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Antarctica's Life

Age thirteen, a young she-wolf with extraordinary powers, Antarctica Hikari, is determine to find her father and bring her family back together.Will this she- wolf get what her heart wants? (CHAPTER BOOK) I'M THINKING OF REWRITING THE WHOLE THING -_-

Mel T.

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of Antarctica's Life

Click here to go to the official website: http://antarcticaslife.weebly.com/ Antarctica's Life Author and Illustrator

Do you have a complicated life, and you don’t know what to do? Well, my story is different, and the same. First of all, I’m a wolf, but I can shape shift into a human. My mother was the leader of a clan in Antarctica; Radiance clan. My Father, well I never knew very much of him, until now. Life is hard, but in the end, it gets brighter…

“The moon is a radiance shinning upon the heavens and that will never stop, and you’ll never stop me!” all drawn by me
still to be more Antarctica’s mother, Cresselia, had a rival; they called themselves The Wolves of Darkness. For thirteen long years they have been longing to get their paws on Antarctica’s necklace. Antarctica’s necklace keeps her alive, without it she would already be dead and that holds all her powers in it. Only wolves that are pure and good can touch the necklace, and they would never plan of taking it. On the other paw wolves that are evil get electric shock that knocks them out. What Antarctica didn’t know when she was heading home was that she was being followed. The Wolves of Darkness where coming up with a malicious plan.

I made it back home and see everybody surprised a dead polar bear floating behind me. The wolves that came on the food gathering were skimming the fur of the dead animals. I smiled and my mother smiled back.
“Why are you skimming them; you know I could do that,” I said.
“Well we needed the food right away; for the sick wolves lady Antarctica,” said one wolf.
“Ok, let me handle it, plus it would probably take you a whole day just to skim this, and that would hurt.
I closed my eye and my necklace glowed. I lifted my hands and swiped it to the side and same for my hand the fur just slipped off perfectly. I walked up to the polar bear fur and it was perfect. I suggested we had a celebration for the food I brought and I could heal the sick wolves. They all agreed, before the party started I conjured up some scissors and cut out a blanket out of the polar bear fur for me to use. After that I had to get ready for the celebrations. I spun and when I stopped I was in a beautiful short light blue dress with high heels and my hair all up in a bun and a small tiara. I walk outside and everybody glances and me in amazement. After my mother came out the feast began. As some wolves were eating I started to heal the sick wolves, they were so happy. As we were enjoying our feast the Wolves of Darkness intruded. They destroyed everything in their path; the she-wolves grabbed their pups. The Wolves of Darkness start to tackle our pack. Even my friends Emily and Megan got into the fight. A guy came up from behind me and grabbed my neck; I took his arms and flipped him over.
4 While the other wolves were in fear and protecting their families the rest were defending our pack. One wolf took out Megan and another on Emily. I looked at my dead friends; I got enraged and let out a terrible echoing shriek that blew The Wolves of Darkness into one spot, outside of our territory. They still didn’t give up; they came toward me. I casted a bubble trap around them. Then I took the ice out from under them and they fell into the freezing water. Afterwards I flatten the bubble trap so they can’t come up for air. My eyes turn bight as the moon, which always happens when I use so much power, and I was only focused on The Wolves of Darkness, nothing else. I was floating a few feet off the grown and the three beams where circling me really fast in all directions, the same ones from when I was a baby, which also happens when I use so much power.
A distant voice was calling me.
“Antarctica, Antarctica honey stop, it’s not worth it,” my mother Cresselia said.
“They deserve to die, after all the innocent wolves they killed, including Emily and Megan!”
“Antarctica, you know you could revive them, just leave it!”
Mother grabbed my arm and looked into my eyes. Then I realized she was right, I lowered to the ground and the flatten bubble popped into sparkles. The wolves gasped for air and I watch in disgust as they retreat. The leader however looked back and smiled an evil smile. I know they will be back. The leader’s son looked back to and looked sad as if he regretted on what he did.
I ran back to the middle of the clan territory. I sat down on the grounds and touched it. That makes me connected to all the dead wolves. My eyes glowed my necklace glowed more than usual and the glow went all over the ground like roots coming out of a tree. I could see all the faces of the dead wolves even Megan and Emily. Doing all of this I am giving some of my life to the dead wolves. All the wounds on the dead wolves disappeared and they awoken from their slumber. The glowing stopped and my necklace turns gray causing me to go into a slumber like the others. My necklace glowed again, so I didn’t give all my life to the wolves. The leader’s son of The Wolves of Darkness came back and found me; lifted me from the ground and brought me to my mother. Wolves where looking at him in a malicious way. He looked down at me and smiled. The people that took care of the sick and wounded took me to a room separate from the others. My mother glanced at the wolf and smiled. Mother told him he could stay.
“What’s your name, young wolf, son of Akulah?” mother asked.
“My name is Chase, Queen Cresselia.”
5 About four days later I finally awoken, and found the son of The Wolves of Darkness on a chair half asleep. He had brown hair that got darker at the tips, dark brown eyes, tan skin; he wore black jeans, a blue shirt, and a hooded cape sort of like mine but blue that faded black and black sneaker boots. He looked at me and smiled; I went to the corner of my bed when he got close to me. I told him to stay back, and I tried to fling him to the wall but my powers were weak. My mother walked in and smile at me too. I frowned even more than before.
“Why is everybody looking at me and smiling!” I demanded.
“Hi to you to sweetie, well before you pasted out you saved lots of wolves; you gave them some of your life. Since then you’ve been unconscious for about four days,” mother said.
“Who are you” I said pointing to Chase a.k.a son of Akulah.
Chase came close to me and smiled again.
“I’m Chase I’m—I’m—“
“You’re what?” I said sternly.
“I’m the son of Akulah; he is the leader of The Wolves of Darkness.” said Chase.
I was in shock and asked him why he had come back here. He told me he felt bad what his pack did and came back. He saw me unconscious and took me here; he also said I gave him hope. That made me blush in hatreds; making him blushes also. I looked at him weirdly and looked at my mother, but she just nod and left. I asked him if he’s officially pure and no long in his former pack. He said yes, I asked him to touch my necklace; he wasn’t sure at first but then he did. Nothing happened so that meant he was pure and good, that was amazing. I told him he needs to change his outfit first. He wasn’t sure about that either, but I said its ok, he could trust me. I notice he blushed again. I conjured up a new outfit for him and put it on Chase. He is now wearing white jeans that faded light blue, white long sleeve shirt, a long blue vest, and a light blue Eskimo hooded cape; it’s a little darker than mine. Blue is the symbol of all arctic wolf clans and all wolves that live in the arctic areas must wear blue some were on their clothing.
I got up from the bed and snapped my fingers and my outfit changed. I wore something different than my last outfit; it was only the dress and shoes. I wore the same dress from the celebration with attached long sleeves instead, my tights that are light blue that fade white, blue high heels, my Eskimo hooded cape, and of course my necklace that shines as bright as the moon. Chase was staring at me; I walked up to him and took his hand and led
6 him outside. My friends Emily and Megan where outside along with the whole clan; everyone was clapping when we walked outside. Chase squeezed my hand a little and let go.
“Why don’t I show you around, and get you something to eat.” I said gesturing to my home; the palace.
“Sure, I’ve been in your room the whole time you were unconscious; just making sure you were safe,” Chase said gliding his fingers through his hair.
Chase and I went into the palace, my home, to get something tasty eat. Afterwards, we went to go see my friends. They said thanks to me; for bringing them back. The moon was almost out and I told him I wanted to take him to my favorite place. We went to a hill and we talked about ourselves. When we got up to the top, we sat down; I shivered.
“Are you cold?” asked Chase.
“A little”
He slid next to me, and I felt how warm he was. I looked at him, and he smiled. I asked him why his father’s name is Akulah; I said it sounded weird. He told me that the first three letters of his name, Aku, mean evil in Japanese. We saw how beautiful the new moon was and saw a shooting star. I looked at him, and then he looked at me. I turned away. He frowned and then he took my hand. I looked at him in surprise; we barely knew each other, yet it seems like we known each other for as long as we were alive.
“I have a surprise for you, the whole town helped me out,” said Chase.
I was about to say something, but it was too late he pulled me up and we bolted back home. We where almost there; all I could see is the light from our clan, but we stopped. He told me to change our outfits to something nice, for the event. So I did Chase was wearing a white shirt with a vest and tie, he also was wearing black skinny jeans, and black shoes. I was wearing a blue strapless short dress, white tights, blue heels, my hair all curled with my tiara, and wearing a second necklace that had a crescent moon on it. Once our outfits where changed we started to run again. He let go of my hand and covered my eyes. He walked me the rest of the way still covering my eyes. Then Chase uncovered my eyes and everybody in the town said SURPRISE. I was so happy and I hugged him in surprise and said thank you.
“I guess this is for saving so many lives, right!?” I said still hugging Chase.
“Yah, I was so astounded on what you did and wanted to do something in return,” Chase said taking my hand again.

