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Technology-Graphic logo

Katrina Wong

Katrina Wong

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Technology-Graphic logo

Katrina Wong Technology-Graphics This term 8 Green has to make a logo for a variety of clothing.
One is printed on paper and one is printed on fabric. They have until week 9 to finish. They also have to design a swing tag for their clothing. They have to creatively present both for marking Design Brief One of the limitations for this project is time. Most of 8 Green are going to band camp. During that camp would be tech lessons. This means that some students would be behind on their work and time management plan too. Another factor would be distractions from other students such as talking and not getting any work done or laziness of students not wanting to work on their project at home. Design Limitations A well design graphic image will be smart, creative, meaningful, reasonable. these are the things that will make a good graphic image because if it is not smart then it does not capture the users attention. If it is not creative then what makes it different to any other logo. It would not be unique. If it is not meaningful then it is a pointless logo (unless it was suppose to be a pointless logo). If it is not reasonable or unnecessary then people will not be interested in buying. Criteria for success Describe how you met the design brief and criteria for success. Were you successful or did you get off track? Evaluation of your Design Project I got off track a bit when i decided to spend most of my time on my logo and have to rush through my prezi but i did end up getting it done. How did you work through the design process? i did it step by step and went through it in the last week. Would i do another design if i had more time? i would just improve my old one and make some changes. What were the best features of my design and why? i think that the upside down writhing is the best part because it is creative, original and took the least time. What was tricky and what was easy? The logo was hard to get perfect with the time that we had but was really fun. Thinking of ideas to present my logo i think was the hardest. Investigating

P: It looks good and is smart. The logo itself is looks
like a bird which I think is swift and quick.

M: It is a bit big to fit on a shoe and the name is
hard to remember.

I: The spelling is weird and sounds funny.

P: It is easy to remember and is very blocky
(because it obviously represents lego which is blocks).

M: It could easily get mixed up with other red logos
because it is not unique

I: The writing is all curved but what it sells is blocks.

P: It is unique and no other logo has WB or is
called warner brothers.

M:It could be mistaken for WD

I: some people might not know who the Warner Bros. are

P: The red logo is a chinese stamp but in a form of an
olympian which looks really cool

M: Some people might not understand the reg symbol

I: What does the symbol actually mean? We know that
it represent a athlete but what does it really mean?

P: it is smart and looks cool.

M: it is a bit hard to read it you don’t understand it

I: The letters are other letters but upside
down which looks really cool Thinking My final Design Notes: PMI’s of Logos

P: It looks nice and suits the brands of sunglasses.

M: It is part of OPSM’s logo and so I can’t use it.

I: The has the reflection in the eye and it shows that there is a sun

P: its kind of shaped like sun glasses.

M: It shows a sun set and people could think that these sunnys are for sunsets and dark..

I: It looks like a sunset but also a sun rise.
P: It shows that sunnys are used at the beach.

M: It is quite big and chunky.

I: It is plain but looks good.

P:It shows suns which represents the beach

M: It is very PLAIN and is not recognisable.

I: Bubble writing is really common
P: It is creative and has all features e.g. rain, sun and cloud

M: is is also quite big

I: The slogan which is any where. Any time. this became this Time Management Plan
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