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Rose Crochet

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

What is Clinical Psychology?
Clinical Psychology is the branch of psychology, the study of the mind, in which analyzes mental ailments and disabilities, and provides treatments
Examples of mental ailments or disorders are, but not to, Schizophrenia, Multi-personality Disorder, Obedience Dynamic Disorder (ODD), Depression, Anorexia, Bi-Polar, Insomnia, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, etc.
We Can Help...
As Clinical Psychologists, it is our job to help those who are not sick physically, but mental. We heal the wounds beneath the skin.
What we do...
What you think we do.
What we think we do.
What society thinks we do.
What we really do.
As Clinical Psychologists, it is our job to unlock the secrets of ailment.
Our occupation includes us to do the following:
Observe clients to find signs of mental deficiency, or odd behavior.
May work with them individually, or in groups.
Develop treatment plans
which include the type of treatment, the frequency, and the duration of it.
Do group counseling sessions for psychological and emotional problems
(such as stress, drug abuse, or family problems. )
Answers clients questions and respond to statements and reactions
, evaluate effectiveness of counseling and treatment, and revise plans in order to fit treatment
Reviews records
to obtain information on medical, psychological, emotional, or other problems
Conduct and analyze psychological tests
to get information on a person’s intellect, achievements, interests, and personality
Use treatment methods
, like psychotherapy, hypnosis, behavior improvements, stress reduction therapy, and role-playing therapy.
Refer to reference materials
(like textbooks, manuals, and journals) to diagnose symptoms, and create treatments
Help clients gain insight
, define goals, plan action to achieve effective personal and social development and adjustment.
Clinical Psychology has a stable outlook of 9% growth rate annually.
This is an estimated 195 job opening per year!
Currently 4,908 are employed in this field, the
majority working for public or private schools while 34% are self-employed and 13% work for the state of government.
For most of the day, at least one-third of it, will be spend sitting inside ventilated buildings. There is minimal to no walking or heavy lifting in this occupation, however the work hours are irregular. There are no set times and on occasions we'll have to work on weekends.
Welcome... To the Psychologist's Den!
The Good, the bad, and the just plain ugly
The Good...
Clinical Psychology may seem like a difficult occupation, however it never fails to pay off! There are various benefits such an
opportunity of self-employment
coming up with new and creative solution
to a clients dilemma, and just the simple knowledge of
knowing you helped someone overcome a difficult problem
can be very rewarding!
The Bad
Along with benefits come faults within this specific profession. In Clinical Psychology,
insurance require that psychologists keep detailed client records.
In short, it means that there will be a
lot of paperwork involved.
The Just Plain Ugly
No occupation is the perfect one, and clinical psychology is now different. Psychologists are asked to
work long hours with clients who are demanding, uncooperative,
Clinical Psychology isn't quite how the media produces; with a client lying on a sofa as they tell you about their tough day. Psychologist often
face clients will rebel against therapy and refuse all honesty
to the psychologist in which leads to the
risk of burning out.
Employing a Rose
I'm considered both a "thinker" and "helper".
I find satisfaction in helping others in various situations, using my analytical mind to solve challenging predicaments.
I tend to
use mathematical and scientific concepts
to help decipher foreign concepts and will find pleasure in observing, learning, and or evaluating a situation.
I feel most rewarded, though, when I'm able to help someone who is in distress
. However, I prefer my own private practices and to talk with others one-on-one.
Skills and Talents
My skills and talents are comprised of, but are not limited to:
Comprehension skill
Sympathetic skill
Interpretation and analyzing
Mathematical and Scientific strategies and skills
Learning Strategies.
Discussing emotional topics with others
Giving appropriate advice whether it is for a real-life scenario or academic.
So based on my skills, interests, and talents... What occupation is the one right for me? Well...That would be...
Earning Potential
Future Educational Institutions
Entry Annual Wage: $48,942
Entry Hourly Wage: $23.53
Average Annual Wage: 63,493
Average Hourly Wage: $33.41
Experienced Annual Wage: $79,768
Experience Hourly Wage: $38.35

Education and Training
You're Going To College!
Clinical Psychologists must have at
least a major in psychology or relating health science field
participate for graduate school programs.
After wards, Clinical Psychologists are required to have their
Doctorate's degree (seven to eight years) in either Ph. D. or Psy. D.
The Difference in Degrees

