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Lillian Nieman

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of Shakespeare

Before Shakespeare's Birth
John Shakespeare, moved to Stratford from Snitterfield before 1532.
John and Mary got married between 1556 and 1558.
Shakespeare's Birth and Childhood
Born April 23, 1564
Went to Stratford grammar school at six.
Shakespeare most learned about literature and Latin in school and got lots of influences by some Latin authors.
Shakespeare's wife Anne Hathaway
Born 1556
Oldest of eight
Lived on a farm in Shottery (one mile west of Stratford)
Anne (26) and William (18) met in Stafford
1582-Anne became pregnant
November 28, 1582- Anne and William married
Shakespeare's Life with Wife and Kids
Shakespeare as a play write
Started as an actor- 1592
Managing Partner at Lord Chamberlain's Men
1597- wrote 15/37 plays- mostly histories
1599- Built the Globe Theater
1600- most plays were tragedies
1610- returns to Stratford
Shakespeare's Children
Susana marries John Hall
The Hall's have one girl, Elizabeth
Susana dies in 1649
Judith marries Thomas Quiney
The Quiney's have three children
Judith dies in 1662
Shakespeare's Death and Legacy
Shakespeare died on April 23 1616
left the bulk of his large estate to his eldest daughter Susanna.
His will scarcely mentions his wife,
left his wife "my second best bed," with much speculation.
Some see this as an insult
First Folio
May, 1583- Susanna born
January, 1585- Hamnet and Judith (twins) born
Hamnet dies at eleven of unknown causes.
Shakespeare moves to London around 1590
Purchased New House in 1597
103 miles
In the best conditions
3-6 days
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