Lots of people said thanks and that they were grateful that they had me; without me they wouldn’t be here. Chase was still holding my hand. My friends Emily and Megan came up and said that I still shouldn’t trust him. I said he’s fine that he is pure, good, trustworthy, and that I thought he was kind of cute. Chase tugged on my hand and I looked at him. He asked if I wanted to dance. Then all of a sudden slow dance music began as if he planned it. I said ok. He pulled me to the dance floor; took my hands and put them on his shoulders; he took my waist and pulled my close and leaned in. Chase looked up and saw something in the distance.
“No, why now,” Chase said upset.
“What—what’s wrong,” I said.
“My father’s pack is here, that’s what,” Chase said.
Akulah and his pack just walked in without hurting anybody. He walked up to Chase and I; Chase took my hand and squeezed it hard. Chase’s father was angry, but not at me for some reason. I looked behind me and everybody in fear once again.
“How dare you dishonor your clan and come here and stay with this—this mutt!” said Akulah.
I growled at him but Chase pulled my hand back and I stopped. Akulah held you an object, and I looked at him; he smiled.
“Why do you even bother keeping this stupid snow globe, you don’t even know your father; you don’t even know what he looks like or what's his name is do you mutt,” Akulah said dropping the snow globe.
I made the snow globe disappear as a tear going down my face and my teeth clenched tight, and my mother staring at me and Akulah.
“I did what I did and I’m never going back to your horrible disgusting waste land you call home,” Chase said hugging me.
8 They left and Akulah looked back at his son; I looked at Chase upset. It was really late so everybody went to sleep. I started to go to my bed room, but Chase stopped, and asked me where he could stay. I said he could stay in my room, but in a separate bed. We got to my room and looked all around. I conjured up a bed just like mine right beside my bed. He walked up to my shelf of my prized possessions; he first looked at a snow globe that I made disappear; in the snow globe were a town and a giant castle in the back. He asked why I had it; I said it is where my father lives. He asked why I don’t go there. I don’t know where it is and my mother will never approve of me leaving I answered.
“Wait; before we go to sleep can we go back on top of your hill?” Chase said smiling.
“I’m not in the mood; I’m still upset, Chase” I said sniffling.
Chase insisted him and I to go there. I was my pajamas, so I had to snap my fingers and change my outfit once again. Instead of us walking all the way there I just use teleportation to put us on top of my favorite hill. I was cold again, and he came over and hugged me. I look at the moon, and my eyes flashed the glow for second and back to dark brown. Chase stared at me and smiled; I looked back and smiled too. He started to lean into me and I see a shooting star. I told him to make a wish and all he said was—I wish for you, Antarctica Hikari. My eyes widen and I blushed again. He leaned in again and kissed me, my arms around his neck and his hands around my waist, tight. A wind whirled around us; those three beans circled us in all directions; everything was so magnificent. We lifted in the air. As all of that happened, a necklace was conjured up on Chases neck, and a crescent moon on the end just like my necklace from the celebration he had thrown me. It glowed just like my necklace too. Everything stopped and we were back on the grown. I looked at him and smiled, but stopped smiling when I saw the necklace. I was glowing just like mine, and I stared at him. I told him since we fell in love, and well you know that necklace formed onto his neck meaning where together, forever.
“Do you feel different,” I asked.
“Yah, I do so what does it mean,” he said looking at the necklace.
“It means that I’m yours and your mine and since you kissed me I gave some of my powers to you, and that necklace is a symbol of you as my mate or my boyfriend you can call it.”
He took my hand and we walked the rest of the way home. By the time we got back to my room Chase looked at the beds and then looked at me. I rolled my eyes, saying fine and combined the bed together. He promised just to go right to sleep; it was really late and I was sleepy. When we got in bed Chase was the first to fall asleep; I know because he snored loudly.
9 The next morning I was awake before Chase. I told Chase wake up. I was in wolf form; I was White with some hints of light blue on my fur. The blue coloring was under my belly, faded on my legs, rings on my tail also on my ears, and markings on the corner of my eyes. He just mumbles in our bed so I took the bed out from under him, and he fell to the ground with a thud.
“Hey, what was that for, and when am I going to learn how to use my powers so I can prevent me from falling on the ground like this,” Chase said hesitating to get up.
“Today, but your asleep in bed, now go get dressed lazy bones or you’ll be sleep on the cold floor tonight.” I said walking out laughing.
Chase got up and quickly got changed. Chase ran outside, as he ran he slipped on ice and bumped into me causing us both to fall. I told him that’s why you never run in Antarctica there is snow and ice all over the place. He looked different in wolf form. He was white with dark blue fading all around him. The dark blue fading was on his tail, stomach, legs, and ears. He asked where we were going to practice. He also asked if anyone knows that were mates. I said no, and that we are going to practice near my hill. So that way no one will see. I use teleportation to make use appear right next to the giant snow hill.
I want to teach Chase some simple things. So I want to show him how to conjure up clothing, just like I did when Chase first came here. So I conjured up a ball gown, and flashed it on me. I told him to think about the outfit you want and visualize it, and focus it being on you or another object. He did so, he closed his eyes and his crescent-moon necklace glowed. I saw him trying to conjure up a suit; it just faded into thin air.
“I can’t do it, it’s too hard to do,” Chase said.
“Don’t be a cry baby, you’re going to get it one way or the other, or I’m not going to teach you anything else,” I said.
“Ugh, fine…”
Chase attempted again, and he obtained it, but instead of the suit going on him it fell to the ground. He asked when he’s going to learn how to fly. I said if he did that, he would crack his head in two; we cracked up when I said that.
“When I learned how to fly is when I was eight years old and our hunters were out; I was one of the hunters. We stumbled upon two polar bears, and they started a riot with us. I was fighting one of them alone and was very close to a ledge leading into an icy river. The bear managed to get me to fall and into the fog and in the river. Everyone we looked down from the ledge. Then from that situation, me falling, it caused me to save myself from
10 curtain death to, fly, and my hunters manage to defeat the polar bears. So Chase, I can’t teach you how to fly, it’s not as easy as throwing a baby bird out of its nest and fly on instinct. So you’ll teach yourself how to fly, when in a serious position, sort of like mine.” I said with a wink.
“So all I have to do is stumble upon a polar bear and get the bear to push me of a ledge and I’ll—”
“NO! You will learn in a serious position, get it. Don’t do what you just said or you’ll really get yourself killed. I was flying because I almost died; it saved my life, and so will yours, GOT IT!”
“Alright—alright don’t need to be too intense.”
It’s been a month since I’ve been teaching my apprentice. He’s very excited on learning more extreme powers. I had a book, it has all the powers I’ve discovered about me and written how it happened, and how I did it. It would be perfect to teach my mate, Chase, so I don’t need to waste all my time on teaching Chase. I grabbed Chase and brought him to my bedroom, and pulled a book from my shelf.
“Here, Chase” I said handing him the book.
“What’s this for,” Chase muttered.
“It’s for you to learn, so I don’t need to teach you twenty- four seven. Read from page one to the last no skipping.”
Two weeks has past. I was bringing a vase to Megan and Emily, their sisters, to their family. Chase walked up from behind me and told me he learned how to do the water whip and how to fix what’s broken. He asked if he could show me, but I wasn’t sure. Chase insisted, so I allowed him to do so. He gazed at the vase and pointed his hand toward the icy Antarctica ground, clenched his hand and the ground turned into water and grad Chase’s hand making it look like a whip. Chase swung the water whip toward the vase and broke it. I glared at the hundred year old shattered vase, then at him. He was smiling. Then he pointed his hands toward the broken vase, and his eyes and hands glowed, just as mine. The vase rewinds from being broken to unbroken; back into my hands. I told chase he did an outstanding job, and told him study some more. After I brought the vase to the moon family; I went back home to take to mother.
“Mother, can I ask you something?” I said in wolf from.
11 “Anything dear”
“What happened with you, with father, and where is he?” I hesitated to answer.
“Does this have to do what Akulah said to you?”
My mother told me that my father lives at a place called Fullmoon Paradise. His name is Reginald. My mother and father couldn’t be together because of their clan. Father a royalty clan, mother a wild clan. Father’s parents forbid then to be together.
I must find him and bring our family back together, and bring both of our clans together as one. I’ll do whatever to find him with the help of my powers, my friends, and others we meet on the way. No one will stop me not even the Wolves of Darkness, and their leader, Akulah. I still can’t believe Chase is Akulah’s son. Chase is so kind, sweet, gentle, and loving. Akulah is the complete opposite. Chase, Emily, and Megan will come along the journey with me. I need my friends for support, and guidance.
“Mother, I want to find him, father, and my friends are coming too,” I said.
“Very well, I think it’s good for you, you’ll bring Moonlight, you do remember her light?”
I can’t believe mother approved and I haven’t seen Moonlight since I was eleven. Moonlight is a polar bear dog. She got separated from her clan and when I was six I found her, and took care of her since then. She is my pet, guide, and transporter. She is able to use telepathy. Why do I need to bring her, I have powers to transport us from place to place.
“Why do I need to bring Moonlight?” I questioned.
“She will protect your loved ones in a time of need” mother said.
“You’ll see, dear.”
I did not know what she meant. Protect my loves ones, Chase, Emily, Meagan? In a time of need, what need? Chase—my loved one… my mate, I need to tell everyone, if I don’t; I dishonor my royalty as a princess. I will tell them before we leave. I went back to my room, walked to my bed and lay down, thinking. “She will protect your loved ones in a time of need.” Tell the whole clan about my mate. Chase… I close my eyes and relax.
Three seconds later, BANG! “Hey Antarctica, I haven’t seen you all day, oh…”
12 When he was done talking I was scolding him for interrupting my peace. I get up in my wolf form, with a long face. Chase right next to me.
“What’s wrong?” Chase said worried.
“Nothing, just thinking”
“Thinking of what?”
“What my mother said, she told me about my father, how she allowed me to find him. Bring my friends Emily, Megan, and you. Also Moonlight.” I said calmly.
“Who is Moonlight, is she your friend?”
“In a way, but she’s a animal, my companion”
I told Chase how Moonlight will protect my loved ones in a time of need. How we’re going to a place called Fullmoon Paradise, to find my father. I have so many questions to ask him. Tell the can that were mates.
“So when do you want to tell them, and when do you want to go?”
“As soon as possible, for both.”
“How soon is soon?”
“Well, let’s tell Emily and Megan that were mates and were we’re going, and start packing.”
Chase and I agreed; we walked over to the Moon’s residence. Mr. Moon answered the door, invited us in. I told Mr. and Mrs. Moon about my father and need my friends help to find him, and need to leave as soon as possible. They understood, and agreed to let their daughters to come.

Chase and my friends, Emily and Megan heard what I said we went and started packing for our journey. Items I’m going to bring is my book, spare clothing, food meal turned into beams so their easer to carry also in case of emergencies, compass, extra maps, a to go first aid kit, some pictures and my mother and I, a picture of my friends and I, and the snow globe were my father lives. Things were going to bring to survive is money, food turned into beams, four sleeping bags, first aid kit, a saddle that can go on Moonlight; to hold all our belongings, and last extra maps. Also a compass so we know where we’re going. Chase, Megan, Emily, and I were in the stables packing everything.
“Well I guess we’re going to leave tomorrow,” I said.
“Yah,” Megan said.
After Megan and Emily left I spoke to Chase how the announcement is tomorrow. He knew what I meant by what announcement.
Well today’s the day. Sleeping bags, food beams, belongings, first aid kit, maps, compass, check, check, check, check, check, and check. I’m wearing a different outfit now. I’m wearing light blue boots with one short and one long black sock, a light blue skirt with shorts underneath, a zippered down black tank top with open sleeves, a crop gray short sleeve shirt on top, and my necklace of course. I wanted to wear something more fightable then the dress and high heels I was wearing before. I staggered to my mother’s room. I told mother we’re all set. I hesitated to the next thing I’m going to say but I tell her anyway.
“Um, I have an announcement to tell the clan.”
“What?” mother questioned.
“You’ll soon see mother.”
I walk outside the place with Chase beside me, him holding my hand.
“Radiance clan, I have wonderful news, I know you know that today is the day I set out with my friends to find my father. But one is not my friend. I know I’m a little young but—I’ve found my true love, my mate.”
14 *Gasp*
“My mate is right here, Chase Taylor is my mate, I know what you’re thinking, the son of Akulah. The leader of the pack: The Wolves of Darkness. But he is nothing like his father, Chase, he’s the total opposite. So you will treat him with respect when he’s here or not.
“So you’re ready I guess, here you go,” Mother said handing my two white fans with light blue markings, and a bow and arrow.
“What are these for?”
“These are the sacred fan, and bow and arrow. Past down from generation to generation of princess when they find there mate, and now it’s yours.”
“Sacred, what so sacred about these things, they look like ordinary weapons.”
“Well I could never discover the power, maybe you will with you powers.”
“How do I use them,” I question.
“Well my mother told me that when the power of the sacred fan and bow and row are revealed they will glow and show unbelievable strength. Whoever discovers the power shall keep it forever”
“Wow, unbelievable strength…,” I said eyeballing the fan and bow and arrow.
“Oh, here are the holders for the fan, they go on your arms or legs to you can get them out fast.”
“Thanks mother, bye, I’ll find father.”
“I know you will,” mother said giving me a hug.
I put the bow and arrow in the storage unit of our saddle with our other belongings. I put the fan holders on my arms so no one will see the fan under my shirt when in a fight, and put the fans in. Since Moonlight isn’t big enough to hold all four of us I will be flying alongside Moonlight, and yes Moonlight can fly too. In tell Chase learns how to fly he will be riding on Moonlight; it’s going to be a little cramped but we have to.
As Megan, Emily, and Chase get on Moonlight; the pack gathers nearby to say goodbye to their beloved princes and others.

