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sign language interpreter

No description

Ellen Downie

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of sign language interpreter

How do I become a Sign Language Interpreter?
First you have to graduate high school and take a 3 year ASL course and become ASL certified
Here are some Universities and Colleges that offer the program:
York University - Education and Translation of Deaf and Hard Of Hearing Students
George Brown College - American Sign Language English Interpreter Course
Algonquin College - Sign Language
What are some Pros and Cons of the job?
Meeting interesting people
Variety of work
Set your own schedule
You are your own boss

People don't understand that deaf people are normal besides not being able to hear
Video conferencing can be hard to translate
You sometimes have to chase people down for money

So now Your a Sign Language Interpreter! Enjoy your new Career!!
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So you Want to be a Sign Language Interpreter?
You have a long road ahead of you so lets get started!

What is a Sign Language Interpreter?
A Sign Language interpreter is someone who translates ASL (American Sign Language) into spoke word and vice versa
What is the Job description For Being a Sign Language interpreter ?
Most Sign Language Interpreters make 30-50 dollars and hour and about 20,000 - 60,000 dollars a year

Sign Language Interpreter work in a variety of places, but mostly inside
How Much Will I make as an Interpreter?
Where Will I work?
Most Sigh Language Interpreters are Freelance
Free lance means you work for different companies at different times
You have the choice of how much work you take on and the hour are extremely flexible.
What Skills should I have?
You should be able to work with people , Have oral Communication Skills and Be able to continuous learn
You should also have memorization skills Client skills
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