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Superhero Workshop

Compton Drew Middle School Workshop (Fall 2012)

Amy L

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Superhero Workshop

Compton Drew Middle School
Fall 2012 The SUPERHERO in YOU Superhero Strength: Design your own superhero mascot based on your own strength Week 1 Superhero History: How did you become the superhero
that you are today? Share stories about your past and
hear about experiences of others. Begin the school mascot project. Explore Your Interests: Every superhero has a day job.
Create a dance! Hold a Brain! Participate in activities
with two student groups at WashU. Step Dance! Explore your Interests: Need for ideas for that day job? Discover more interests with two fun activities at WashU. Costumes! Week 7 Celebration! Share our Powers: Distribute comics and mascot across the school. Celebrate and share our experience with other workshops! STRONG BRAVE HELPFUL Week 2 Reflections Inspiration Perseverance Week 4 The person behind the mask: Create your own superhero masks and engage in reflective activities to help discover the everyday individual behind the superhero. Create the storyline for the school mascot! Week 3 Week 5 Harness Your Powers: Begin creating a comic strip for the school mascot and practice your speaking skills with a mock debate! Week 6 Transform into Superheroes: Finish our individual costumes and the Comic Strip for the school mascot. Read about and watch what other middle school kids have done to positively impact their school. Week 8 Music! Dance! Science! Astronomy! Robotics! Sharing! Discovery! Teamwork! Pow! Confidence! Debate! New Ideas! Use your Powers! We are Powerful! Sharing!
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