Our gang has been traveling for about four days still at Antarctica, very cold, harsh weather, Antarctica. We wanted to get more information and maps because our clan has never traveled outside of Antarctica and needed better info. The best place to ask questions about the world is The Wolves of Wisdom clan. Moonlight was very tired so we have to go on paw. To keep warm, all of us are in wolf form. Our fur is also a great way on protecting us from the sharp snow, and coldness. Megan has white fur, still tied back like her human form with light blue tips, and pink markings on her shoulders. Emily is white, but her head is light blue, black to blue fading that’s goes from her back to legs and on her tail, black fading on the top of her head and around her eyes, and dark blue polka dots under her eyes and on her shoulders.
It’s been a couple of hours and I can see The Wolves of Wisdom territory in the distance. It was getting dark to see I guess we will be spending the night there. There are two cliffs with a path in the middle leading to The Wolves of Wisdom settlement. There were wolves on edges of the cliff; one leaped down from the edge and landing in front of me very close to me; he has light teal fur, and dark teal fading on his legs, belly, under his tail, and on his ears. It was a male wolf the same age as me maybe a year older. He took us to a hut; he stood right next to me the whole time, Chase giving him the eye.
“This is the place you will be staying,” the wolf said. “My name is Randal, and I will be your protection wolf while you’re here. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.” Randal said glancing at me; causing me to step near Chase.
“I think we’ll be fine, Randal, and I’m Antarctica princess of Radiance clan, and these are my friends Meagan and Emily, and my mate Chase.” I said.
“Princess of the Radiance clan; I think you would like to meet my father,” Randal said leading me to his father.
He took me to a place of some sort, and took me to a library. The library was an oval and the ceiling goes up and up a lot of feet. All along the walls are filled with books of all sorts. He took me to a wolf that was speaking to a she-wolf, probably his mate. The wolves both looked at Randal and I, and walked to me.
16 “Why, hello she-wolf and my son. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you around here; my name is Raul leader of The Wolves of Wisdom. Are you seeking something she-wolf.” Raul said.
“Greetings from the Radiance clan and this she-wolf has a name Sir Raul. My name is Antarctica Hikari princess and daughter of Queen Cresselia Hikari, and she is leader of our clan. Yes, I’m seeking something; that something is information about my history, and maps more in date. Our maps happen to be out of date,” I said.
“Well, you are allowed to peruse the library all you want it’s an open all year long. Oh, and please join us on the howling, it’s a new moon tonight.”
“Thank you Sir Raul.”
I do so; I follow Raul, Randal and the she-wolf to the howling, and find
Chase and sit next to him. He looks at me and puts his paw on my paw, and we smile. Sir Raul goes on to a peak next to the she-wolf that happens to be his mate and next to Randal. It is a wolf law that the leader of a wolf clan must start the howling. The howling begins and I join in the luminous howling songs of wolves. Afterwards, I went back to the library to read some books. I had to read all the books about the world, the people out there, how they live and, books about me; my family, stories about my family, and importantly my father’s family.
I stayed in the library reading book after book. I found a lot about my family but not one book about my father. I found a lot of maps of all places, and the North Pole. In one of the book I read there is a clan that is the biggest of all clans there; Northern Wolf clan. They say that the wolves there are very intelligent. Maybe they can tell me about my father. It’s decided our pack will head to the North Pole next. I still needed to read a whole bunch of other books and we can’t just stay here for the rest of our lives. I have an idea, but it’s too late I better get some sleep. I went to our hut and got on the top bunk and lie down next to Chase, and soon fell asleep to the sound of the fire crackling in the fireplace.
Its day two and I was still questioned about a lot of things. First, the library, and that there are no books about my father, or his family. Second the things mother had given me, the sacred fans and bow and arrow. Maybe instead of burning my eyes out of my skull from reading I could practice using the sacred fans and bow and arrow. I walked over to the palace of Sir Raul and found him. I asked him he had a place for me to practice my fighting in private; he gave me a letter to give to the wolf in charge of the P.W.A, Practice War Area.
I literally volt to the P.W.A. I find the wolf in charge and it was Randal; he smiled but his students seemed to be talking about me.
17 “What, you never seen a she-wolf fight before. Just to let you know I’m no ordinary wolf, I have more power then you can ever imagine. Anyway, Randal, do you have a bow and arrow area for me to practice in private?” I said.
“Yes, come this way,” Randal said walking me to the back.
When we entered the room there was beautiful bonsai trees, lit candles caved into the walls, a great water fall with a pond with fish and lily pads, and a nice flat surface with several targets to use.
“Here you go, we saw your weapons and made this place just for you,” Randal said heading out the door to leave me in peace.
“Thanks!” I called after him.
I turn into human form and got my bow and arrow ready; let go and it didn’t do anything I just hit the board. This thing is useless. Maybe if I try something to activate the bow and arrow. That something is the oasis spirit. The oasis spirit is an ancestor of mine; I read that in one of the books from the library. So I thought of her, my eyes glowed. That glow went to me hand and made the bow and arrow glowed too, and I let go to hit the target but the glowing had stop before I hit it. “Dang it, why isn’t this stupid thing working... ok calm down, have I gone moon mad.” Moon mad is when a wolf has gotten possessed by the moon spirit, but that rarely happens. Anyway I tried again, but with the fans. There was a sudden a shift of the earth; there was something wrong. I ran out of the room with my fans and bow and arrow; no one is in the practice room. I go outside and find Sir Raul and his mate and my mate. Also Randal and the wolves from the P.W.A are in warrior clothing. I assume getting ready for a battle. I run up to Randal and Sir Raul and ask what’s going on.
“There are wolves coming, and not for a good reason,” Raul says.
“Yes, indeed son, from The Wolves of Darkness clan,” Sir Raul said.
“What did you say, The Wolves of Darkness. Are they tracking me? Oh, there going to be maul to a death by me!!!”
“Do you know them, Lady Antarctica,” Sir Raul questioned.
“Oh, yah I do the clan leader is Chase’s father and rival. Akulah is my number one rival in the world,” I said clenching my teeth.
“And why is he your rival?” Randal said.
18 “Because they killed Emily and Megan; luckily I brought them back to life, and The Wolves of Darkness are not getting away with it.”
“Wait hold it; Chase is the son of this Akulah dude. Why is he you mate then?”
“Well, he hates his father now and I almost died and Chase mended me, and ever since then; it was as if we knew each other for a long time.”
“I’m going in the battle with you wolves,” I said.
“What, no she-wolf has ever gone in war in this clan!?” said one student from P.W.A
“Like I said I’m no ordinary wolf, I have more power then you can ever imagine.”
“Whatever you dumb she-wolf, do whatever but don’t come crying to me when you’re hurt.”
“I won’t be the one crying…” I mumbled.
I head to the top of the cliff where the entrance is, and join Chase and the other P.W.A wolves. My friends are already in armor. Chase tells me that I shouldn’t wear that; he said it won’t protect my body. My whole body glow a bright blue radiance; it stopped and when it stopped I was wearing my version of the armor. The P.W.A wolves were starring in amazement and how beautiful I looking even in armor. I was wearing a light blue spandex shirt that is above my stomach, a visible layer of spandex over my stomach, white armor that covers my chest and shoulders on top, spandex pants, armor covering my thighs and shins; armor also covers my arms and hands to, flexible running shoes, gold colored armor that is shaped like an M curved on the front top of my head, my necklace, and the sacred fans and bow and arrow. I look down and I see how were suppose to get down; by sliding down the cliff and onto the ground.
Charge, Randal yelled. All of us went down the cliff; I flew down. We began running but I ran faster than the wind; no one will be able to see me that way. I began striking my opponents. I sped past a she-wolf and she was striking the wolves from the P.W.A and paralyzing them; blocking their chi so they can’t move. It’s a gift to have that ability to block chi, my mother said I have the ability but I haven’t figure it out yet. I went to strike the she-wolf, but she seemed to sense me and struck be in the hips and leg. Oh no, I can’t run as fast now; she can see me—she struck me in the other side of my hip and leg, I fell to the ground—ow, what happened? I—I can’t stand; maybe I should try the fans now. I did so but nothing extraordinary happened it just made a little mark on her face. The she-wolf struck my arm, my other, and my spine. She’s paralyzed me; I can’t move one muscle, I can’t even
19 go into wolf form. I had enough of this freaking she-wolf; I’m going to beat the marrow out of her! My eyes glow a radiance and so did my body; I lift to the air the earth rumbling. The beams circling me faster making it look like rings instead.
“You think that will scare me!” said the she-wolf.
“Die-Chi you have disgraced your family and your ability, and you shall pay—with your life!” I said with every wolf watching.
“How does she know my name?” thought the she-wolf.
I take my sacred fan out, it’s working; my sacred fans are glow just like me. I throw it and it I make a direct hit right across her chess, but instead of blood coming out a big tear of radiance glow just like me mine shines out of her human body. I take out my sacred bow and arrow, and it too is glowing. “No, I can’t end this way,” the she-wolf, Die-Chi thought, but it was too late I had released the arrow it scorched as it shot through the air; it went into the she-wolf’s despicable heart. She turned into glimmer and floated up into the heavens; now she can live a peaceful life without harming anymore living things with her mal ability.
“All right, now to get rid of these other wolves”
I cast the beams to circle The Wolves of Darkness; I froze them in their tracks. I remembered how Die-Chi paralyzed me; she hit my important pressure points causing me not to attack her. So that’s what I should do; so I did I volt by The Wolves of Darkness and hit their pressure points, and they fell to the ground paralyzed. The P.W.A of The Wolves of Wisdom stared, including Randal, in how this ordinary she-wolf is not so ordinary after all. I finished off the last of The Wolves of Darkness, all paralyzed. I vanishing them back to their home. I heard a victory hurrah, I drop my weapons and I stop glowing and fell to the ground, unconscious. Chase came to get me, but Randall shoved him. He lift me up from the ground and took me to care unit; Chase giving him a mal look.

Randal carried me to my room and set me on my bed. Chase took my weapons and put them on the ground beside my bed. He sat next to me and looked at my necklace, looking into the luminous glow crystal. He looked at his necklace and wondered, but in the corner of his eyes he sees Randal in wolf form.
“Aright thanks a lot, but she’s my mate so I can take care of her Randal.” Chase said.
“Alright see you later, Chase,” Randal said leaving the room.
Chase has been really improving on his powers. He learned how to heal! Chase went out to get some water and brought it back to the care unit. Chase remembered in a part of my book that he’s able to use hydrokinetic. Hydrokinetic is a human word for the energy, and flow of water; the wolf word is “water bending”. It’s very rare seeing this ability, but not for Chase and I. He Bended the water onto his hands; put his hand on my hips, and legs to see the damage. The water was glowing; his hands was glowing because that way he’s able to see my chi paths if it’s still blocked. If my chi path is blocked I would not be able to move for a while. His eye’s flashed the silvery- blue glow of the moon and his hands glowed more and I tensed. I was showing progress to healing; Chase was happy that I’m ok, and that he had healed me.
A day has passed since the battle between the wolves of The Wolves of Wisdom and The Wolves of Darkness clan. I finally awoken, Chase asleep against my bed side, his head sinking toward the floor. He looks so tired; I wonder how long he’s been in here.
“Chase wake up,” I said shaking him.
“Hmm, you’re awake?”
“Yah, are you awake?” I questioned.
I get up from bed still a little tense; I fell down to the ground in pain. Chase finally came to life and came to help me. He lifted me from the ground, holding me under my back and my legs and sitting me back on the bed. I told him thanks, and asked if we can go back to the hut. We did so Emily and Megan were around the fire eating breakfast. They get up to greet me and ask if I was ok. I said yes and sat down next to Chase and began eating.
21 Afterward I get up and get my bag. I go in to the changing room in the hut and change into my normal clothes. Then I go the stables to see Moonlight. After I fed and bathed Moonlight I went back to the hut to discus was we’re going next.
“I’ve decided were going to the Cat Kingdom or South America; that’s what the humans call it,” I said.
“But why, there’s nothing there for us?” Emily said.
“Well it’s the closes place and I don’t feel like flying all the way to the North Pole, it’s too long. “
“Here’s another question, why are we going to the North Pole; don’t we have enough of this forever ice season here?” Megan questions.
“There’s probably more information there, more information about my father, here doesn’t have anything about my father, not one little thing at all. I haven’t even read the entire books in the library, so I need to talk to Sir Raul.” I say.
“When are we leaving?” Chase said lying down in wolf form.
“When the next new moon comes; we'll leave the day after.” I said lying next to Chase in wolf from too.
“All right, good night.” Megan and Emily said getting up to go to bed.
“Oh, good night; you guys can sleep in a separate bunk, Chase and I will sleep here near the fire.” I said.
I turned to face my head toward Chase’s chest, and Chase putting his head on my neck to comfort me. As many wolf's mates do. I fall to sleep to the thumping of his melodious heart beat. How wonderful the sound was to me; it took me away from all my worries.

It’s almost been two moons since we’ve left our clan; now in one week we’ll be leaving our home, Antarctica. I’ve never been to a place where it’s actually there’s different wolf seasons. The four wolf seasons are heat, leaves, ice, and flower season, or to the humans is summer, fall, winter, and spring; those are weird names for the seasons but humans are humans. Even though I never met one, mother says they look just like us but they’re not wolves. All animals are able to speak but they don’t want anything to happen to their kind. We wolves are the one ones that can take human form. So if we ever stumble upon by a human and whatever they see us as—a wolf or human—we stay that way in tell its safe to change forms. Mother said a human has a different scent then a wolf, so if we ever do stumble upon on, we’ll know.
“I’m going to go give Moonlight a bath,” Chase said.
“But it’s my turn to do that,” I said taking the dished and bringing them to the well pump in our hut to clean our dishes.
“Well you’re still tense from the battle and need more healing sections, so rest please,” Chase said leaving to head to the stables.
About a few minutes Chase can back covered in a disgusting green goo slime head to toe. He had a scent of disgrace, he smelt like an elephant nose seal right after it had its lunch.
“What happened to you, I thought you were going to give Moonlight a bath,” said closing my eyes and covering my nose. Then I swiped my of their hand and the slime disintegrated.
“Ah, never mind you can clean Moonlight…”
“What happened,” Emily said tilting her head.
“I think Moonlight has a cold, Antarctica go check on her,” Chase said with a pale face as if he saw a ghost.
This is not good; were leaving soon and Moonlight is sick. I went to the P.W.A to my room that was specially made for me. I walked to the pond and looked at the fish. One was
23 black the other white. It reminded me of the Ying and Yang spirits that I read in a book from the library or the Moon spirits. I looked into the eyes of the fish their eyes, it shined. I stuck my hand in the water and the water was glowing. It was so luminous and strange how these fish knew what I want. I bended some the water out of the pond and made it float in the air; it still glowing but the water in the pond stopped. I brought it to the stables and gave it to Moonlight; she gained her strength back. It was fantastic now we can leave as planned, now that Moonlight is healthy. Speaking on leaving we should start packing and get all the things together. I walk over to the palace and find Sir Raul to ask of him a favor.
“Sir Raul, may I ask of you?” I ask.
“Of course, Lady Antarctica,” Sir Raul answers.
“May I duplicate your library, so whenever I need to read something it’s always there for me?” I said.
“Ah… isn’t that going to be in the way.”
“Well I can turn it into a beam so it’s easy to transport and lighter, that’s what we so with our food, so it’s not as heavy.” I said happily.
“I’ve seen you do a lot of wonderful things, but I can’t wait to see this. When do you plan on doing this?”
“How about now; is that alright?”
“Very well, let’s proceed.”
We walk over to the library. I flew up in the center of the library. I’m going to use a lot of power in order duplicate the library. I closed my eyes, the earth rumbled, the beams conjured around me, and I glowed. Sir Raul had to hold on to a table so he can stand. The library was forging; I grabbed one of the beams and held it with two hands above me and the second library got sucked into the beam. I floated back down to the ground with a grin. Sir Raul was as pale as the very snow outside. I walk over to Sir Raul to ask him if he was fine. He said that he was alright just a little noxious from the rumbling. He also said that was amazing how I made a copy of the library and sucked in a little beam.
I go to the market to get some food for dinner. After I paid for the food I went back to the hut. I was exhausted I dropped the groceries on the ground when I saw him in our hut, Randal. I see Chase in a corner irritated and giving Randal the evil eye; then Chase and Randal looked at me when they heard the thud of the groceries. Randal came to greet me but Chase pushes him; Chase pushed him so hard that Randal falls to the ground.
24 “Oh, I see a little jealousy in the air…” I say smirking.
“Who said I was jealous; I’m not jealous. I never said I was jealous! For one you’re jealous!” Chase shouted his face red.
“Ok, then. Ah, Randal what are you doing here,” I said helping him up.
“I wanted to ask you something,” Randal said going outside.

I follow him outside. What’s does that paw face of a wolf want to talk to Antarctica about!? Chase thought. I look at Randal at dismay on what he wants to ask me. I look at the ground. I could read his mind but that would be rude.
“May I ask you something?” Randal begins.
“Anything, Randal,” I said.
“Can—Can I come with you guys,” Randal mumbled.
“Ah, why do you want to come along?”
“Well, I saw what you did on the battle field and I wanted to live my life just like that. I want to have adventures, travel, and meet new people.”
“Do you even know why my pack I traveling?”
“Ah, not really—”
“To find my father, Randal, and I don’t think Chase is very fond of you so—”
“Well I can ask the gang, and ask Moonlight if she’s willing to carry four wolves, so we’ll see Randal, and you’ll have to be willing on helping.”
“Of course I will,” Randal said, “Oh, and let Chase know how you feel about him, so he knows that I don’t like you. I can tell he’s jealous.”
I went back to the hut to talk to my pack.

