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Bringing up my son as a feminist

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Elisa Gherardi

on 1 December 2016

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Transcript of Bringing up my son as a feminist

Bringing up my son as a feminist
Pedrinho Fonseca
determined to bring up his son Joao as a feminist
He comes from a very sexist place, in the north-east of Brazil, which absorbed the
concept of domination
during the time of Portuguese colonial rule
The arrival of Joao
Pedrinho was raised in a sexist atmosphere, but his perception of the world changed with the birth of his first child
Tips for fathers of boys:
Invite him to wash the dishes and cook together
Play football with him and his friends, but invite the girls as well
Never interrupt your son's mum when she's talking
Tell him there's no reason to think women like violence
He started to appreciate his mother's role in his life
It's impossible to achieve social sexual equality unless we start with how we treat our children
Joao sometimes says something sexist, but he knows it and tries to avoid it
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