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Immune System Assignment

No description

Kevin Travis

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Immune System Assignment

The Main Parts of the Immune system The outer layer main part of the immune sytem is the skin. There are many parts of the immune system on the inside of the body, Bone marrow, Lymphocytes, T-cells, B-cells, and White Blood Cells. Pathogens There are 4 types of pathogens which are: Fungi, Protists, Viruses, and Bacteria. The Immune System The purpose of the immune system is to protect your body and prevent disease. They keep pathogens out of our body and destroy them using the complex system of cells and organs that protect the body. Barriers I know of 3 barriers that keep pathogens out of our bodies, 1 is our skin, 2 breathing passages, and 3 mouth and stomach. Role of Antibiotics Antibiotics are medicine used to kill diseases. They are used only to cure bacterial diseases. They destroy or slow down bacteria. White blood cells are lymphocytes that destroy bad cells in the body. T cells are white blood cells that are lymphocytes that have many types: Helper, Cytotoxic, Memory, Regulatory, and Natural Killer. B cells are the cells that remember and produce antibodies to destroy the invader cells in our bodies. Immune System Assignment How Pathogens are spread Pathogens can be spread by Droplets, contaminated water, and can mainly be transferred by direct contact. Explaining the Parts of the Immune System The Immune Response The immune response is the reaction of the body when something is detected in the body that isn't supposed to be there. Immunity and Vaccination When a person gets a vaccination it prepares their immune system to fight the virus. They are exposed with the bacterium so that in the future they're body would be able to fight the disease because it is used to those bacterium. Bibliography http://aids.about.com/od/drugfactsheets/a/immuneseries.htm
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