The first reaction I heard was shouting of mostly everything on their mind. Chase was shouting everything that he thinks of Randal; he brought of every wolf curse word every new
25 and old. I had enough of Chase’s jealousy, and teleported us outside of The Wolves of Wisdom clan to talk to Chase in private.
“That freaking paw face of a wolf—”
“Shut up Chase! And let me say something! You’ve never let me say one word to you every time Randal is around us.” I say in dismay.
“But nothing Chase; I’m your mate and no one else’s. I love you and not Randal. Just because he cares about me doesn’t mean he loves me. The necklace around your neck means I’m your mate and your mine,” I said enraged.
“Oh—ah… sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.”
“It’s ok, so can Randal come with us or not, it would be great for him. He wants to have adventures and he’s willing to help us no matter what situation. So what’s your answer?” I say excited.
“Fine, I guess,” Chase said taking my hand and teleporting us back to the hut; Megan and Emily paw faced.
Paw face is when a wolf is very angry and have many mixed up feelings and lots of wolf curse words jumbled up inside of them itching to come out, or a person you really despise and probably want to beat the marrow out of. It depends on how you want to use it. I sit next to Emily and Megan and explain that Randal is coming. They are fine on what we think, and go to sleep.

Its morning and I’m getting last minute things. Like food, medical things, and other things we might need. I go to the palace to speak to Randal and his family. I tell Randal that he can come and he was very grateful, Sir Raul and his mate allows his son to come with us. Randal was very happy, and ran right to his room to pack. I looked in my bag and pulled out the money to count it.
“Oh man, were low on money,” I murmur. I hear Sir Raul and his mate having a private conversation.
“Lady Antarctica, let me give you some money for your travels,” Sir Raul says.
“Oh, no, you don’t need to give me any—”
“But I want to…” Sir Raul interrupts.
“Um, ok, if you insist. How much money are you planning on giving me Sir?
• “Three hundred, sixty- five thousand wolf dollars; you would spend one thousand dollars a month. It should last you a year, dear,” Sir Raul said writing me a check.
“Th—three hundred, and sixty-five thou—thousand wolf dollars!?” I said; my jaw hanging open.
“Are you ok dear?” Sir Raul’s mate asks.
“I’m fine, thank you so much,” I say and bow and then leave.
I went to the bank to cash in the money. Afterwards I go to the market to buy food, feed, emergency blankets, some cooking utensils, and cleaning utensils. The new moon is three days away. I go to the hut; no one was home, so I sort everything. I sort the food from the rice, vegetables, bread, and fruits. I fold the emergency blankets. I put the utensils in a wooden box labeled utensils. After that I put the food in food beams; enough food for everyday for one wolf month. I shrink the wooden box of utensils so it’s able to fit in the palm of my hands, and so it’s light when it’s on the saddle. I put everything in the corner for later to pack away.
27 It’s the new moon tonight; tomorrow we leave. I wake up early so I can cook breakfast. I tell Emily, Megan, and Chase how much money Sir Raul gave me.
“Really that much money; that’s a lot,” Megan said astonished.
“That’s not a lot, a million wolf dollars is a lot,” Emily says.
“Whatever, it’s still a lot to me,” Megan said annoyed.
“Well, that’s because you’re stupid,” Emily said smiling while crossing her arms.
“No, you are—”
“No, you are!—”
“Ok, enough! We have money for a year. There, that’s that, now quit acting like a babies, and shut up!” I said my fangs clenched and my nails pointed—even in human form I can still show lot of wolf features. Features such as my claws, fangs, growls, sight, sense of smell, and hearing.
I promised to help fix some damages and clean up things from battle. So I flew to the palace and got in line with the other helpers. They were mostly male wolves. I fly up above one building and plaster the wood on top the missing places. I gotten some nails and make them float above the spots I want to put them. I drive them into the wood with amazing speed. I go to another area to help. There was a giant snow glob in an area. The wolves look worried. I ran around the perimeter at press-paw speed. The snow turned into whirling air blades. I stopped; when I did the air blades turned into little shimmery sparkles. It was very beautiful; I wish I can endure it forever.
It was night fall when we had finished. I was filthy. I went to take a long steaming bath before the howling. It was at the day spa, and they have bathrooms there for guest. Finally, time to relax. I haven’t relaxed since we got here. It was very peaceful in the room. I was in human form. I didn’t feel like getting soaked and be dripping all night. About twenty minutes later I dozed off. Just before I fell asleep I heard knocking at the door.
“Lady Antarctica, someone is requesting you. His name is Chase Taylor ma’am,” a she-wolf said gently.
“I’ll be right out, give me a couple of minute, please.” I said.
I changed into clean clothes, and went to the lobby and find Chase. He told me the howling was going to proceed soon. I said ok, and got a quick snack, and left. I found Randal. Chase growled, but stopped when I glanced at him. Randal told me he was very excited for tomorrow. I told him to make sure he gets sleep because where waking up early
28 to get everything ready. Sir Raul barked, indicating us to silence and sit down. He told the clan how his son, Randal, is leaving to help Lady Antarctica on her journey. He also talked about how grateful I was for keeping the clan safe. I was very happy. He added that there was a meteor shower tonight as well as the howling. How I loved the meteor shower, and my first with Chase.
Sir Raul began, and I saw the first meteor followed by the others. In the background, the luminous moon. I looked deeply into outer space. All of the meteors, stars, and moon are connected. Always there, guiding us. My heart was pounding hard. My necklace flashed. I looked up again and the meteors and the whole sky glowed just like my necklace. I was hypnotized by the light; my eyes glowed and I turned back to a human. Then my body glowed. Everybody stopped howling and stared; even Chase. He looked up at the sky and saw the same thing as me. He turned back to human form and glowed as well. Since Chase is my mate he would see and experiences the same as I would. The other wolves went back to howling. Randal, Megan, Emily confuse why Chase and I were doing this. This had never happened last time at the howling. The meteor shower had passed by. Chase and I stopped glowing from the hypnotization.
“What happened, the last thing I remember is getting sucked into the light of the night sky?” Chase said.
“I don’t know, I—I don’t know. This is defiantly something for my book.” I murmur.
Megan, Emily, Chase, and I walk back to the hut. I paw faced. We have dinner, I still wondering what had happened. I was the first to finish. I went to bed; I looked out the window; to the moon. How many stories do you have, what happened to me, what’s the legend about your power? I made myself fall to sleep to the many questions I had for the moon spirit.
Its dawn and it’s time to wake up. I wake up everybody. We grab our belongings, and head to the stables to pack. We find Randal already there. I walk over to Moonlight and flash her saddle on her. I put the things on the saddle storage. I’m lucky I brought a camera. I can catch all the memories we have. It’s already sunny out by the time we finish. Moonlight awakens. She quickly uses telepathy to communicate to the others. Randal was spooked when he heard her use telepathy.
“Is that the male wolf you were talking about on coming, Antarctica?” Moonlight telepathies.
“Yes, Moonlight, this male wolf has a name you know. His name is Randal.” I telepathies to Moonlight.
29 Everybody woke early to say farewell to the kind hearted wolves that helped them. Also to say farewell to Randal their alpha wolf in the clan. We leave smiling with delight, but I knew were going to see them again one day.
It’s been five days of flying non- stop. I’ve almost fell to sleep four times. That’s not good for me because if I fell to sleep I would be an egg cracked open, splattered all over the place. Chase let me sleep on him lap, and right away I was knocked out. About three hours later we hit land. Where finally here, Cat Kingdom. Moonlight was exhausted. When she landed, she could stand on her own four feet that she falls to the ground and we fall off her. We were all asleep so we don’t bother eating dinner and setting up camp. We all lie down on the ground asleep. It looked like we were all dead. The only thing you heard from us was the snores.
It was the afternoon everybody still asleep. Then we finally came to life, and got out the food. I began preparing the food. I going to make stew. Luckily there was a river nearby. I bended the water out and cleaned it. Just to make sure there was no animal scat or urine in it. I bring it back to camp and put it in the pot. I add the meat and vegetables and wait. We have our lunch, and we were stuffed. I heard a rustle in the nearby bushes. A cheetah sprung out of them. If he was a wolf, you could say he’s mood mad. The cheetah’s mouth was watering, watering for food. I look at the pot, there was left over meat in there. He was craving the meat. I give him the meat; he runs off with it. We go on with our day. Moonlight was still tired. We can’t burn sun light so we go on paw. The temperature here was very hot. I loved it; I never experience a hot climate like this. My whole life I’ve lived in snow and ice. It was a cage, and don’t get me wrong I still love my home, but it felt like I was free here, away from Akulah. I close my eyes and take a deep breath, free from Akulah; I wish. I take Chase’s hand.
I heard the hustle again, it sound just like the one from our last camp sight. I glance back. I then turn, still holding Chase’s hand. The same cheetah jumped out, but he tackles me. Are you kidding me, during me peace moment!? You’re not going to know what hit’s you. My eyes glowed; the cheetah looked confused and backed away a little. That didn’t stop him thought he was ready to tear me to shreds. I turn into wolf form. I then take my hind legs and push him. I pushed him really hard that he hits a tree. He didn’t care what power I possessed he charged back at me. Wow this kid as guts to charge again, but then another cheetah springs out of a bush and face the other cheetah. She hisses at the male cheetah. What is this cheetah doing? She’s turning against her own kind. The cheetah went up on her hind legs and stood up high. He male stepped back. The female cheetah jumps to the sky and then in one tense move, she strikes the male. The male runs off, more confused than ever.
30 “Well, he shouldn’t bother you anymore.” She turns. My name is Nalna Katreaious, and your names are?” Nalna says.
“Oh, my name is Antarctica Hikari. This is my mate, Chase, also my friends Emily, Megan, and Randal. It’s nice to meet you Nalna.” I said.
“What was that glowing radiance from your eyes?” Nalna ask already curious of me.
“I’ll tell you later, Nalna,” I said. “And why did you help? I could have handled it myself.”
“Oh, sorry...”
She takes us to the place where she lives. She asks of us to turn human since wolves are not of this place. Well not in tell the humans get use to us. Humans, I’ve never met one, now I am, face to face. Hopefully the first one’s I meet aren’t mean. She takes us to a village. The houses were tepees. Nalna took us to her home away from the village. I asked if she lived here. She said yes. Her home was a curved over rock. A deck that leads into the ocean nearby. I was a little chilly from the ocean. I turn into wolf form to keep warm. I go next to Chase and Nalna. Ask why wolves are not of this place.
“Wolves are not of this place because the leader’s son was killed by a wolf that came out of nowhere. His son was only a few months old, or moons to you wolves.” Nalna answers.
“If you live here, and wolves are not of this place. Why did you help us?” I ask.
“The wolf, she was my friend, and the leader killed her. She was the only friend I had, and I was very young too. Before she died she asks of me a favor. It was to promise to always protect a wolf, but never the evil. Those were last word I heard from her. The next thing I now; she’s gone.” Nalna looking to the moon, knowing her wolf friend was looking after her.
“She has a heart of wisdom, and courage; Nalna you have new friends now, us,” I reply.
I look at the moon too. I still can’t help but wonder. Wonder about what happened at Antarctica. Why I glowed for no apparent reason. I need to know. There’s another reason why where going to the North Pole. The North Pole was the heart of the moon spirit. I have to ask them. But there no need on rushing. I get up in human form and yawn.
“Well, I’m going to go relax on the deck. Why don’t you guys start dinner.” I said still looking at the moon.
31 I sit on the deck. I look at the water. I don’t see my refection, only the moon light glistening against it. I think about what happened in Antarctica. I looked at the moon and after that everything was blank. I didn’t remember anything. The voices of two little girls. They were calling my name in all directions. I don’t see them though.
“What’s her deal tonight,” Emily murmurs.
“I don’t know. I wish I did. What’s bugging her? Chase said and then thought.
I glance back. “I heard that!” I yell and go back to my thought; Emily and Chase half paw face, it was funny to see them like that.
Chase came over and tapped me on the shoulder. He told me to come eat. I said I was fine; I’m just going right to sleep. I sleep on top of the rock to get a good view of the moon. I soon fall asleep. Morning comes soon enough. I hover over everyone to get my bag. I get my book out and start writing in it. About everything that’s happen so far. The only thing I can hear is the sound of all the snores coming out from every muzzle. I head to the deck. I sit and put my feet in the water waving them back and forth. I continue writing. An hour has pasted since I was awake. Randal woke up, and so did Chase.
“Do you want to help me to get Antarctica back to the real world?” Randal suggest looking at the deck.
“Yah, of course I do, but what?” Chase answers.
“Wait and see.” Randal said smirking.
I was still writing. Also, thinking. Why am I so worked up over this?
From behind me everyone stood including Moonlight. Popping their heads out.
Emily shouted, “What you writing!?
My body froze and I turn. Twelve eyes, eye balling me. I scream and loose my balance on the deck. I fell into the water; everybody itching to laugh. I get me book out of the water. I water bend the water of the book.
“What in earth, are you doing? This isn’t helping me at all to cheer up. Some friends you guys are, and Chase what on the dim world are you doing!?” I yelled, my teeth clenched.
“What, we were just helping. We’ve been worried about you. Always looking paw faced by the moon.” Emily said.
“Here, let me help you out,” Chase said giving me his hand.
32 “I’m the not the one who needs help-” I say quietly, Chase looked confused.
I bend the water to garb Chase hand. Like an octopus grabbing its prey. I pull him in. I fly out of the water. Then I put my hands together like I’m praying. I spin fast to get the water of me. The water splatters onto everyone else. Chase’s head bobbing out of the water.
“Now it’s your guys turn.” I say smirking.
I bend four octopus arms out of the water. I pull my hands back and they get pulled into the water as well. I tell them that we should enjoy the water and have fun. They might as well anyway. I bend the water to hug my feet. I froze it to make it look like a surf board.
A couple of minutes later I get out of the water and sit next to Nalna who is upset. I ask what the matter is. She told me that she can’t go into the water. I ask why. She answers that her body structure is built for running, not swimming. I ask if she really wanted to go in the water and have fun with us. She looked at me curiously. I tell her that my necklace gives me powers and I’m able to do that. She asks is that why my eyes where glowing when I was fighting the male cheetah. I told her yes, and Nalna asks why. I told her later and ask her if she wants to go into the water or not. She said yes; I told her I’ll turn her into a human. She was astonished. I had to give her some of my life to do this, but not all. So she’ll still have some cat features on her human form. I look into her big brown eyes. My eyes glowed, and so did hers. An invisible steam like thing comes of me and goes into Nalna. She glows so bright that we’re not able to see her.
I stop, and look and Nalna. She still glowing radiance. I smile. I blow a strong wind and the glow disappeared in mid air. There now stood was a beautiful young teenage girl, Nalna, in her human form. She had white skin, blonde hair, with cheetah spots on some parts; her hair was tied back in a long pony tail, side bangs, and a big piece of hair sticking up, her cheetah ears, the black markings that go down her nose, her nails sharp, a brown shirt covering her chest, a orange short vest, smooth flexible leather shorts, black spandex around her shins and a strap holding it under her feet, a bracelet around her left arm, and a brown glove that goes up her arm. On the ground appeared a wolverine claw weapon. I picked it up and gave it to Nalna. She loved it and she loved me for what I’ve done for her. Nalna enjoyed herself; having fun in the water with her wolf friends.
It was night fall and we were eating dinner. Nalna has been itching to know more about me very since we met. Why do I need to tell her just in one night? And the next thing you know I’m leaving. So why don’t we bring her along. I gather the gang around to chat.
“So what do you guys think of Nalna coming with us?” I ask.
33 “Are you crazy? We just got Randal in our pack; now Nalna, too?” Emily said paw face.
“I agree. Pulse I don’t think Nalna can handle all the weight of five animals.” Randal said.
“Yes, carrying four wolves is already tiring.” Moonlight telepathies.
“Well, I can conjure up a transparent board and carry some of you.” I suggest.
“Hey, don’t I get a saying in this—” Megan said paw faced.
“No you don’t,” Emily said turning back to me.
“Well, I’m fine with it. We always need more people to fight Akulah, my paw face of a father.” Chase said yawning.
“Well…” I ask.
“Fine,” I get from everyone.
I walk over to Nalna who is already asleep. I guess I’ll have to ask later. Nalna, why are wolves not of this place? The question is buzzing, in my head. I hope a miracle happens to the leader. A miracle has to in order for the leader to forgive wolves. Just wait till he meets me. I'll add on more later last updated: November 26, 2012 CHAPTER NINE