Psy. D,
or Doctor of Psychology, focuses on the
aspect of working with patients of mental ailment in a clinical environment.
, or Doctor of Philosophy,
focuses on independent study and research outside the clinical environment.
Further training includes
two year internships,
three years if specialty license is required. For a major's degree the minimum requirement is
fifty-two weeks of internship with forty hours per week.
Getting your license
In order for a Clinical Psychologists to be licensed they first must:
Graduate with a doctorate degree
Pass psychological examination
Complete two year internship
Meet state license requirements
Pass state examination
Potential Employers
Bachelor’s degree from regional college
Master’s degree in Psychology or relating field
12 undergraduate hours (4 courses) in Psychology
Application fee
Transcript from previous college or University
3 letters of recommendation
A written Professional Goals Essay
Standardized Test scores
Department Interview

Graduate; PsyD Program Admission Requirements

Chest Nut Hill College

Application: $55
Clinical Psychology (per credit): $890
Psy. D Program (per credit): $920


Germantown Avenue,
Philadelphia, Philadelphia


Part-Time Day Program:
Tuition: $825
Full-Time Day Program
Tuition: $24,750
Room: $6,800
Meal Plan: $2,600


Bachelor’s degree from regional institution
3.0 G.P.A. on a 4.0 scale
1000 combined score on GRE
GRE Psychology is recommended but not required
18 hour course work in Psychology
3 hour course work in Experimental Sciences
3 hour semester in Statistics
Introduction to Statistics
Probability and Statistics
Statistical Method in Psychology
Influential Statistics
Quantitative Psychology

Graduate; PsyD Program Admission Requirements

3.0 High school G.P.A. on a 4.0 scale

1000 score on SAT or 22 score on ACT
Meeting the minimum requires does not guarantee entrance

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

NOVA Southeastern University

Located in:
College Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Bachelor’s degree with a major in Psychology or another relating field
3.0. G.P.A. on a 4.0 scale
1050 combined score on Graduate Record Examination and Graduate Record Examination Advanced Psychology
3 letters of recommendation
A student essay of interests and indication of why they are participating in the course
15 credit hours in Psychology
General Psychology
Development Psychology
Methodology, Tests, and Measurements

Graduate; PsyD Program Admission Requirements

De La Salle University

Application: $40
Tuition (per credit): $890
Fees (per semester): $180
$30 parking fee
$50 computer fee



Located in;
Olney Avenue,
Philadelphia, Philadelphia


Residency in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, or Tennessee.
Graduate from high school in home state
Enroll full time at University of Miami Florida
Have a 3.5 G.P.A. on a 4.0 scale
Participated in a college preparatory curriculum
Participated in either school or community activities
Have a history of strong work ethic
Require high finical aid

George W. Jenkins Eligibility

Obtain an “A’ average while taking the most rigorous courses in your enrolled high school
Place in the top 5% in your high school class
Obtain a 1500 on SAT or a 34 on ACT
Be selected as a candidate and participate in the Stamps Scholarship Weekend where you’ll be selected as a finalist
Have an interview with the Stamps Foundation

Stamps Scholarship Eligibility

George W. Jenkins Scholarship
Pays for full cost of attendance to University of Miami Florida
$2,050 enrichment stipend per semester
Stamps Scholarship
Pays for full cost of attendance to University of Miami Florida
$12,000 enrichment fund through four years

Finical Aid and Scholarship Opportunities

Freshman Application with written essay (minimum of 250 words, maximum of 650 words)
At least a score of 1300 on SAT or 32 on ACT
3.5 G.P.A. on a 4.0 scale
16 credit courses
4 English Credits
4 Math Credits
3 Natural Science Credits
3 Social Science Credits
3 Foreign Language Credits

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

University of Miami Florida

Tuition: $41,580
Fees: $1,272
Books: $910
Computer Cost: $1,500
Transportation: $1,270


Undergraduate degree from regional accredited college or university in Psychology or relating study
Provide official transcript and Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores
3.5 G.P.A. on a 4.0 scale
18 hours of undergraduate Psychology courses
Introductory Psychology
Experimental Psychology or Research Method
590-700 score on Aptitude Test
Taking the Advanced Testing Psychology is recommended but not mandatory for admission.

