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No description

Aislyn Gail Bau

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Dentures

What Tooth Structures are involved?
Complete Dentures:
"conventional" & "immediate"
Involves all teeth
plastic base

Partial Dentures:
used when one or more of your natural teeth remain.
fill in spaces of edentulous teeth.
attached to plastic base.
connected to metal framework holds.
The Procedure
A dentist or prosthodontists determines what appliance is best for your condition.
Extract teeth and allow to heal.
Make a series of the patient's jaw impressions and measurements.
Create models patterns of how the denture will be made.
Cast a final denture
Adjustments if necessary.
What are dentures used for?
By Aislyn Gail Bautista
Period 2

Self Esteem
correction of natural appearance
used as a replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissue.
enhancing smile
an efficient chew
Low Cost Dentures
Per Denture:
Full Set:

Per denture:
Full Set:
Premium Heat Cured Dentures
Per Denture:
Full Set:
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