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Pacific Scandal

The 1st Political Scandal In Canadian History

Hanna Sekhon

on 1 May 2012

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Transcript of Pacific Scandal

The Pacific Scandal The Pacific Scandal Was The 1st Political Scandal In Canadian History August 1872: there was a federal election & Canada needed a railway to unite the country John.A.MacDonald won the election and on April 2nd 1873, Sir Hugh Allan received a contract to build the Canadian Pacific Railway MacDonald needed money to pay for the Conservatives party campaign, so Allan gave $360 000 to MacDonald's campaign in 1872 Allan was a member of the group that was trying to win the contract to build the railway The $360 000 looked like a bribe to make sure that Allan's group had a advantage over the opponents The people who knew about it didn't say anything The conservatives barely won over the Liberals ( 103 seats 97) As a result of the scandal, John A MacDonald and his conservatives were defeated in the House Of Commons in 1874 Another election was called, and the Liberals defeated the Conservatives by 133 seats to 73 In 1878, John.A.Macdonald returned and the Conservatives defeated the Liberals by 137 seats to 69 MacDonald won the election and came out with a new National Policy
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