I wake up to a beautiful welcoming sunshine radiance. Today is the day I talk face to face with the leader. Everyone is still asleep. I walk over to the village in human form. Some villagers were looking at me. I walk to the middle of the village and scan the preeminence. I see the chieftain coming toward me to greet me.
“I believe that I haven’t seen you around here before, come child.” He instructed.
I’m not a child, I’m thirteen, smart one. I follow after him. He took me to his teepee. We sat down. I didn’t want to ask him about his son right now. I want him to know me first. I looked around the tent, no one else; only a bed, a fire, and some food to eat. He hands me a bowl of food.
“My name is Dumisani, meaning to honor, and your name dear.” Dumisani asks.
“My name is Antarctica, Dumisani. So, what do you want to know about me?” I ask.
“Everything dear, you look like an adventurous girl to me. So I want to know everything.”
“Well—” a raindrop landed on me; I look up and head outside Dumisani following.
I smell the scent of a she-wolf in distance. I hear running behind me. Chase, Randal, and the others by my side. A red eyed teenage girl came walking. Her long luxurious gray bluish hair, she has bangs her hair was short in the front; and long in the back. She wore black crop long sleeve shirt, a chocker necklace, black tights, and slip on shoes. She had a cross at the end of her chocker necklace, with a red substance in it.

Earlier today…
“What’s going on, sire?” a servant asks Akulah.
“News from a watch wolves, peasants,” Akulah said.
“Apparently, Antarctica Hikari and her followers are in Cat Kingdom, sire.” A watch wolf said. “And was the mission a success in the North?” Akulah asked.
“Yes, sir,” the wolf said bringing forth a girl, “Princess Daciana Harmony, as you asked.”
The she- wolf Daciana paw face by the wolf named Akulah. The peasant gave Akulah a wooden box. He opened it. He pulled out a chocker necklace a cross at the end; a red substance in it. The necklace it told to possess a living thing, and follows the master’s every command of who put it on them. Daciana knew exactly what it was. She tried to run. The wolves of the watch grabbed her. Akulah put the necklace on her. Her heart pulsed. She opened her eyes wide. Her bright blue eyes got overtaken by a red color. The wolves let go of her. Akulah smirked. Daciana’s lavender and white outfit transformed into black clothing. The necklace gleamed.
“Now, Daciana, go and fetch me Antarctica Hikari. She is in cat Kingdom. I want her back alive.” Akulah requested.
“Yes, master.” Daciana said.

I look at her. Who is this she-wolf? It rained harder. The chieftain of the village behind us. I look at him then at the she-wolf. Back and forth. I want to protect the villagers. But I can’t go into wolf form. What will the chieftain think of me then? The struggle; I make up my mind.
“Chieftain Dumisani, do you want to protect your people. Even if you don’t like what you see.” I ask.
“I’ve seen a lot of things. Do whatever.”
“Whatever you say Dumisani,” I say smiling.
I turn into wolf form. So does my friends. Nalna to turns into her cheetah form as well. Dumisani was frozen; he fell to the ground in fear. Dumisani, I’m sorry. I want to protect your people. You’ll forgive wolves one way or the other. You have to; not all wolves are evil. I run press-paw speed. Then I turned into human form. I took my fans out and struck her. The marks disappeared right after I hit her. How is that possible? What—she—she has no blood scent. That only means she’s possessed. I looked at her eyes then I was drawn down to her necklace. That’s it!!! I throw me fans to ground, forgetting it for the moment. I take my bow and arrow out. I release. She smirked, and dodged it right before it struck her.
“Okay, I had enough of you,” I said angry. My eyes glow. My hand glow too. I release me hand. The arrow went flying in a scorching beam. It struck the cross on her necklace. The necklace cracked. Her heart pulsed again. The she-wolf looking up, her mouth opens. The necklace shatters. The she-wolfs clothing changed back to her normal clothing. She looked like she was paralyzed. Her mouth slightly open, her eyes open. I went over to the cross; my hands and eyes still glowing. I pick up the cross. I close my hands, and then open them. The close is now inside a beam. I jump into the air. Throw the beam as high as I could. Quickly took my sacred bow and arrow, and aimed for the beam. I arrow scorched again, and made a direct target for the beam. It turned into little sparkles. The red ink inside of the cross turned into steam. I floated into the heavens, never again to possess another life. The she-wolf’s eye’s turned back to its original color, and she snapped back to reality. Very paw faced.
I walk over to the she-wolf. I reached out to touch her; she hugged me. Thanking me. She was so scared. Who did this to her? I lift her to her feet and walk back to the village. Everyone in the village was terrified. Looking at me in terror. My friends behind me; Chase on the other side of the she-wolf. Helping her stay on her feet. She looked at me, in curiosity. I told Chase to bring her back to the camp sight. I went to look for Dumisani. I need to talk to him. I find him in his teepee. I sit next to him. He was silent for a while.
“What are you?” he asks.
“I’m a wolf, chieftain sir.”
“But you look like a human; how is that possible?” he quivered.
“For a long time wolves are able to gain a human form. But I’m not an ordinary wolf. What you saw out there was the power of this necklace.”
“What’s so special about it, and why that wolf did kill my son?” he asks.
“This necklace keeps me alive. I think the wolf from before only killed him, well, every living thing need to survive. There’s always a doing. It’s the balance of the world, the circle of life. But that’s done with it. Just forgive the wolf.” I said. “So, are you willing on forgiving wolves, or aren’t you?”
“I have to say, thank you for protecting my people. I guess I can forgive wolves, and I know my son is gone. But that doesn’t mean he’s not in my heart.” CHAPTER TEN

Ever since what happened three days ago with the she-wolf. She’s been asleep. She never even moved one little muscle—she looked different from the few days before. The black clothing she was wearing from being possessed by the necklace. She now wore a purple long sleeve crop shirt, the sleeves were dangling down, a white cover up that covers her neck to her shoulders, a white skirt with purple trim and long white boots also with purple trim—wonder who she was, where she’s from. Where did she get that necklace? Why would they give it to this she- wolf; she seems so gentle, and sweet. She had a familiar scent. I guess I have to hold onto my questions in tell later. The she-wolf finally awoken; from her slumber. She didn’t blink at all because of us around her. I asked how she’s feeling. She said she was fine.
“What’s your name she- wolf?” I ask.
“My name is Daciana Harmony, princess for the Northern Wolves clan.” She said.
“You’re from the Northern Wolves clan? We were on our way there. In tell we stumbled upon you. It’s nice to meet your aquatints; I also am a princess. A journey, to seek my father. My name is Antarctica Hikari. These are my friends and mate.” I said gesturing to my group.
“Nice to meet you to, Princess Antarctica.”
I said we should leave tomorrow; to bring Daciana back home. I still was wondering about Nalna coming along. I gather that gang together. They said it was fine. Even moonlight was fine with it—we had to bring her back home, right?—only if I carry, three people. I agreed. I went over to Nalna. I asked if she would like to come along with us. She was very happy. I told her is going to difficult. We’re going to the North Pole and its cold there. Nalna has lived in a hot climate all her life. She was fine with it, as long she can be with her friends.
It was getting late. I started to make dinner. All seven of us including Moonlight enjoyed. We surrounded the fire, in the nothingness of night. The sounds crickets chirping in the night grass. I looked over at Daciana who is eating her food quietly, and peacefully. I wonder if she knows any legends about the moon spirits. I kept on eating my food, paw faced. Chase took my hand. I looked at him. He smiled. He wanted me to calm down and stop worrying so much. When we were done with dinner we went right to sleep. I was in wolf form. I went to sleep on top of the rock. Chase came over to comfort me, and we all soon fell asleep. The fire growing dimmer and dimmer.
Well, today’s the day. Were casting off to the North Pole. We just left the harsh cold weather, now were heading back to it on the opposite side of the Earth. Before we set of I wanted to say bye to Dumisani, and the villagers. It’s nice to be friends with a human. We walked over to the village. The villagers all came out of there teepees to greet us. I told them we must move on; move on to the North Pole. Dumisani asked if we’re ever going to meet again. I told him farewell for now, but not forever. I conjured up a transparent board. I asked for three people to get on Moonlight and three on the other—I was going to miss Dumisani and the others—we take off, waving to the villagers. Well meet again. Meanwhile, I still need those questions off mine to be answered.
“So… Daciana who did this to you? Who possessed you with that necklace?” I ask.
“It was vague, but his name is Akulah. He wanted me to find you and bring you back. He didn’t tell me why though. Afterwards, the next thing I know is seeing you guys.” She answers, “They invaded my home, and kidnapped me.”
“Who’s they,” I ask.
“Watch wolves.”
“Watch wolves, I heard of those. There are good and evil watch wolves. Apparently these watch wolves happen to be evil.” I said.
Why did Akulah want a princess? Couldn’t he just send his own kind? It was a true mystery for the she- wolf, Daciana. CHAPTER ELEVEN

