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The Weather

A Presentation by Joud Marwan Abedin on the Weather

joud abedin

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of The Weather

The weather The Weather
By Joud Marwan Abedin 1. rainbows
2. lightning
3. flash floods (wadi)
4. hail storms
5. sandstorms
6.tornadoes/twisters Contents Optical effects, such as rainbows , can appear when sunlight is refracted by water droplets, and can reveal a great deal about atmospheric conditions. Rainbows You can see the Rainbow between the clouds during my family holiday to the Maldives .. Rainbows in Maldives All lightning is produced by the build up of electrical charges, but viewed from the ground, it can take on a variety of forms. The stroke may stretch between clouds or between clouds and the ground, or it may be hidden by clouds and cause the sky to light up. Lightning This is a picture of lightning striking Burj Khalifa on a winter night. Lightning in Dubai In low-lying areas like wadis, narrow valleys intense flooding can occur. Flash Floods are often the result of slow moving thunder storms which saturates the ground, leading to large quantities of water flowing downhill. Flash Floods (Wadi) This is a flash Flood in Hatta close to Oman. Please drive safely during the rainy season. Flash Flood in Hatta Hail is a shower of round or irregular shaped pieces of ice. They start off as small ice particles or frozen raindrops that are caught inside a cloud. how big they grow depends on how strong the wind is. Hail Storms Hail Storm in UAE This is a picture of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum driving his G Wagon after a big hail storm. By Joud Sandstorms are found in dry desert areas. It is when strong winds whip up the loose top layer of sand and carry it away. Sandstorms can cause chocking and destroy peoples houses. Sandstorms Tornadoes are violent, whirling winds. They can also be called twisters. A tornado is like a giant vacuum cleaner that basically sucks things up from the ground and destroys everything in its path. Twisters means flash flood in Arabic means flash
flood in Arabic
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