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project sunshine-class

No description

Tessa Pearson

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of project sunshine-class

Project Sunshine Project Sunshine is a nonprofit organization that provides free educational, recreational and social programs to children and families living with medical challenges. The Sam Houston State University Chapter of Project Sunshine provides programming designed to meet the various social and recreational needs of children living with disabilities and/or special needs. Our programs aim to improve the quality of life for the children we serve as well as the lives of their siblings, parents and caregivers free of charge to the families http://www.shsu.edu/~org_pso/ Buddy Program Buddy Program provides a mentoring partnership between a Project Sunshine university student member and a student with special needs in the Huntsville and Walker County area. Visit us at Recreational Programs Include: Field Day Sunshine League: Softball Tournament Special Events Include: Volunteers spend at least one hour a month with their buddies outside of events. Buddies do all types of activities including going to the movies, house visits, and playing in the park. Park Days Project Sunshine volunteers become apart of the family Project Sunshine is a national organization based out of New York. The national headquarters has their own interpetation of the mission statement SHSU Chapter Fall Festival Parades Volunteers The money that is donated to the Sam Houston State University chapter of Project Sunshine is used to facilitate our many programs. We do everything from holiday parties to softball tournaments with our children. There is no fee for families to participate in our chapter of Project Sunshine. Our chapter caters to the families by taking on the financial responsibility of the events. Project Sunshine provides a wide variety of supplies to our families ranging from sports equipment to refreshments. The money we receive from fundraising allows us to continue to remain a free organization for families. Fundraising Project Sunshine could not function with out its volunteers 77 total members, 75 members and a president and vice president. Written in our constitution is the number of members we are allowed to have. That number has been decided on based on the number of families we serve. Some of our programs inclue Scare on the Square, Fall Festival, Homecoming Parade, Special Needs Rodeo, PS I love you, Bowling , and Movie Night Thank you!! Project Sunshine is designed to give children with disabilities the chance to feel free, despite their limitations. However, here in Huntsville we have done more than that. We serve as a community. Families can come together and share their experiences with people who understand. Authority Mission Statement Our chapter fulfills our mission statement with our Buddy Program, Recreational activities, and our special events. We are apart of a national program and have to adhere to Project Sunshine’s rules and guidelines. Once a month we send a report to nationals about our events that month and our financial standing. Our chapter has created a constitution that outlines everything from the number of members we can have to the duties of officers.
The constitution also states the volunteer requirements of each member. Members are required to attend at least 50% of all activities, and officers are required to attend 75% of all activities. Governace The SHSU chapter of Project Sunshine has three advisors that oversee the operations. Our advisors are very active and participate in all of our activities. The chapter elects a President and a Vice President to serve a one-year term. Together with the advisors, the President and Vice President pick officers. •Dues every semester •Campus Development •Fundraisers •Money from nationals
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