Graduate; PhD Program Admission Requirements

Located in:
Coral Gables,
Miami, Florida


Possible Scholarships and Grants
Bright Futures Scholar Ship Program

Required Academic Course
3 Sequential high school vocational Credits
4 English Credits
4 math Credits
3 Science Credits
3 Social Studies Credits
1 Fine Arts Credit
1 Physical Education (HOPE) Credit

3.0 G.P.A. on a 4.0 scale
ACT Scores:
English- 17
Reading- 18
Math- 19
SAT Scores:
Vocal- 440
Math- 440
PERT Scores:
Reading- 104
Writing- 99
Math- 113

Florida Golden Seal Vocational Scholars Award Requirements

3.0 G.P.A. on a 4.0 scale
1170 on SAT or 26 on ACT
75 hours of recorded community service
Required Academic Course
4 English Credits
4 Math Credits
3 Science Credits
3 Social Studies Credits
2 Foreign Language Credits

Florida Medallion Scholars Award Requirements

3.5 G.P.A. on a 4.0 scale
1290 on SAT or 29 on ACT
100 hours of recorded community service
Required Academic Course
4 English Credits
4 Math Credits
3 Science Credits
3 Social Studies Credits
2 Foreign Language Credits

Florida Academic Scholars Award Requirements

Requires a written psychological research paper
Must be unpublished
No restriction on topic of research paper as long as it relates to the psychological field
Must be a undergraduate with a major in psychology
Must be a member of the Psi Chi


Amount offered:
First place- $1,000
Second Place- $650
Third Place- $350


Allyn & Bacon Award

Graduate Requirements
Enrollment in a Psychology Program (PhD or PsyD)
One semester of graduate coursework
3.0 G.P.A. on a 4.0 scale in all classes, including Psychology classes

Under Graduate Requirements
Enrollment as a major or minor in a Psychology program
3 semester hours, or equivalent to that, of college coursework
9 semester hours, or equivalent to that, of psychology courses
3.0 G.P.A. on a 4.0 scale in all Psychology courses
$55 Application Fee
Requirements on becoming a Psi Chi

Offered by: Psi Chi
(Psychology Honorary )
Requires a written psychological research paper
Must be unpublished
No restriction on topic of research paper as long as it relates to the psychological field
You may submit research paper to both the Guilford Award and Allyn & Bacon Award
Must be a undergraduate with a major in psychology
3.0 G.P.A. on a 4.0 scale
Must be a member of the Psi Ch


Amount offered:
First place- $1,000
Second place- $650
Third place- $350


Offered by: Psi Chi
(Psychology Honorary)

Guilford Award

Brief, written, statement of interests on attending the convention and how it will help with you studies and support your career choice
Member of the American Psychology Association
First time at convention
Held in Honolulu Hawaii on July 31st to August 4th


Twenty $1,000 awards are given


Offered by: American Psychology Association (APA)

APA Convention Travel Award for Early Career Professional

Safe and secure workplace
Health, Dental, Life and Short Term Disability Insurance
Paid Vacation/ Paid Time Off (PTO)
Paid Holidays
Employee Assistance Program


4960 SW 72nd Avenue #400,
Miami, Florida,


Position: Psychologist

Armor Correctional Health Services Inc.

Southpoint Drive ,
Jacksonville Florida,


Position: Psychologist

Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics

7201 N University Drive,
Tamarac, Florida,


Position: Psychologist

University Hospital and Medical Center

Future Lifestyle
With a salary of around $63,000, I should be able to live a
stable finical lifestyle.
Along with my spouses yearly earning, we'll be able to
afford a comfortable house
and raise at least one child with finical security.
With health benefits paid for by the company I work for,
extra money maybe used for luxury items
such as modernized and safe-designed cars along with electronic devices.
There will r
arely be any moving since my job is stationary in one building
. Moving will only be included when I'm required to work for a new company. However, my work
hours will vary from time to time and I'll be required to work irregular hours and over the weekend.
Besides those factors, I should be able to lead a stable life-style.
Clinical Psychology
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