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treball angles cold feet

No description

andrea buades asensi

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of treball angles cold feet

COLD FEET mystery fear love friendship murder strangeness PERSONAL OPINION: I have chosen this
photo because the
whole book is
based on a murder
and how to solve it. I have chosen this photo because
the murder is solved thanks to Rymer
(the detective) sees a theater that is
much like the story and starts to find
out meny clues. I have chosen this photo because
Imra Noskov is the killer, and she
passed by Mrs. Strelski for that
anyone know her true identity and
the police don't caught her. NEW VOCABULARY By: Andrea. B. A
School: Les Carolines
Class: 3th of E.S.O You should always take note of
the smallest things, because then
they can be important. to solve a case, you should go
carefully to not let any clues. Don't
strangers Good friends are
the ones that at
the end are always
there to support you. I have chosen this photo because
the capsule is an important clue
because its content isn't known
until the end of the story, and it
makes in us intrigue throughout
the book. LABEL: When I buy a shirt, then I cut
the label because they bother

STAFF: In hotels the staff are always
very polite with guests.

APOLOGISE: When you do something
wronG you have to apologize. GUN: The gun is a very strong
weapon that only can use
it a police men.

STARE: when someone stares at
me I get very nervous
because i don't know why
is he looking at me.

BANKNOTE: Almost nobody has five
hundred euro banknotes. In my opinion I liked this book because it's veryinteresting. Normally I don't like books
about murders, but in this case I liked
because the protagonist was finding tracks
each chapter and I want to continue reading.
At first I felt a bit boring
because the plot begins
almost in the middle of the
book, but as I've read the
book in a short time the
wait hasn't made me very long. What I liked were the last two or three
chapters, because that's where the case
is resolved. I think the story is very
original, because the title of the book at
first doesn't attracts your attention, but
then you read it and understand it. What I disliked is that there are some
parts where the protagonist tells the
story in first person (his thoughts), and
there are other parts where it is a third-person narrator, so it was a little
confusing, but usually the two parts are differed because they are written in
different fonts. This book hasn't been very difficult for me
to read in terms of vocabulary, but the story
has many things and if you get distracted a moment, you missed. I liked that the most difficult words were at the end of the book
with the meaning in English, because I learn more. I recommend this
book to people who
like books of intrigue 
and fear. But it also
has a love scene 
(family love) and
friendship. ...my personal opinion is... In this book I haven't been fully identified with any character, but Rymer has been the character that I liked and with who I feel a little identified. I have to say that except Rymer, the book doesn't describes a lot the other characters, only says some characteristic but doesn't describe them personally.
I have chosen Rymer because I think is a very clever guy and likes to get to the end of all frames. In that aspect I think we're similar because when I hear something, I always like to investigate further to get to the end of the matter and find out what is really happening, not what people rumored. CHARACTER other feature I like about Rymer is the relationship with Eliot, his best friend. I like it because they are always together and they tell to the other the news of the murder before to tell to the police. And in this aspect also I am identified because I have very good friends and always ask them for an advice when I have to do something that I don't feel very safe.
And finally I think Rymer is very brave and nothing scary , and me for example, I have fear of some things, but sometimes I'd like to be like him and not be afraid.
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