We final made it to the North Pole! No sight of the northern wolf clan though… Moonlight was very tired so were just drifting through the water. I was getting tired too. I can’t go to sleep. I need to carry the others. I slump over Chase’s lap. Then all of a sudden I catch a scent of other wolves, coming toward us. I looked a Daciana who seemed to notice too. A couple of arrows come flying by. I ask Chase to carry the others. He did so. He kept the others on the board, afloat. I jumped off Moonlight and onto a high iceberg. I see canoes and wolves in it. They were attacking us! I guess they have the scent of the princess and strangers. An arrow was about to hit Chase. I jump up high. I take my sacred fans and throw it. It hit the arrow, losing its destination. Daciana stood up.
“Guards, stop. These wolves saved me and are bring me back home. They are our guest. Treat them with respect.” Daciana demanded.
“Yes, princess Daciana.” The guards said.
They lead us to the clan. It was gigantic! There was a wall to keep intruders out, but parts of it were destroyed. I guess from the invasion. The wall opened up so we may enter. It was magnificent. The guards lead us to the palace. Many wolves looking down from the bridges. Happy to once again see their princess back home. Even the palace was huge. We got off and onto land. The guards took Moonlight to her place to rest. Daciana took us to where we’re going to stay. She took us to a house right next to the palace. It was very nice and warm inside. There was a kitchen, a bathroom, and stairs that led right to the bedroom on the second floor. There were two beds with canopies. I made the one bed into a bunk bed for Randal and Nalna. The other bed for Chase and I.
“My Mother and Father will be speaking to you shortly,” Daciana said.
We cleaned ourselves up, and proceeded down to the palace throne room. We saw Daciana with her parents. All of us bowed. Sir and Mrs. Harmony thanked us for bring their daughter home. We told them about Akulah, leader of the wolves of darkness, and how he possessed Daciana. They took us to the announcement terrace. Sir Harmony walked out onto the terrace. Everyone in the clan looked at their leader. “My daughter has returned,” Daciana walked out, “With the help of her friends,” we walk out and wave. “These brave young wolves and cheetah save my daughter and brought her back home. Welcome Princess Antarctica Hikari, Chase Taylor Antarctica’s mate, Megan Moon, Emily Moon, Randal Chie from Antarctica Radiance and Wolves of Wisdom Clan. Last, Nalna Katreaious from cheetah territory, Cat Kingdom—”
“We will be having a feast for my friends. So you can get to know each other.” Daciana said.
I was not expecting that. I was paw faced. We just got here and their already having a feast for us. We went back to the house. I was getting really cold so I went up stair to get me Eskimo hooded cape to keep warm. We decided to get some sleep before the feast. A feast can last all night if you wanted to.
The feast was about to begin. We got up and headed to the palace feast. We were the special guest so we would eat with the Harmony family. All the food was magnificent. There was hot cocoa, hot soup, lots of meat of all kind, and all of them properly prepared. There were penguin, seal, caribou, arctic hare, beaver, and lost more meat. There were vegetables but wolves are mainly meat eater, but since we’re part human we could eat vegetables if you wanted to. The entertainment was great to. They were telling legend about the spirits of the earth. It was a good thing I had my book with me. I wrote lots of things down. The man that was telling the legends was a fifth teen year old wolf. He had long black hair tied loosely, and red eyes—wolves can have red eyes when there born, but you could just tell if their evil or not, and I don’t think he’s evil—he wore a long black tunic with gold trim, a teal and blue sash around his waist, a braided leather belt, open toed brown shoes, and a dark forest green hooded cape. Daciana looked at him like she was in heaven.—I think she likes him.—After the feast was done I flew over to the wolf to ask him something. I was right in front of him. I was kind of awkward. He just stared at me.
“So what’s your name wolf,” I ask.
“My name is Densetsu,” he says.
“Densetsu, that’s legend in jappeneese. Well I have to ask you a question um- can you tell me other legends. Legends about the moon spirirt.” I ask.
“Sure, please meet me in the palace library in two hours okay, see you then.”
I told the others I’m going to the library to hear legends about the moon spirits. I went upstairs and grabbed my bag, and went back down. I sat with the others and had dinner. I finished my dinner first. I put my bowl in the sink and head for the door. They asked if it was too early to leave. I said I wanted to be there before him. I went over to the palace library and waited outside the doors. I was forty-five minutes after what time Densetsu schedule. I decide to leave. I wasn’t looking and banged into some one. We both fell to the ground. When I look up it was Densetsu. There were books everywhere. I got up and apologized. He just stared at me again. I waved my hands over the books, and they all landed in my hands back into the same order it was before. I gave them to him; he looked paw faced.
“I’m so sorry—”
“No, I’m sorry for making you wait. I was just getting some books to show you,” he said. “Come, let’s begin.”
We sat next to the fireplace. He gave me hot tea, and we began. He was going to tell me how the moon spirit came to be. CHAPTER THIRTEEN

The moon is a harmony and balance to the world. It’s been shining upon the Earth for who knows how many years. Without it good and evil would be out ranged and the world would never be the same. The moon spirit is the leader of the moon. The moon spirit had a name, Yin and Yang. Yin-Yang does not uphold the notion that good must triumph over evil. It sees good and evil as equal components of maintaining the balance, and natural. Yin represents a wide range of energies that balance those of Yang. Yin is considered the dark energy; it does not necessarily represent evil though. Without Yang to balance it, Yin leads to confusion. Yang is the balancing force of Yin and is considered the light energy. This does not mean that Yang should be equally solely to goodness. Wolves believed that the Heavens were created by the Yang energy. Without Yin to balance it, Yang leads to destruction. So you see Yin and Yang, without them earth would lead to the end. Wolves say that Yin and Yang are fish always circling each other. You would have to be lucky to ever meet them, or even gain their power… CHAPTER FOURTEEN

After what I have heard from Densetsu I know more about myself. But I still don’t understand why Chase and I were glowing at the howling in Antarctica. Only if I knew where the moon spirits were or even if they exist. I wake up in confusion. The question still haunting me. I grunt and fall back into my pillow. Chase woke up and looked at me. I looked at him too. I put my head in his chest and softly sob of total confusion. He sighed and put his arms around me to clam me down. I soon fall back to sleep. What’s wrong Antarctica, you got to tell me, Chase thought worried about his mate.
I wake up again. I grab my book out of my bag, and go onto the roof. I look at the moon and write down possible things about what happened in Antarctica. My powers were originated from the moon. But that still doesn’t answer anything at all. I soon fell asleep on the roof. Soon enough the sun comes out. I go back inside the house. Everyone is still asleep. I go downstairs and head to the bathroom. I need time to relax again. Take all the pressure of my mind and relax. About thirty minutes later I hear knocking at the door.
“Antarctica, are you ok?” Chase said from the other side of the door.
“I’m fine, after I bathe I’m going to the library, ok,” I said slumping into the water.
“*sigh*, all right, you have to have breakfast, ok.”
After a few minutes I get out and dry myself up. I get dressed and head to the kitchen. I sat next to Chase and Megan. Everyone was quiet while eating breakfast.
I was staring at the moon, then after that, I don’t remember anything. Wolves said Chase and where glowing. Somehow the moon spirits and I are connected. What about that place mother took me to, to give me my powers. Wow, it never came to mind on what that place is called in tell now. I finished breakfast and headed to the palace library. I began reading books all about the moon, the moon spirits, and other things that might have to do with me. I thought about what Densetsu told me the other night. “Wolves say that Yin and Yang are fish always circling each other. You would have to be lucky to ever meet them, or even gain their power.” Gain their power, I gain their power. “Without them earth would lead to the end.” Hm, I hope that never happens. It was getting late so I decided to take some books home. I also had to grab some food for dinner too. I was reading while I walked to the market. I kept on stumbling in to people. I stumble into another and knocked all the books out of my hands. I went to pick them up. My ears twitched. I heard a familiar voice in the distance. I picked up my books and shoved them in my bag. I headed toward the voice.
“Leave me be, please” Densetsu said to a gang of wolves following him, one pushes him to the ground.
“What are you going to do about it?” said a wolf.
“Are you going to hurt us?” said another wolf.
“No, but I might,” I said from behind them, jumping over them and in front of Densetsu.
“Oh, so a thirteen year old she- wolf; is going to take on eighteen year old wolves. Just because you’re the guest of honor doesn’t mean we have to treat you with respect.”
“Oh, well wait and watch,” I said water bending the ice from the ground into water and making it circle me.
“What in the dim world are you?”
“Nothing you’d ever expect,” I said. I saw something in the corner of my eye. There was a she-wolf watching. Peering out by a side of the building we were between in. She saw me looking at her. She left. Before she left I caught a sight of something on her leg. A Yin Yang symbol! “I’ll deal with you later.” I bend the water from the ground. Trapping the wolves in it. I froze it. All of them trapped in ice, “Densetsu, go back to your business, see you later,” I began running toward to direction of the she-wolf.
She kept on running. She turned on a corner. When I turned the corner, she vanished. Where has she gone? She had a Yin Yang symbol on her legs. I wonder who she was. I took my book out of my bag and began reading again. I got the food and went back to the house.
I decided to leave the wolves frozen in ice for a while. By a while I mean in tell we leave. I was still reading at dinner. I was so busy reading I didn’t notice I haven’t even eaten anything. Randal got up to get some meat, and when he sat back down he knocked my drink over. The water spilt all over the book.
“I’m so sorry, Antarctica I—”
“Its fine,” I said water bending the water off the book and back into the cup. I didn’t really care what was going on around me. I was reading something very interesting. It had to do with that symbol I saw on the she-wolf’s legs. Legend has it there’s a wolf watching over others in the North Pole—more like stalking—maybe it was a figure of my imagination. Lots of strange things happened so far. Mostly about the moon, and what not.
Everyone went upstairs to go rest. Chase said to come up. I told him later. He sighed and went up. I read most of the books I had from the library. I guess I didn’t know it; I fell asleep from reading. Chase came down again and brought me upstairs. He told me I should rest. I was still groggy. When he set me in bed I fell right back to sleep in no time.
“You need your rest,” Chase said getting back in bed and kissing me on the forehead. CHAPTER FIFTHTEEN

I was in the palace. I was in a corridor near the throne room. A sconce got pulled down, and the wall opened up; stairs leading up. At the end of the stairs, a rounded door. Very antediluvian looking. Across the top there were Victorian combination lock on the wall. They all turned spelling out something in jappeneese or chinese or something. The door opened, and I couldn’t see anything but a fog. I heard voices calling me. Antarctica, Antarctica, find the girl with the symbols on her legs. We know you have questions. Find her and tell her Yin and Yang sent you. Finder her, tell her. She will help you… Then I hear other voices. Antarctica wake up, wake up! My eyes open. I was breathing hard. Chase was wiping me with a cold wash cloth. Everyone around me worried. Was that all a dream? CHAPTER SIXTEEN

Chase said I should take a break; take a break from everything. Just relax. I got dressed out of my pajamas, and we headed out—Chase gave me a piggy back ride—I was still wondering about my dream. We’ve been here for a month, and I still need to find out where my father is, and to have my questions answered. My dream, “find the girl with the symbols on her legs. We know you have questions. Find her, and tell her Yin and Yang sent you. Finder her, tell her. She will help you…” I lay my head down. We went all around the clan. There were some exhibits too. About every place was talking about the moon spirits. I got really depressed.
We went to a café to have brunch. I was still questioned. Will I ever see the she-wolf again? I really need my questions answered, and answered they will. I saw the she- wolf again, watching me! I get up, everyone at the table looking at me. I start running toward the direction of the she- wolf. The others following me.
“Wait! Don’t leave!”
I follow her to a dead end.
“Stay away from me!” She warned me. She conjured up a shield. It looked like—like a yin yang symbol! She flung it toward me.
Chase and the others finally catches up. The shield was about to hit me. My eyes glow, and do did my hands. I took me fan out. I shake the fan once it got four times bigger. I shouted, “Wind blade!” I clasp the two fans together and I make a big wind blade of course. It breaks the shield into two.
“She gains the moon spirit's power, but how?” the she- wolf thought. Her eyes glow to, wind blades conjure all around her.
“Yin and Yang sent me” I tell her. She recognized what I said, and then stops; the wind blades just disappear...
“Take me to your home, then we may speak,” she said.
I take her back to the house. Chase, Randal, Emily, and Megan wondering what on Earth is going on. We were inside the house. I was very happy to see the she- wolf with the symbols. My dream meant something, it was a vision. Thank you Yin and Yang. I can finally pages. It stopped. The pages was glowing a luminous never ending radiance. The book transported me to a place. The book stopped glowing; it showed a Chinese alphabet. What does this have to do with Yin and Yang? I stood up and turned. It was the door from my dreams, with the Victorian combination lock! I remember the combos moved and spelt something. Maybe this Chinese alphabet has to do with the lock password. Let’s see I want to see the Yin and Yang spirits and they must behind this door. The voices in my dream must have been them. That fills in most of the locks. There’s only three more left. I’ll try the word “the” it sounds more official that way. I use the book to make sure I use the right Chinese symbols. I finished, it said, The Yin and Yang spirits. The door rumbled, and slid over fog was coming out. I walked in. CHAPTER SEVENTEEN

It’s been a while since I went upstairs. Chase went to check on me. I wasn’t there! He told the others; they came up rushing. Spirit knew what happened to me.
“We have to go, and get her,”
“Go where?” Chase asked.
“To the Yin and Yang oasis…

