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English as a global language

No description

William Andrade

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of English as a global language

The Future of English What kinds of development
could impede the future
growth of English? New Englishes The linguistic character
of New Englishes

Century XVIII: French

Virginia in 1607 Constrating attitudes:
the US situation English speakers

Afraid of "Americanisms"

Intern problem

English as "official language" The future of English as a word language
Change in the balance of power
Community identity The English language is not a possession of Britain anymore. GRAMMAR Lexical Morphology Lifter > Car lifter
> Luggage lifter Wallah/Walla > Coachwalla Cockpit > Type of valley
Beverage > Restricted to lemonade Heavy > Gorgeous
Brutal > Very nice Jamaican English Pakistani English Ghana English Introduction A community rejects the option to give English a privileged status
English is a language of colonizer
Language is the most immediate and universal symbol of that identity;
“I am donkey”
Writers have a dilemma The rejection of English Jomo Kenyatta (President of Kenya-1974);
Gandhi (India – 1958)
Ngugi wa Thiong’o (Kenya – 1986) The rejection of English The rejection of English Language is the most immediate and universal symbol of that identity;
"I'm donkey"
Writers have a dilemma Local Vocabulary South African English - over 5.500 items
New Zeland - 6.000 items
Australian - 10.000 items
Jamaican - over 15.000 items
Caribbean - 20.000 items
Trinidad and Tobago - 8.000 items Different Collocation and idioms noted in Pakistan, Nigeria and Ghana Wash Mouth - Brush teeth
Morning meal - Breakfast Collocations Idioms Take in - become pregnant
I'm not financial Carolina Cordeiro The rejection of English The former colonies of the British empire have stayed with English
Same language in the same geographic region
Promotion of bilingual or multilingual policies Arguments pro-official

300 idioms in USA

Against pro official

English as public language can be a threat of freedom of speech

Bilingualism is good in globalized world

"English plus resolution" Encourage all residence learn English

Prevent the extinction of the native languages and cultures

Recognize the importance of multilingualism

Oppose English only measures 20% of English speakers of the world There is no historical rights and Britain has no alternative : The number of speakers is growing... GRAMMAR GRAMMAR
The more global it gets more attention it requires Standard English SPEECH GRAMMAR The variation between American and British American " I kind of knew '' - AmE
" I sort of knew " - BrE " So, I am hoping he'll go." - AmE
" We'll use yours, then. " - BrE GRAMMAR New Englishes: Besides American and British Englishes WRITING SPEAKING FORMAL INFORMAL STUDENT SLANG Potentially distinctive grammatical features " WHERE YOUNG!"
"WHAT I MUST GO!" "You didn't see him, is it?"
'' You stay here first, can or not?" BE CAREFUL! Colloquial Singapore English "Hold on."
Variety: More associated to speech THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE USA The most English-speaking nation of the whole world English is a global language... ...no social movement can influence a global language outcome. ''The only possible concept of ownership will be the global one" INDIA '' There are six times as many speakers of English in India as there are in England.'' Linguistic change will be unpredictable Different Territories Different Englishes Varieties of English NEW ENGLISHES New words New expressions New accents Many linguistic transformations "Two countries divided by a common language." Political issue

Independent countries need : Identity Is there a possibility to
Keep the imposed language ?
'' NIGERIA '' Do we have varieties in Portuguese language? What's the importance of all these in the
scope? RACOON OPOSSUM TOTEM THE FUTURE OF ENGLISH GLOBAL BRAYAN MELLO LARA LOPES BIANCA BAPTISTA WILLIAM ANDRADE ''You hold on." Middle Ages: Latin Time Expensive cost of translation Threat of foreign languages Balkanization of USA like Yugoslavia Danger of Babel Good English (95% of population) Official English sounds "elitist, racist, anti-immigrant and anti-Hispanic
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