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How Do Waves Affect Coastal Landforms

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peter vojtech

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of How Do Waves Affect Coastal Landforms

A large wave How Do Waves Affect Coastal Landforms? Wave energy All Waves Carry Energy Waves Are Formed By Wind Only Energy Moves, Waves Stay Where They Are. Wave Characteristics The Lowest Part of the Wave Is the trough The Lowest Part of the Wave Is Trough Amplitude Measures the Energy of the Waves Tsunamis Cause Great Damage and Loss of Life The Highest Part of the Wave is the Crest. Wavelength is the Distance From One Crest to the Next Waves are Also Formed by Tectonic Activity. Beaches: Dynamic Systems Waves Can Dramatically Change Beaches W Waves Also Build up Beaches by Moving Sand Along The Shore. Waves Can Cause Cracks In Even The Biggest Rocks. The End
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