A fog, nothing but fog. The whiteness surrounding me. Where am I? The fog disappeared and whiteness faded away to a giant ice cave, a big opening on the top showing the moon, there was grass! There was water going all around the edges of the cave circling round and round not end, stepping stones to walk on, a giant gazebo and cherry blossom drape trees too. Blossom peddles were flying all around me. It was so gorgeous. I walk over to the gazebo, there was a pond, and in it… the Yin and Yang fish. I’m face to face with Yin and Yang! Finally I have so much to ask, and now they can be answered.
I sat down near the edge of the pond. I looked at them. One was black with a white spot near the head. The other white with a black spot on their head. It’s true they do circle each other. I looked deep into them. Their looking at me. I stare into their eyes. I was being hypnotized by them circling each other. They really do look just like a yin yang symbol, but them the fish turned in the yin yang symbol. My eyes glowed; I just sat their glowing.
I was in a fog again, but it felt like the fog from my dreams. I heard giggles, and then my name being called out.
“Antarctica, Antarctica…”
“Where are you…?” I shout, scavenging through the fog trying to find them.
I finally found them. They were twin, thirteen year old girls the same age as me. Both of them had white skin, one had black hair, a dress; it was a black slim tank top with a golden V neck folded over collar, a ruffle skirt that went from white to black with golden trim, black gloves with three golden rings at the end, two golden rings around her arms, black boots that reach up to her knees in a V shape with golden trim—too much golden trim!—three golden clips on each side of her head, a black mask that just goes around her black eyes, and a black radiance around her. She was clearly Yin. Yin was the black side of Yin and Yang. The other one, Yang, had white hair, a dress it was a white slim tank top with a light blue V neck folded over collar, a ruffle skirt that went from white to light blue with blue trim, white gloves with three light blue rings at the end, two blue rings around her arms, white boots that reach up to her knees the end was pointed upward with blue trim—too much blue trim, what’s with these sisters and trim!—three light blue clips on each side of her head, a mask that just goes around her glowing a white radiance eyes; the mask was glowing a white radiance as well to, and a white radiance around her.—I loved Yang’s outfit; it’s just my taste, blue!— they were both looking at me smiling.
“Antarctica Hikari, you have finally found us. Now we can answer your questions. Ask away…” they both said.
“Yin and Yang I can’t believe I found, the moon spirits! I have so many questions…”
“Spirit gave you the book right?” Yin asked.
“Yah, why,” I question.
“Well, that can answer any question you have, any question.” Yin answered.
“Yah, but—”
“Your questions about your father can be answered too. Here’s a thought why don’t you ask questions about us.” Yang asked.
“Um, ok. Let’s see, has anyone try to kill you guy, and what would happen you did die?”
“Well, none has ever tried to kill us, and if that did happen… at night there would be no moon, just the blackness of the sky, and that would soon lead to destruction. Also the wolves that gain our power, you and Spirit, would cease to exist,” Yin said.
“I hope that won’t happen ever. Anyway, what happen to Chase and I back at Antarctica, at the wolves of wisdom clan at the howling and the meteor shower?”
“You gain your powers and your life from the moon spirits, us, and the meteor shower I guess was a hypnotic force causing you to be in a state of power.” Yang said. I kept on ask the many questions… but then I hear my name being called out, called out by, Chase! I looked at Yin and Yang. But all of a sudden Yang falls to the ground. She said she felt a sharp pain, and soon went unconscious.
“Yang, Yang! Wake up! Please, wake up…” Yin shouted and cried.
I was on the ground looking at her. What’s going on? I was reaching out to Yang, but then they started fading, I was heading back to the real world...

“To the Yin and Yang oasis!” Chase said, “Do you think we should ask the princess to come along, do you know who she is?”
“You guys know the princess, cause I known her—”
“Wait you know the princess, I thought no one is suppose to know you exist,” Emily asked.
“Well—it’s a long story. Let’s get her and go. Come on we have no time to waste,” she said heading toward the door.
Chase, Megan, Emily, Nalna, Randal, and Spirit were running, but then the ground rumble and they fell to the ground.—Something was wrong, very wrong.—They found Princes Daciana, her family, and fighting commanders in the throne room.
“Lady Antarctica’s friends, were Antarctica we need her?” Sir Harmony asked.
“What’s wrong Sir?” Spirit asked.
“The Wolves of Darkness has invaded us once again,” Daciana said.
“No, why are they here. We need Daciana to help us, may she come?” Chase said.
Daciana went with them. Since Spirit gains the same power as Chase and I she able do the same thing as us, but she’s probably more experienced then us since been alive for one hundred and thirteen years old. Spirit teleported the whole group to the Yin and Yang oasis. When everything was visible, Chase started running toward me shouting my name. In the corner of his eyes he saw a dark figure at the top peak of the cave. It was a man! But Chase couldn’t see his face there was a shadow blacking his face. The man had a bow and arrow. He was positioning it toward Antarctica’s direction.
“Antarctica, snap out of it!” Chase shouted. The man released the arrow. As Chase ran his head turned; watching the arrow with every breath he had to make sure it didn’t hit me. The arrow was going toward the pond instead! When it struck it make a big splash in the pool of water. When Chase made it to the gazebo he saw the Yin and Yang fish. One as dead, blood spreading though out the water. I can back to reality; I stopped glowing, and I turned around to find the man just standing there at the peak of the cave mocking me…

Earlier today…
“Sir why are we heading back to the North Pole. Our plane as already failed the first time,” a fighting commander of The Wolves of Darkness clan said.
“I know, but legend has it that the Yin and Yang spirits live at the North Pole of the Northern Wolf clan,” Akulah said.
“Yeah, so what do you have in mind sir?” the commander asked.
“The Yin and Yang spirits are the leaders of the moon, and a certain wolf I despise gain her powers from the moon to live and to have her powers…”
“So your—”
“So, I’m planning on killing it, personally,” Akulah said with a grin.
“But sir after you kill one for them, Antarctica would die and loose her powers. I thought you wanted her power.”
“I don’t care I want to eliminate her one way or the other…” CHAPTER EIGHTEEN

What just happened? Why is Chase here with everyone? Yang she’s dead, this can’t be. Who is the man that killed her? I’m going to kill him! I look up to the top of the cave opening there was no moon anymore!
“Who do you think you are killing the moon spirits; do you want the sky to be dark!”
“Antarctica don’t, you don’t have your powers.” Chase said.
“I don’t care, I’m a wolf right. So I’ll tear him to shreds!” I said.
I turned into wolf form and started charging toward him. He took out his bow and arrow once again, and aimed it toward me. He shot it, I dodged it. But I didn’t notice another one coming, and it hits me. I turned back into a human; I was pinned to the icy wall. Chase came over and took the arrow off. I hit the wrenching cold water that was all around the ice cave. I made it back to solid grassy ground. Spirit ran over to the gazebo. Yang did not look good.
I was breathing very hard. I know what was happening. I was going to die. Without the moon’s power I’ll soon disappear into vain, and so will Spirit. Spirit already looked pale. The man just stood there watching. I already started to get a little dizzy. Couldn’t Spirit do something, she still looks like she still has a smidge of power left in her? Maybe enough to heal Yang. I went over to the gazebo, Chase following.
“Spirit, I don’t have any of my powers left. Maybe you do. Can you heal her?” I asked.
I couldn’t say anymore. I had no more strength left in me. I fainted, Chase ran over and so did the others. The man smirking. Chase was going to cry, but he just couldn’t. Only one tear fell from his eyes, and he looked at Spirit.
“Ok, I had enough of you!” Spirit said looking at the man, “I’ll do it, for Antarctica!”
Spirit lifting Yang from the water and Yin close by. Spirit closed her eyes, and put her other and on Yang’s back. Her hand glowed. Then all the blood in the pool disappeared, Yang’s wound faded away, and Yang’s eye’s glowed as well. Spirit fainted to, and Yang fell back into the pool.
The Northern wolf clan and The Wolves of Darkness were still in battle. There are too many wolves from the Wolves of Darkness clan. Ship after ship. Bow and arrows flying all over the place. Many wolves lay dead good and bad.
Back at the Yin and Yang oasis Yang just floated in the pool for a few seconds. Then she sprang to life. Her whole body as glowing. Yin looked into her sister’s eyes, and then she glowed too. Everyone starred in amazement. Yin and Yang started to circle each other. They were circling each other so fast that they looked like a big glowing circle. A steam like thing was coming off them and going into my body. The glowing radiance sent me into a state of power once again. The glowing radiance covered my whole body; I was no longer visible to the others. Yin and Yang disappeared. That steam like thing that was going into me was them. Their using my body to be in the real world. In the state of power my outfit changed. My outfit changed into the same outfit as Yang, my hair turned white as hers. The mask went onto my face my eyes opened; the glowing white radiance.
The glowing radiance that covered me got up from the ground. Chase and the others just starred. The radiance faded away, and there stood Yang in my body but my appearance was Yang. I walked into the pool of water, and bended all the water around me like a tornado. It lifted me into the air. The man stood there in confusion.
“The moon is a radiance shinning upon the heavens and that will never stop, and you’ll never stop me!” Yang’s voice said. “And I mean you Akulah Taylor.”
“What, how could you be alive. I shot an arrow through you,” he said. “And how did you know it was me?”
“Oh, I know everything, and Spirit she sacrificed her life to me, and doesn’t deserve it, thanks to you”
“What, I should of know it was you!” Chase shouted he turned into wolf form and started walking over to Akulah, “How could you, now you’re going to pay on what you did.
“Not without us, come on guys let get him.” Emily said and everyone turned into wolves.
They surrounded Akulah. It was still hard to see his face in the shadows but it didn’t matter. Akulah couldn’t take it; he jumped over them and ran toward the door and escaped. I on the other hand of Yang left the oasis. She went to the top of the peak and went all over the kingdom getting rid of The Wolves of Darkness clan wolves. She went over the ocean and found about twenty battle ships maybe more out there. The battle ships where working together to rid of me. Thousands of flaming arrows were coming racing toward me. I lifted my hands in front of me; stopping all the flaming arrows turning them into a giant flame ball. I shot individual flaming balls toward the first row of ships. They all caught on fire. She bended the oceans water the rise from the ground and drown the wolves on the ship, but they turned around and began to leave.
Yang’s spirit inside me went back to the oasis, and found Spirit paler then ever but still grasping for life. She stood up and looked into my eyes that weren’t exactly mine but Yang’s. She wanted to live I know she did.
“Spirit, you gave me my life back and now I’ll give you yours.” Yang said taking her pointer and middle finger and touch Spirit’s forehead.
Where Yang touched Spirit’s face it twinkled and it got bigger and bigger. Everyone even Chase had to cover their eyes with their hands to block the light. So bright you could only see black figures of us. The glowing faded away. Spirit gained her life back, and she was no longer pale. Yang turned back into the steam like substance and floated back into the pond. I fainted, and my clothing turned back to normal. Chase came over and lifted me off the ground resting my head in his arms. The Yin and Yang fish was back in the pond circling each other once again. The moon was restored back to the bright radiance it is.
The moon shinned upon me. Sparking my body with its glory, and power. My necklace glowed a blazing light just like from Spirit gaining her power back from Yang. My body glowed, but then stopped in a small amount of time. The stone of my necklace still glowed—which is normal but only when I’m actually using my powers, strange—my necklace stopped glowing. It was still the luminous blue, but now it had a outlining of a yin yang symbol! My eyes opened, glowing, but faded back into my dark chocolate brown eyes. I fell back into unconsciousness once again. CHAPTER NINETEEN

