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Modern Connections to Frankenstein

School project. Presenting a story that corresponds with themes presented in Frankenstein

Brandon Bowers

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Modern Connections to Frankenstein

Modern Connections To Mary Shelly's Frankenstein By Brandon Bowers Per. 1 Connection to Frankenstein Robotics Today many people and
institutions create all
types of robots There are robots that can do
anything from dance and sing
to finding a survivor in a collapsed
building The Story The story is basically about a corrupt robot who was
thrown away by his creator. The robots purpose was to
serve the military but the creator was so obsessed with
finishing the robot he forgot the provide a way for it to
communicate. The demonstration for the robot went well
but they soon found the robot could not communicate. The military finding this out then decided to not use the robot. Out of anger the creator destroys his workshop and leaves behind his lifes work knowing he would not get such a chance again.

After being stranded the robot gains intellegence through a world wide web robot data base. He discovers his real capabilty and how powerful he really is. But at the same time he finds that he has no chance because his creator has left him. He feels hated and isolated from his creator. Angered that his creator would do this to him he seeks revenge.

But this is hard for the robot because it can not communicate. The robot feels isolated and for this he gets more angry at his creator.

In the end the robot find his creator, but before the robot can reek havok upon his creator the creator runs up the his creation in astonishment and begins to check and makes sure it is alright. The creator works day and night adjusting his robot and gives him a way to talk. This story connects to Frankenstein by three major themes: Isolation revenge Compassion and Forgiveness Though this is not apparent at all till the very end of Frankenstein it is still there. Unfortunately it is the creature, Frankenstein, who is the main source for compasion.

In my story there also is compasion. The creator (who could also be observed as the monster) ends up showing compassion to his robot and the robot forgives him In both stories the creation seeks revenge upon their creator. Revenge is one of the major points of the plot line. Isolation is defeinately apparent in both stories. Both Frankenstein and the Robot can't communicate with there surroundings and this creates anger and frustration. This anger and frustration from isolation fuels the revenge through out the stories. compassion and Forgivness
isolation This being said robots are perfect for science fiction stories. Especially because they are evolving more and more all the time It may seem to be a bit of a stretch but it is known as the Terminator Scenario This is when our machines turn against us for different reasons.

One may be because they find no reason to serve a human full of impurities. Another may be because they think the only way to protect us is to destroy us BEAR Roboearth Can This Really Happen? The technology is almost here. People are creating more robots that can do more for themselves and others everyday. They are even making robots that can distinguish good from bad. Robots along with people are learning new things every single day. This is a robot that is being made for military assistance The idea of having robots connecting over the internet is coming into play. Roboearth is trying to make the first system that lets robots learn from each other and gain experiences http://www.popsci.com/technology/article/2010-12/terminator-scenario






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