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L'Oreal Canada

A CSR review

Katie Thomas

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of L'Oreal Canada

A CSR review By:
Shelley Burgoyne
Lauren Ramsay
Aasna Sri
Katie Thomas L’Oréal's Stakeholders Communication Tools Effectiveness of Communication Tools Evaluation & Reccomendations Eco-Design Diversity and Disability Women in Science Businesses implementing more sustainable solutions
Suppliers through partnering with companies that use raw material ingredients
communities Employees
Students involved in grants
Global Diversity team set up in 2006 Women across the globe, who are interested in pursuing a science education
Eco Design Diversity & Disability Women in Science Print Media
CSR report Website
Niche Markets (Universities and Colleges)
CSR report Print media
News Releases
Internet Media
Website & Mircosite
CSR Report Agenda Since 1908 L’Oréal has been a company looking to the future
The three initiatives will include
L’Oréal’s innovative eco-design of products and ingredients
L’Oréal’s disability and diversity programs
L’Oréal’s Women in science program
Will discuss
L’Oréal`s stakeholders
L’Oréal`s communication tools
Effectiveness of L’Oréal`s communication tools
External Internal Attracting attention to the communication
Achieving acceptance of the message
Having it interpreted as intended
Getting the message stored for later use
Consumers’ interaction on the company’s Facebook page; interest in their CSR profile and accomplishments
Media and industry recognition of the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women In Science awards and program
In 2009, two recipients of the award won Nobel Prizes making them two of only 16 female recipients (in comparison with 514 males)

(CSRwire, Facebook, and L’Oréal.com) As a large company L’Oréal effectively communicates with its stakeholders.
Programs all have a lasting impact on either the company and the environment and the global community
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