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Unit of Instruction

No description

Yolanda Gomez

on 1 December 2012

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Transcript of Unit of Instruction

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly Unit of Instruction Unit Summary This unit of instruction will help enhance the students' understanding of the butterfly life cycle. Students will be engaged in various activities that will be educational and enjoyable at the same time. We will spend two weeks studying the life cycle of a butterfly. They will learn about the four stages that make up the life cycle of a butterfly and different terminology that pertains to each stage. Students will be able to identify what occurs in each stage of the life cycle of a butterfly through different activities in various content areas. Objectives Activities Students will be placed in groups and asked to use KidPix to make a presentation describing and listing the stages of the butterfly cycle in order.
Students will make a brochure in Publisher listing their observations for each stage. They will upload the pictures taken outside and include in there brochure.
Students will use Word to make a table displaying the measurements. Below the measurements, they will write a three sentence paragraph describing the diet of the caterpillar and its importance.
Students will use Paint to illustrate what they learned from The Life Cycle of A Butterfly video.
Students will then be required to write a sentence using each vocabulary word. Students will type their sentences into a Word document and print it out. Students will be able to identify and illustrate the stages in the life cycle of a butterfly

Students will be able to identify and use terminology. I learned how to construct a unit plan and how to incorporate a form of technology into it. Putting together an entire unit plan was lengthy and time consuming but it is of extreme importance for educators. I learned that lesson plans should have accommodations for all types of learners in the classroom. Activities should properly fit the TEKS to ensure that students are learning the material specified. I believe that providing a variety of educational and fun activities helps students learn and retain information. Students will be able to identify and list in order the stages of the butterfly cycle.

Students will be able to record and identify characteristics of the stages in the butterfly life cycle.

Students will be able to identify the lengths of objects using a form of measurement. What I Learned
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