation.

"Dirty Thirty"

Travis County grand jury indicted
Mutscher and two colleagues for

In 1993, minor reforms occurred.

Mutscher found guilty. There a no major trends or
legislation in process.

There are currently no special
programs, counseling or alternative treatments being offered in Texas
for bribery and/or corruption. Both males and females
between the ages of 40-55

Race is not a factor Bribery is when an individual
commits an offense and knows
about it, or offers or solicits.

Second degree felony, however,
thereare some exceptions.

Violation of duty of imposed by
law such as an elected official.
A recommendation or vote In 2000, there were 92
people convicted for bribery.

From 2005 to present, there have
been 543 people convicted for
bribery and corruption.

There are currently 48 people
in Texas prisons for
bribery. Convicted and Imprisoned Andrew Espinoza
Bronson Scott
Charissa Ballesteros
Edgar Juarez
Jorge Chavez
Vivian Tzec El Paso, TX: Corruption case involving
the National Center for Employment of
the Disabled. Cases In Texas Lenient Punishments Georgia and South Dakota Harsh Punishments California and Delaware Bizarre and Interesting The Cockerham bribery

U.S. Army contracting
officers and their
family members.

Plead guilty to bribery

Sentenced to 17 ½ years
in prison and fined $9.6
million Found guilty if:
Offering, conferring, or agreeing to confer on another, soliciting,
accepting, or agreeing to accept
a bribe: Those considered as class A misdemeanor,
Max. of one year in jail; and a $4,000 fine:

Voting by legislatures

Gift to public servant by person subject to jurisdiction.

Abuse of official capacity; knowingly violate a
law relating to the public servants office.

Official oppression. Punishment Scheme The amount of bribe will be paid in full.

Mandatory to be placed on a corruption
and bribe registry.

Pros: More of a public disgrace and ruins reputation more
Problems they will address:
Reoccurring incidents from the
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YouTube. Doritos, 06 Feb. 2012. Web. 02 Apr. 2013. ( Sources
Abuse of official capacity and
misuse of government property
has penalties from everything
with value under $20 to having
a value over $200,000. Judges, lawyers, builders,
police officers, etc. Brownsville, TX: Federal
prosecutors indicted
lawyer Ray Marchan. Sullivan City, TX:
Bribery and corruption with drug cartels. Is There a Cure? Beliefs of lawyers and activists

Death penalty Miscellaneous Extremely common

Bribery and treason are
the only two crimes in the Constitution.

Every year $1 trillion
are paid in bribes.
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