I’ve been unconscious for a while, but didn’t know it. The moment I went unconscious everything faded black. The only thing that I saw was images of all the wolves, dead. All the blood, screams and there was one image of—of—my friends dead. Every last one of them. Even Chase… I fall to my knees, crying. Why?
My eye shot open, my pupils when small as if I saw a ghost in the pitch black of nowhere, on Friday the thirteenth. I look around, and then sit up. I wipe my face. I was seating and had tears going down my face. Was that all a dream? No! Not a dream a nightmare. I have too many weird dreams…
I get up from bed a little jelly-leg. My body is just still not use to gravity yet. I trot downstairs, but as I’m coming down on the second to last step I trip and fall on my face. Then, I ear footsteps coming toward me, and the footsteps were Chase, and Megan. Chase looks at me and looks like he’s going to cry but holds it in instead. He walks up to me, and falls to his knees. When Chase and I were at eye level he looked so pale in the face. He just stars at me, but then shoots himself at me and hugs me tight. Then the waterworks starts up. I just sit there I don’t even hug him back in tell…
“I was so worried about you; I thought you weren’t going to make it. I missed you so much!”
I try to look at him, but he’s still grasping my. I hug him back and smile. Finally he lets got of my, wiping his tears from his face. He was so happy I just know it; his face was lit up like a Christmas tree. I start to stand up, but just before I got up completely I lightly kissed Chase on the cheek. He smiled again and stood up. I walked over to Megan, and gave her a hug. Then we walked over to the kitchen. I sat down next to Chase, and rest my head on his shoulder. Everyone was looking at me. I knew they were happy that their leader was ok. I asked them what happened after I went unconscious.
“Are you sure you don’t remember what you—well Yang in your body—did?” Daciana asked.
“I’m sure, the last thing I remember was telling Spirit to try and heal Yang, and then everything went black.” “Well, what you did was amazing,” Nalna added.
Everyone told me the story of what happened on that night. It sounded amazing. I can’t believe I did that. Conjuring up a fire-ball and shooting it at all the ships. I wonder what it felt like, probably exhilarating. I was thinking what it was like, and what happened after that.
“Antarctica, do you even notice anything different about you, anything at all?” Megan asked.
“No, why?”
“See for yourself,” she said giving me a hand-mirror.
I look at myself; I didn’t notice anything at first but then I see it. My necklace, it looks, different. I hold the mirror a little closer and I see it! A outlining of a Yin Yang symbol on the stone of my necklace! Whoa, I have to go ask Yin and Yang about this, right away!
“I have to go”
“Where are you going?” Chase asked.
“To see Yin and Yang”
“Ok, be careful”
I go change into a pair of clean clothing, and grab my Eskimo hooded cape and book that Spirit gave me and left. I went to the corridor near the throne room, pulled down the scone, and walked up the stairs. The door closing behind me. I put in the password to the Victorian lock and walked in once again.
I walked up to the pond and found Yin and Yang circling each other. I’m glad Yang was ok. I sit on the ground and concentrate. I went into the state of Yin and Yang. I wanted to ask them about my necklace, so bad.
“Antarctica, after I left your body I gave you a new symbol, it symbolizes that your even stronger than any other wolf in the world. You as well gain new powers, but you’ve got to be willing to figure that out yourself,” Yang said.
“Why do I have to figure it out by myself? What about Chase? He still hasn’t figured out how to fly. How do you expect him to learn new strengths?” I reply. “Well, he has to figure that out himself. Anyway, your friends told you on that night you did amazing thing—well, me inside you—but your able to gain that form whenever you want. I think you’ll be able to figure it out, I know you can. The form is called “Moon Form.”
“Will I still be able to talk to you guys, even if I’m not in the oasis?”
“Well we’ve reached you by your dreams, so you’ll have to figure that out by yourself too,” Yin said.
I went back to reality, and transported my bag from my room to where I am. I rummage through the bag, and found my journal I wrote in it. I wrote down what Yin and Yang told me. I circled the thing about Chase. He still needs to find his own special skill. For me its water bending and Chase already knows water bending from reading my journal. He has to find his own skills. We’ll never know what it is; we’ll just have to wait and see.
We’ve been here too long. We have to move on, and I know exactly where. I plan on leaving in a week or two. I have to tell the gang first of all. When I was outside of the palace it was already getting dark—wow, time goes by fast in the state of Yin and Yang—so I decided to get dinner for everyone. Humans say that we wolves just kill our prey and eat it like a deranged beast, but we don’t. We wolves are actually a stickler for keeping our food nice and neat. Our ancestors thought Japanese humans made their food very neat and precise. We still eat their food, but we eat only the traditional foods. So I decided to make breakfast for dinner, or what the Japanese humans call their traditional breakfast, Yakizakana.
Yakizakana usually has fish in it, but instead just fish I’m going to put some actual meat in it. I go to the market and get everything I needed for the breakfast for dinner. Since there’re so much of us there is lots of stuff to carry, I used telekinesis, and walked all the way to the house. When I walked into the house everyone was all paw faced, but in a confused way not angry. I dropped the groceries on the floor.
“I thought you were just going to go see Yin and Yang…” Chase said breaking the silence.
“I did, but when I left it was getting late so I decided to make breakfast for dinner,” I said, “Oh, and can one of you invite Daciana to come and have dinner with us.”
“Why?” Emily asked.
“I thought we were friends with her. Are we?” I asked. “Of course we are, but some certain people are too rude to deal with it…” Megan said smirking at her sister, Emily.
Emily thought she would for once be nice, and went to go get Daciana. I started to make dinner. Soon enough the house started to stink of fish, oh well, as long it taste good. Plus I’ll be able to get rid of the smell.
Daciana finally arrived, and I finish cooking the Yakizakana. Everyone got seated. I levitated the dishes onto the dinner table. I think this is a good time to tell the pack where we’re going next. I sat next to Daciana and Chase. I began to eat. I don’t think this the right moment though; I’ll them later.
We finally finished dinner, everyone was stuffed. Everyone had a face that was like Ugh, that-was-so-good kind of face. All the plates that where full of lushes colored and perfectly garnish fish, were now left of a soggy-gooey skeleton left with some left over. I was still a little hesitant to tell them, but I go one ahead anyway.
“I think our next destination to finding my father is to go to Animal Kingdom. The home of where anything is possible if you set your heart to it. I thought we should go there because they have a book even more powerful then the book spirit gave me. What do you guys think?” I asked.
“—Wait, wait, hold it what!? What’s wrong with the book I gave you?” Spirit said paw faced.
“Nothing, it’s just when—”
“Just when what!?” she said even more mad then before.
“When I tried to find where my father lived the pages just stayed blank,” I said a tear going down my face.
“I’m sorry, Antarctica, I did not mean to upset you…”
I told her it was fine. Things aren’t always a piece of cake, are they now? I asked again.
“Why, not my father is very good friends with the king. Maybe he can pull some strings for you guys,” Daciana said.
That would be a good idea. Maybe Daciana should come with us. After all I need someone to take to that’s also a princess. We could have thing in common. Also why at it why not, Spirit could come along too! We do need someone who’s well trained with special abilities, and Chase—um—I don’t think he’s got it down with everything. I was about to ask them, but Spirit just some out and says it.
“As you all know I also have special abilities, and one of them is reading minds. Antarctica, I agree with coming along with you on your journey. But first I have to have permission with Yin and Yang,” she said looking at me. Then she looked at Daciana, “Antarctica is also wondering if you would like to come along as well. So do you agree?”
“Well, I’ve known you ever since I could remember, and we are best friends and I don’t want to ruin that. Also it would be great to leave this place for once in my life—“
“Cut to the chase, Daciana, yes or no?” Spirit asked.
“Fine, ok, but I have to ask my father first”
This is terrific, but I do feel bad for the guys. Five to two oh, well. The pack decided to go to Animal Kingdom in a week. Animal Kingdom is located in the mountain of the Himalayas. I don’t know why they chose to put animal kingdom in the mountains of the Himalayas; they never stop changing.
I can just feel it. We’re getting closer to finding my father. Animal Kingdom can finally be our answers at last. Or at least that’s what I think… Her mother couldn’t be with her mate, and later her mother gave birth to six healthy pups, but only one survived, with the help of the moon spirits and her ancestor. They gave her the ability to live and to have extraordinary powers, still to unfold. Now at the age thirteen, a young she-wolf, Antarctica Hikari, is determine to find her father and bring her family back together--with the help of her friends of course. Along the way she find new friends—one even a cheetah—and she finds her soul mate, her true love, Chase Taylor. She is also determine to eliminate her number on rival forever. Power, love, hate, war. Will this she-wolf get what her heart wants? get a good view of the she- wolf. She had bangs, with two long pony tails, a gray long sleeve shirt, a black coat rolled up the underside white, black short shorts, long white socks that reach her thighs, and black sneaker boots. I asked what the she- wolf’s name was. Her name was Spirit—she knew what I was going to ask next. Why does she gain the power of Yin and Yang?—
“My parents were murdered a year after I was born, but my parent kept me in a safe place and sacrificed their lives for their little pup. I was very angry at the wolves that killed them. I found out when I was six by my care giver at the orphanage I was at. The wolves that killed my parents were wanted. They go around and kill wolves and their family. The moon spirits saw something in me; they gave me some of their powers when I was little. I eliminated the wolves with my powers, but I didn’t know it. When everything was finished I fainted. I was transported to the place where the moon spirits were. They told me I will be a watch wolf for them. They chose me, to keep their homeland safe. Their homeland: The North Pole. They wanted me to be their watch wolf forever to keep them safe from harm. Since then they raised me, and made me the she- wolf I am now,” she said.
“How long have you’ve been a watch wolf for Yin and Yang, your second den mothers?”
“For one hundred and seven years, why?”
“Your one hundred and thirteen years old, and you look so young?”
“Yah, amazing, I know. Like I said they wanted me be their watch wolf forever. So I will live for eternity, same as them. Also I age slower than regular wolves so I just look thirteen. Since then they would bestow their powers to whoever is worthy. Like you Antarctica Hikari.”
“How do you know my name?”
I know all living things names, and history.”
“History, can you answer my questions then?”
“Antarctica Hikari, why don’t you read this classified book about everything in the world?”
“Just one book…” I said flipping all the pages. They were blank.
“This one book can answer, and show you everything. Just ask the book and it will show you.”
“Thank you, Spirit…”
I went upstairs. I looked at the book. It was white with golden detailing. By detail I mean the yin yang symbol. “Show me Yin and Yang.” The book opened and flipped open to CHAPTER TWENTY

What I hear is that in Animal Kingdom the The Wolves of Darkness the clan leader, Akulah is wanted for killing a snow leopard. I’ve got to figure out why…
It was morning everyone else was awake and I was all alone in the bedroom. Just then Chase comes bashing through the door.
“Why are you still in bed get up and help us pack…”
“Ok, ok I just woke up like five minutes ago”
I went downstairs and went to the bathroom to get changed; afterwards I went outside to find Chase. He wasn’t outside, so I went to go check the market, no Chase. So I went over to the stables and found everyone loading our stuff on Moonlight. I found out that Daciana and Spirit can come, but what about The Northern wolf clan they need their watch wolf.
“Its fine, Antarctica, after what you did I don’t think my clan will be disturbed for a long while. That’s why Yin and Yang gave me permission to accompany you on your quest to find your father…” Spirit said with a gentle smile.
“I see your doing your mind reading thing again. You’ve got to teach me that one time because sometimes when I try to do it I can only read certain parts of what their thinking…” I said crossing my arms in a friendly gesture, and smiling.
Daciana was the last to come; we load all her stuff onto Moonlight’s saddle. I conjured up a carriage like object just no wheels because why need them if you’re flying, but just then my stomach grumbles, sheesh I’m hungry. I set it down on the ground…
“You guys, before we go, can we get a bite to eat? I’m starving…” I said in a kind of stupidly with a weak smile.
“Sure, we haven’t eaten either…” http://www.facebook.com/AntarcticasLife Last updated on: November 26, 2012 The little pups where fooling around instead of focusing on hunting. I walked up to them; they where trembling seeming I was going to do something. I did not though; I just stared to see what they would to. They stood up and wait for instructions. I saw a little arctic rabbit, and I told one of the pups to go get it. The pup did as I told them to do, but failed all the pup got was a glob of snow on their face.
“Good try little one, just try to focus next time,” I said.
“Well, if you’re so good at it, you do it,” said one pup.
Those pups don’t really know me so well. You see my powers can do so many things. I can use telekinesis; telepathy, teleportation, I can fly, freeze time, conjure up objects, and so much more beyond your mind. I crouched to the ground and stopped the rabbit in its track with one glow of my eyes, and walked up to it and bit its throat in tell it couldn’t breathe no longer. The pups where amazed by what I did.
“I’m very sorry for doubting you a—what’s your name?” said another pup.
“I’m Princess Antarctica, but you can call me Antarctica.”
“Are you a real princess, or are just saying that because you the leaders daughter,” said the pup.
“No, my father was a real prince, and well, that’s all I know. I didn’t really know my father, ok no more questions, go hunt.” I said.
Our pack has only got half the food we need. I was really worried, so I told the others they can go. They did not want to leave, but I insisted. I turned into human form; I had not that sort very dark brown hair, very dark brown eyes, tan skin, I wear a short light blue and white dress with long sleeves, and a long light blue Eskimo hooded cape, thin leather gloves, light blue tights that faded white, golden colored short heel shoes, and of course that necklace that shines as bright as the moon. I flew over the polar bear territory. Even though they did not like us we needed the food so I decided to take one home for dinner. I froze time and landed on the ground, I walked around to find the biggest polar bear. I finally found one and used one of my darkest powers. The power can kill a living thing without even touching it. I used the power; killed the bear and transported us near our territory. I unfroze time and everything started moving again. I conjured up a magic carpet kind of object and put the dead polar bear on it to take it home.

This is the story of my life, how I went to different places, meet new people, and found out more about my family. It all started in a place called Antarctica, or the south pole if you will. I Antarctica Hikari—yes I know my name is Antarctica and the place I live is Antarctica so don’t worry if you get confused— age thirteen, standing in the blistery snow, waiting for the others to get here for our food gathering. Megan, one of my best friends came out; she is one of the wolves going with me on the food gathering. You see the food gathering is pretty self explanatory; it’s when we wolves gather food. The wolves that come along are the ones are the most worthy to come, and the pups in training to hunt.
“So are ready to get more food than usual,” said Megan.
“Yah, why, are low on food or something?”I questioned.
“Yah, lots of wolves has gotten sick and need some extra food”
“Well, I could heal them…” I respond.
“Oh yah, sure if you’re willing to.” Megan said cheerfully.
We stood there in total silence, but just as things get a little too quite another one of my friends, Emily—also coming along the gathering— came out along with the others. So we were on our way; we were heading outside of our territory toward the polar bear territory, none of us go there because their bigger than us, and their territory is very dangerous. What I never told you is that I’m not afraid of anything. In fact I’m more powerful than any other living thing in the universe, well that I know of.

My mother gave birth to six healthy pups. My mother gave each of us a necklace, after a while we got very sick, five pups died. I was the only one left; striving to stay alive. My mother knew what to do; she took me to a beautiful place that no wolf is allowed to go to accept a descendant of the spirit that roams there; my family is a descendent. Surrounded by ice walls, and a beautiful waterfall going into a little pond, the water glistened against the moon outside of the top cave opening. It was beautiful! My mother walk carefully up to the pond, she put me upon the water. I don’t remember much from that day, why would I, I was just a very young pup then. I remembered I look around, but all I saw was the beautiful moon. I stared at the moon for a long period; my eyes glowed as bright as it was. Then three circular beams surrounded me and went into the sky, the water glowed. My necklace turned as bright as everything around me too. The power of those beams circled as fast as could be and started a small earthquake. My mother couldn’t believe the power. The entire ruckus stopped, and I floated gently down back into the pond. The glowing stopped and then my necklace gleamed bright as the moon. That moon pool gives me life, and powers. Without it; I’d cease to exist.
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