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Student Orientation to Blackboard 9_2.0

Updated theme that is more congruent with S&T standards.

Craig Richardson

on 24 January 2012

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Transcript of Student Orientation to Blackboard 9_2.0

Welcome to
Blackboard 9 Questions? Your Courses The most important box on your homepage Your all access pass to course content The Almighty Course Menu Magical buttons will appear on the left These are your navigational tools to course content There are 5 that you NEED to know how to use Tools Discussion Board Course Documents Assignments http://blackboard.mst.edu Professors post important documents here e.g. the syllabus and supplemental course information REMEMBER Saving is NOT submitting saving lets ME come back and finish later it cannot be stressed enough how IMPORTANT it is that I press SUBMIT Many courses use it sharing ideas test preparation peer revision a place to safely ask questions brought to you by prezi for more information visit prezi.com
you can also email me at
cjr539@mst.edu Clicker Registration Want to know more? Click "Help" Go to edtech.mst.edu Follow us on facebook The TurningPoint registration tool is used to register your clicker The clicker ID is on the back of the clickers as shown here Access Blackboard (Bb) 3 ways to access Bb you can type

into your browser
address bar blackboard.mst.edu OR To log in use your
Single Sign on ID (SSO ID) The home page
(yours may look
a little different) Grades Most professors will keep your grades updated on Blackboard http://mst.edu PRO TIP These aren't official some don't SUBMIT to press 1 joess.mst.edu The To Do box tells you when assignments are due, late and upcoming in the course When you click on a course, you might see something like this... or not EdTech Connect 2 READ ALONG HOORAY! I can stop reading along now
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